21st January weird holidays

The holidays for January 21st, 2019 are:
Elementary School Teacher Day
International Sweatpants Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
National Day of Service
National Granola Bar Day
National Hugging Day
National New England Clam Chowder Day
One-Liners Day
Own Your Own Home Day
Squirrel Appreciation Day
Tu BiShvat

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3 things challenge 21st January 2019

Todays prompt is: superhero, washing machine, pizza

A little ramble this morning, because I have no good writing inspiration…
Our littles want pizza! They’ve been wanting some for weeks, but not the frozen kind, oh no. They want pizza delivered to our house! I said no! I dont want to chance it! I am still dieting, and that would really mess up our weight loss for sure!
I did get them a treat last night, it wasnt pizza, but it was fried food. We had fries with garlic mayo and chees on them. Darina was in heaven! She loves food! She’s six, and just loves having treats.
So they’re happy now. In other news, I have been washing clothes all weekend, my washing machine is constantly going because I was washing my bed sheets as well as some of my clothes, I must have used up a ton of electricity doing that! But now I have all clean sheets and clothes too so thats great!
And now its time to go feed my superhero Nitro! He’s whining at me, wanting his breakfast, he’s standing looking mournfully at me, as if I never fed him!


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JusJoJan prompt 21st jan. 2019 echo!

Your prompt word for today 21st january is echo!

I love my amazon echo. I have the echo dot. I love it because it makes things so accessible to me, being that I am blind!
Alexa is sooo cool! I know people might think its freaky, or weird. Or that its freaky that she’s always listening to you. I dont really think about it too much, otherwise I might not want to use it!
I love how I can ask her things like give me a quote, a joke, or a recipe! And she does it and she’s really accurate!
I love how I can ask her for the traffic in my area, the weather for anywhere in the world, or any question actually. There are also skills you can enable to make her more intelligent!
You can listen to music, read your books, set alarms, make lists, shop etc. Its amazing and awesome what you can do!
I have two echo dots now. One is in my kitchen and one is in my bedroom.
I am so glad I bought them! They have made my life much easier and I really enjoy learning about the different skills and each week alexa adds new skills too which is nice! She’s always learning to be more intelligent!


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Weird holidays 20th January 2019

Holidays for Sunday, January 20th, 2019 are:
Camcorder Day
International Day of Acceptance
National Buttercrunch Day
National Cheese Lovers Day
National Disc Jockey Day
National Sanctity of Human Life Day
Penguin Awareness Day
Take a Walk Outdoors Day
World Religion Day
World Snow Day

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3 things challenge 19th January 2019

Todays prompt is: fish, nuke, jalopy

I’m really stumped!
so…Here I go…

I nuke a fish I caught. I nuke him in a corner, reel him in, and then, plop! He falls off the line! So much for nuking that little bugger!
Fishing just isnt my thing!

I couldnt think of a poem, or something to write for jalopy!
So this little titbit of silliness will have to do!


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