Love doesn’t equal abuse, does it?

When you said I love you

Your words were untrue

Because love does not equal abuse

Does it?

I said stop it

I said quit

But you didn’t listen to me

You didn’t care

You just wanted what you wanted

And that was it.

Love doesn’t equal abuse

Does it?

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

31 thoughts on “Love doesn’t equal abuse, does it?”

  1. Wow, I am so sorry! Weirdly, I hope this is in reference to raised voices and ugly words as anything that could be physical associated with it (as there are several possibilities) is waaaay too ugly for me to want to imagine happening to you or anyone. No matter what it is, it is not love, it is a power play. Why is the victim of such ugly always the one left wondering where the love went and hurting over that? The aggressor is always ultimately just a shrug and stomp away with no real pain to go with it? Jerks, all of them. Rise above and give love to those that deserve it because you can choose to. Never let the aggressor make you doubt you know what love is – you do. They don’t. Again, I’m sorry you’re going through this!

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    1. Well I’m not really going through it at the moment but I’m just having memories from the past and it’s causing me a lot of trauma and pain and sadness. Thank you for reading and commenting Marla. I appreciate it X


      1. I get it. I went through your blog and realized it’s from the past. I am
        Sorry you’re going through it, but I explained to you (in another comment on a different post) why I think we get retraumatized from the past, and I think it sucks, but I also think there’s a purpose and a beauty in it. Even when my trauma pops up and decides to do it all over again, I know it’s worth it after it passes.
        You’re amazing. Never forget it. xx

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      2. This is why I would never trade my trauma. Everyone has their own traumas, but my trauma is tailored to me to make me realize that it was worth it saying hello for me to double down on “I got this!” After it subsides. Trauma sucks, but it’s also the gauntlet that forced us into the amazing people we have become. So, feel it, cry your eyes out, but know you’re an amazing person who totally overcame it all

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      3. Hahaha it’s all good, although I just thought your phone decided to make my ghost Marda 😂 like I said before, whenever my name gets mutilated, I get it. I always assume that when it is in writing it’s because a voice to text thing mangled it because marda is not a name either but for some reason every phone thinks it is. Even mine. MINE! It’s a traitor 😂

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  2. Rereading this, I realized you weren’t specific on what type of love. I assumed “romantic” love. But even if it’s not, friends shouldn’t be that way, and neither should family. It took me too long to learn that enforcing your own boundaries is not wrong. You can (and should) let your boundaries be known, and walk away if they are not being respected. I’m sorry if my assumption had gotten in the way of your true meaning, and even more sorry that you’re going through this, no matter what (or who) this is about. 🤗💜

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    1. Hi, the kind of love I was talking about was the kind of love, that’s an abuser says they have for you when actually they are abusing you not loving you, I was abused as a child sexually, physically psychologically and richly so yes, a lot of abuse I went through, thank you for commenting I really appreciate your kindness. It really means a lot to me. Sending hugs to you and thank you for taking time to visit my site always I really do appreciate you 💟💟


      1. Abusers use the word “love” as a way to keep you still and quiet. I’m sorry you received such horrible and confusing messaging as a child. You deserve better, always have, and you know it now. That’s the only purpose that/those scumbag/s had in life. Showing you that you deserve better.

        I’m here if you need me.

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  3. Carol anne, you are having a rough day and I am so sorry. Sit and think that those memories can no longer hurt you and those people are not going to hurt you anymore. You have risen above it and survived and be proud of yourself to know you are the survivor and the victor. You won in the end.

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