My summer reading list is…

Sarahs writing prompt for this week is My summer reading list is

Are you sure you wanna know?
Well, I am going to start reading a series soon, it will either be the in death series by Jd robb, or the hannah swensen series by joanne fluke, I havent really ever read a series, I also would love to try to get into the harry potter books, yes, go on, laugh, I’ve never read them, can you imagine that?

I’ve been reading a stolen life by Jacee dugart, and I also reread cathy glass’s book called will you love me as I love that one. I read two of Paula lights books, those were excellent short reads.
I am also reading just a child by sammy woodhouse right now.
I also have the new maggie hartley book on my to read list for the rest of the summer!
I want to start reading a bit more fiction, and I do have a few books in mind to start reading, lisa jenova, beverly barton, some danielle steele, and emma hannigans latest.
what do you have on your to read list right now? And what are you currently reading?


?? Book review:Going dark, by paula light ??

I have just finished the second of Paulas books, paula light, who blogs over at light motifs.
Her book going dark is a great one. Its a short read, the audio version is 41 minutes in length, so I was able to read it in one sitting! It is a fantastic page turner!
If you love poetry and short stories then this is the book for you! I loved the dark poetry in this volume. My favourite pieces were angel, waves, and kalaideascope.
Paula is a fantastic writer. I’ve read both of her books now and both of them left me wanting more! I highly recommend you read them. The links to them are below!
the amazon link is

and the audiobook link is:

Do enjoy them! You will not be disappointed!

And if you can you should also go check out Paulas blog light motifs she’s a really awesome blogger!

Thanks for the fabulous reads Paula! I thought the two books were awesome!


Book review: burnt offerings, by Paula light

I’ve just had the pleasure of reading Paula lights new book, burnt offerings. Paula blogs over at Light Motifs, and she is a fantastic writer, she writes poems, fiction and the book is a collection of short fiction stories and it also has some poetry in it.
It was a great read! Entertaining, gripping, and it kept me wanting more!
My favourite stories in the book were the smoothie, valentines, and there was also a poem about being from different places, that I really liked!
The book is available on kindle, and in audio. I read the audio version!
Its a short read, I read it in one sitting!
I highly recommend this book! If you enjoy poetry and short stories, then this is the book for you!
Do have a read of it I will put the link to it below!

Link to paulas book, burnt offerings, on amazon…

Do also check out Paulas blog over at
Give her a follow, she’s a really awesome person and you will love her blog as much as I do!
She also got nominated for an award lately her award post can be found here!

Her book kept me distracted when I was unable to sleep last night, so, thanks so much, Paula!
I am so grateful for the distraction!


Evening thoughts

Well, I am back home in my own house. My sister dropped me home after dinner. We all had dinner at our parents house first, then she dropped me and Nitro off. I bought Nitro a new bed, he’s in it now, but at first he didnt wanna get in to it. I think he needed some time to sniff around it, and see how he liked it. Earlier he was panting a lot for no reason. I tried letting him go outside, but he was still panting, I gave him some cool water to drink too. He’s fine again now, right now he’s laying in the hallway outside my bedroom door. I am currently watching a quiz show on tv. Its a fun show. I am also copying a tv show onto one of my hard drives. Its a show called Live PD. Its about police officers on patrol. Its a good show. I’m glad to be home. I dont have any plans tomorrow, but I might go visit my friend Norma. I’ll see how I feel when tomorrow comes. I may just stay home and rest. If I dont sleep well tonight I probably will just stay home and relax and rest up. How is your evening going? Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate your likes and comments and views. Its nice that people want to read my thoughts and ramblings. I am very grateful that I have a following. Right now I am going to go make the kids a mug of hot chocolate. Then I think I’ll either watch something on netflix or read for a while and try to finish a stolen life. Last night an author named Ryan green gave me a number of books free, in exchange for reviews, so I will be reading those and reviewing them. They are true crime books. He gave me 8 books in total. That was so kind of him I thought. I love reading and I will enjoy reviewing them. Well gotta run now, catch yall later, peace out,
carol anne


Saturday morning update

I slept well last night. I worked yesterday, I worked from home, except I was at my parents house. I made around 30 calls. That all went off ok, all of my clients were doing well. I ended up sleeping for 2 hours in the afternoon after working, I decided to sleep while I was waiting for my mom and dad to get home, they were at my dads best friends funeral, well not a funeral, but the burial of his ashes. They went back to a bar afterwords, for food, and drinks. they got home around 5 PM. I got up then, had dinner, and then went right back to bed. Read for a while, but could barely keep my eyes open.
I was meant to talk to Eileen last night, but we didnt end up talking. I texted her at 7 PM. She didnt text me back right away. At 7:25 PM I decided to wait to talk to her until today, so I texted her again and I told her we could wait, and talk today, so that is what we’re doing. I already texted her this morning, I told her I am free all day so to call me whenever it suits her.
I am not going to get up to much today. I will just relax, read, and enjoy a quiet day at mom and dads, my dad is going out for a while, so it will be just me and mom here.
Nitro started his ear drops this morning. That was a bit of an ordeal. He hates getting them put in. Mom did it for me. I held his head while she put them in. That was hard, as he didnt want to keep still. they are in now though and this evening I will have to put more in.
I am going to go make a coffee now. I hope your all having a good start to your day.


Books I wanna read this month!

I am planning on getting really serious about reading! I do read a lot, but I’d like to up my reading. I want to spend more time with my nose or should I say ears in a book! So here are some of the books I want to read in August!

Please dont take my sisters, which is maggie hartleys new book

A dog named dez, about how a dog changed his owners life

Just a child, by Sammy woodhouse I started it but need to finish it

The baby snatchers, cant think of the author offhand

A safe place for joey, mary maccracken

trapped, by rosie lewis

swinging sanity, by my blogger buddy stoner on a roller coaster!

I want to also start reading the hannah swensen series, by joanne fluke

I also would love to start reading the in death series, by JD rob

Ideally I’d also love to start reading the harry potter series! Yes I’ve never read these books, shame on me!

If I can get to all of these and maybe a few more, I will be delighted!

I am planning on doing some reviews of what I read also! Stay tuned!


I am rereading now

I am rereading a book I read a few years ago at the moment. Its a cathy glass book. Its called will you love me and its about how she came to adopt her daughter Lucy, whom she fostered before adopting her.
Its a really good read. I am enjoying it immensely.
Its very very sad though. Lucys early life was very traumatic. Before she came into care I mean.
I wanted to reread this book as I couldn’t remember a lot of the details.
I’ll review it once I am done. Have any of you my readers read it?