Is anyone else having trouble sleeping?

Or is it just me?

I woke up early, like 4 AM early. I had a fitful sleep and tossed and turned all night.

I decided to just get up. Made some bacon and had breakfast, now having a cup of coffee and trying to start my day.

I have a bit of a migraine. Im sure coffee wont help it. But oh well. Maybe its just a bad headache and not a migraine.

Did anyone else have trouble sleeping last night?

My thoughts were racing. I couldn’t settle down no matter what I tried.

I finished my current book, daddys little soldier by Maggie Hartley. It was a great read. I’ll do a review of it later on today.

an afternoon of Decluttering

Well I had a very busy afternoon, cleaning my house, getting rid of unwanted items, decluttering the place. I gave the house a good going over, making sure I threw out what I didnt want. Mom helped me to do it. I am so grateful to her for her help. Now I feel a million times lighter. It did me the power of good to actually throw some stuff out. I even threw out an old talking weighing scales, that had been sitting in my bathroom collecting up dust for years. I always said oh, it might work, I’ll just replace the batteries, etc etc. But I already have a talking bathroom scales which is in my bedroom, so why would I need two of them? It just doesnt make any sense. I also got rid of some of my old slimming world braille books, as we got new ones earlier in the year, and braille books take up a lot of room, so they had to go. I got rid of some braille magazines that were hanging around the house also. I just dont need them as I’ve already read them all. I even went through my bathroom cabinets to see what could be thrown away, and I found some expired stuff in there too. I also went through my food cupboards. I had to throw out some spices, and some other packets and jars that I’d never used but were out of date now. So overall a good tidy up was had, I was very productive, I am very proud of my efforts. It takes a lot for me to do this, as I dont like throwing things away, I tend to hang on to things even though part of me knows I might not even need them or I might never use them. I’m not a hoarder, but I just like to hang on to stuff more than is necessary. Anyway its all done now and Im feeling good. I’m also in a great mood as well. I think doing the tidy up has lifted my mood. Now I’m off to read some and then prepare for therapy in the morning. This time I wont forget or dissociate and not go to my session. There’s no chance of that happening!



So I didn’t go volunteering this afternoon! I thought I’d stay hoeme instead! I am having a relaxed day at home! I have my heating on and me and nitro are having a fun time just chilling out! I went on the treadmill for 15 minutes this morning, and I plan on going on again this evening for 30 minutes.
I made dinner, ate it, and am now watching some tv! This is the life!
I ended up ringing tech support for my ISP because the internet dropped again earlier. He fixed a few settings and now everything is fine again! Thank goodness!
I am going to finish my book today I hope! That is the plan anyway!
Well have a great Tuesday!

Book review: Groomed, by Casey watson

I just finished reading the book groomed by UK foster parent casey Watson.

It was a brilliant read!

Below find a summary of the book followed by my own thoughts on it!


It’s late on Friday night when Casey’s mobile starts to ring. She is expecting it to be her daughter, Riley. But it isn’t Riley. It’s a woman from the Emergency Duty Team. So begins Casey and Mike’s latest fostering challenge – a 15-year-old girl called Keeley who’s run away from her long-term foster home 25 miles away.

The Jonathan Ross Show has just started when Casey gets the call. She thinks it will be Riley – telling her that her favourite actor is going to be on TV. But it’s something far more urgent: a 15-year-old girl who has run away from her foster family and accused her foster father of sexual abuse. The family deny it vehemently, but such an allegation can never be taken lightly, so a new home must be found for Keeley.

Keeley is polite, but she’s sharp, and she has all the hallmarks of a child who has been in the system a long time and knows how to play it. Whether the allegation is true or not, Casey knows there will be no winners here. If it is true, then a young girl’s life has been torn asunder. If not, then the heartache for the family will be surpassed only by the bleak outlook for Keeley.

In the short term, it’s a case of providing a safe, supportive home for a vulnerable child. But with the dangerous world of the internet at her disposal, it seems this strong-minded youngster has her own ideas of where that safe place should be….

My review…

This is a really gripping read! I kept wanting to read more! I didn’t like the reader, the reader of these books is annoying, and irritates me, so it took me longer to read this book than it would normally take me. I did like the overall story though. Once I got into it I thought that it was amazing and would highly recommend it!

I do prefer the other fostering memoirs written by Maggie Hartley and cathy glass to Casey Watson, I don’t like her parenting style as much and I think she uses fancy words in her books where there really doesn’t need to be any, but I’d still read it, and would still recommend it to readers!

If you want to read this book its available in paperback, on kindle, and from audible in the UK and in the USA!

A 5 star book!

A Med update!

I am writing a mini update on our med situation. I did ok with taking our night meds last night and tonight. I forgot the morning ones today though. I meant to take them, I actually thought about doing it but then I got distracted and I forgot to actually go take them. I’m happy I remembered the night ones for two nights running though. I take most of my meds at night. In the morning I only take keppra for my epilepsy and metformin for well I dont know why I am even taking it as my diabetes has been reversed, but my GP wanted to keep me on it anyway. Wondering why he made that choice! He said something about PCOS and how metformin stops the symptoms of that, but well, thats irrelavant as I dont have my ovaries any more! I got them removed 5 years ago! So I really dont know why I am taking it! Anyway. I take prazosin at night, and epilem and keppra, and sometimes fenergan if I cant sleep. If I can remember to take them at night, thats half the battle and I will be very happy. I did do one thing that one of my readers suggested and that was to ask my mom to call me when I am at home in my own house, and give me a gentel reminder to take them. She said she had no issue with doing that for me. So thats good. I’m happy she’ll do that for me. Other than that, I am also going to download the talking alarm clock app and try it out and I will also set my alexa for when I am at home, to remind me to take them. Thanks to all my readers for all of the really great tips. I appreciate all of you very much. I really should go to bed now but I probably wont go for a little while yet. I want to read my book for a while first. I started the new maggie hartley book daddys little soldier! I love it! I’m only on chapter 3 but its really good! A review of it will come once I am done with it!

Nights suck

I cant sleep. I took my meds hours ago. I thought the prazosin would knock me out. I only take 3 mg of it, but as I said I haven’t been consistently taking it, I just started back taking it tonight. So I really thought that when I did take it I’d be out like a light. No such luck though. I’m still wide awake. I feel agitated, and edgy. My mind is racing. My thoughts are whirling and spinning. I just feel restless. I cannot seem to slow down. It is an awful feeling. I just want to sleep! I know I’ll be exhausted in the morning if I only get an hour or two or three tonight. This morning I woke early…I woke at 6 AM. I got up for an hour, but then at 7 I went back to bed and I slept again until 9 when mom woke me for breakfast. After eating breakfast I went right back to bed for another hour. Last night was pretty similar to tonight in that I couldn’t go to sleep. I was up late, I didn’t go to bed until after 1 AM. Looks like tonight will be similar for me. Well I think I’ll shut the laptop off now and read for a while. I started a new book. Its called asking for it and is by Louise O’neill. She’s an irish writer. The book is supposed to be good. Its about a girl a teenager who got raped and then the fall out from the rape that’s what the story is based on. Its fiction. I don’t normally read fiction but this looks good so I decided to read it. Well good night everyone, I hope you sleep well when you do eventually go to bed.

Sunday evening thoughts

I’ve had a nice day. A relaxing day.
I’m at home now in my own house, after almost 2 weeks of not being here. I’ve been at mom and dads for almost 2 weeks. I think its nice that I can go there, if I need to, its good to have their support.
I went home after dinner today. Mom is babysitting tonight. My sisters away at the moment on holiday in spain for 3 nights. Mom is looking after the two kids, as their dad has to work.
I have therapy in the morning. I’m glad. I feel like I need it. My mood has been so up and down lately. One day I am ok, and the next I am feeling low or down or depressed. Its been a mixed bag, therapy will be good as it allows me to talk about how I am feeling and get my feelings out.
I dont have any other plans tomorrow. I will probably be drained after my session. Usually I am. I will probably come home and nap for a few hours.
I’m watching irelands got talent on tv right now. Its really good. I love talent shows. This is the second year of irelands got talent. I am enjoying it. The semifinals are on tonight.
I probably will read for a while tonight too and maybe finish my book, groomed, I have an hour and 20 minutes of it left to read. I hope I can finish it tonight.