Missing you

I am thinking about a very special person this morning. Her name is Jess, and she is my partner, or she was. She went into residential care in a psych facility in 2015, and after that, everything changed, we talked on the phone, but we used to talk every day, for hours and we’d visit, we had been going out since 2006. I last talked to her in January of this year, she’d had covid, and almost died, she’d been in the ICU for weeks, but she was getting over it. Then, she disappeared, I have no clue what happened, I tried calling the facility she was in, and they told me I’d have to talk to her mom, but her mom hates me, so she’s unlikely to talk to me or tell me anything. Tonight I’ve been thinking about Jess, this song always reminds me of her, it was our song, or one of them.
Jess, I love you, and I miss you every day, and if you read this please contact me.