My heart is breaking. Oh bunny, why did you die? I miss you so much already and you’ve only been dead for two days, not even two days actually. I wish you could have stayed, if that makes me selfish so be it, but god, I miss you, I am forever going to treasure the memories of happy times spent with you and your amazing family, many happy holidays in England as a child and teen. You were always so loving, so kind, caring, so giving. You made me feel so special. I know you were done here on earth, you gave up after your baby died, you couldn’t deal with her deat, you just wanted to go be with her, you finally got your wish…but oh my god how it hurts, those who you’ve left behind are forever changed by your passing.

The grief is so hard guys. I feel so upset. I just took a hot shower to relieve some of the stress and tention. That seems to have worked a little. I’ve cried buckets already and I’m a bit of a mess right now.