Nonfiction prompt, June 2nd

Today’s prompt: How do you release your stress?

for me, I get stressed super easily. I release it in a number of ways.

I journal. My journal is my blog. I’ve found great support in blogging. Other bloggers have been incredibly supportive. I am forever grateful for that.

I like to take a long hot shower, or if I am at my parents I take a hot bath. I don’t have a bath in my own house. The shower is bliss. I like to stand and let the water run down on me. Its so healing.

I go for a walk or I pound the treadmill. I find that releases a lot for me. I enjoy it also. Nothing like getting your blood pumping.

I drink a cup of tea. Tea makes everything better, that is a saying one of our alters, whose 12 uses. And she’s right. A nice cup of tea makes me feel comforted and less stressed.

I read. Getting lost in a good book is always a stress reliever. I can engross myself in the story. It takes me out of my head for a while which I find helpful.

I play with Nitro. We have a lot of fun together. He’s such a cutie. I love playing fetch or chasing with him. I also love just cuddling him. He’s such a cuddly dog.

I do other things, but right now they aren’t coming to me. I do feel that releasing stress is an important part of healing and I do it when I can. Whenever an opportunity arises to do something to be less stressed out, I’m in!