Tale weaver-books

I love books. I read a lot. I got through a lot of books. Reading is one of my distractions techniques.

Right now I am reading a book by vikki phelan, an irish woman who is an overarian cancer survivor, her story is her life story before and up to her diagnosis of ovarian cancer, its a great read.

I am thoroughly enjoying it. She has a good writing style, and her story is captivating.

Before this I read exploited by Maggie Hartley, that book was sad, but very good, and it did have a happy ending.

I like a lot of authors, but some of my favourites are cathy glass, maggie hartley, shane dunphy, rosie lewis and casey watson. Those are all forster carers.

I also like danielle steele, cathy kelly, kitty neale, and joanne fluke.

I dont always read a lot of fiction though. Mostly I read memoirs, or animal stories, or inspirational stories of people overcoming the odds.

What about you? Do you like to read? if so what type of books do you like?

Late what day is it anyway? may 10th?

Sunday, may 10th. What did I get up to? Not much.
I was at my parents for half of it, then after we ate lunch I went back home. Where I’m gonna be until next Friday!
I basically chilled for the evening, watching tv, and reading.
I am reading two books trying to finish them up. I am reading the first book in the hannah swensen murder mysteries, chocolate chip cookie murder. I am also reading overcoming, by vikki phelan, which is a book about a woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after her smear test was misread. She was the woman in ireland who spoke out about the ovarian cancer scandal, where thousands of womens smear tests were misread, so that they all ended up with ovarian cancer and some died as a result.
The book is amazing! I highly recommend it.
On tv I watched who wants to be a millionaire, the chase, and tipping point, all quiz shows. Then I watched 2 eps of 48 hours. Then I watched snapped, and killer siblings.
I got take away food because I was craving it. It was yummy!
So that was my day, I hope all of you had a good day. If you are a mom and you celebrating mothers day I hope you had a wonderful mothers day.


sunday evening ramble

I’ve had a pretty chill day. Did nothing much. Relaxed and watched tv, am currently watching 48 hours, its about the siege at waco.
I love when my day is relaxing, and today definitely was.
Before going home from mom and dads house, we all had sunday dinner, dad cooked corned beef, it was delicious.
I was up super early today, since I slept like a log last night, went to bed last night at 11 Pm, went straight to sleep. Oh well, I suppose having two gins will do that to you lol.
To all of the US and others moms who read this, I hope your having an amazing mothers day.
Happy mothers day to all of you!
Our mothers day is in march!
Well going to go watch another ep of 48 hours, then read for a while. Have two books I am tryihg to finish up.

My Wednesday

I’ve had a great day. I didnt do much. Mom and my sister came over earlier, they spent about 2 hours here. Well mom did, my sister only spent an hour as she had to go to work. Mom hadnt been in my house in 8 weeks. She cleaned my yard for me, and she put on some laundry, and washed dishes and stuff. Me and my sister sorted out her phone, we had a job trying to unsubscribe her from those darn texts she’d been recieving. But my sis googled it and it looks like we were finally able to unsubscribe her. Thank god! She had gotten caught in some scam, as when we googled it it said it was a scam. I felt bad for her as she’d topped up her phone yesterday with 10 euro and the scammers took 7 euro of it. So I surprised her this afternoon and I sent her 10 euro so she’d be able to ring my dads sister in the UK. Sometimes its nice to just surprise someone. Plus it was a thank you for all she does for me. I had a phone apt with dr. barry that went very well. We got a lot off of our chest. Dr. barry didnt call until 1 PM. usually she calls at 10:30 or 11 but she said she was busy this morning. it didnt matter and I was able to talk to her when she did call. I had to ask her about some tests I am having, at the gyn hospital, its called a kolkoskopy, and she told me it is where they put a camera up and have a look around and take a biopsy. You see the last smear test I had I bled after it. So they are doing further investigations to see why I might have bled. I am dreading it but I wont worry too much yet as I dont have an appointment yet. I’ll worry when the appointment comes in. I am going to probably ask my mom to go with me. I am so nervous about it, due to my history of abuse, but I hope it’ll be ok. Dr. Bary said its more uncomfortable than painful. And I trust her as she’s a medical doctor and so she knows her stuff. After mom and my sis left I facetimed with sarah for a while, then I read for a while, and then I treated us to a chinese for dinner, we had sweet and sour chicken, and it was delicious. Now I am going to read again and I think I’ll have an early night. I am pretty wiped out and I feel exhausted tonight. But I am glad its been a good day.

Good morning happy sunday!

Its sunday already, wow! Where has the weekend gone!
Anyway, a very good morning to you all, my lovely readers!
How are you today? Hows the weather in your part of the world? Here in ireland its dry, sunny and warm!
I’m feeling a little bit frazzled this morning!
I had weird dreams and I hate when that happens!
Its too early to get up so I’m gonna lay here in bed and read!

somehow I feel worse thanI did at 5 AM

I still feel exhausted. I got 2 more hours of sleep. I feel worse though, not better.
My phone kept pinging, and waking me. In the end I muted it.
I got up around 9 and ate breakfast, gave nitro his meds, and then just came back in the bedroom and played around on my laptop.
Its running quite slow, and I’ve been trying to speed it up a little. I havent been able to do much with it though. I got tired of trying to figure out which software is best for speeding it up.
If anyone knows how to speed up a win 10 pc let me know.
I dont have plans today, the sun is shining, the dogs are out in the garden, so I may join them. I might sit outside and read for a while and enjoy the fresh air.

so exhausted!

I am so exhausted. I havent slept much. I didnt go to sleep until after 1 AM because I was reading. I woke again at 5 AM. I hate it when I have nights full of broken sleep. I am not going to stay up. I think I’ll have a drink and then go back to bed and snuggle under the covers and hope I can get a few more hours. Nitro is sleeping soundly. I gave him some pain relief and some antibiotic before bed, so that he’d relax and sleep, and it seems to have worked, he seems to have slept well and he’s having a good night. Thank god! well I’m off to get more sleep now, so I’ll talk to you all later!

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