Hair do

I got my hair done. Mom colored it for me. It looks good! I will take a pic later when my make up is on. As ya’ll know I am heading out tonight to a rod stuart tribute band and we’ll also have a meal. I got new clothes to wear, and now my hair is done too. I feel good. It feels nice to get spruced up. Makes me feel amazing. Looking forward to tonight now. The only part I don’t look forward to is getting home at the end of the night. We’ll probably find it hard to get a taxi. I hate waiting around for one. I will hope we can get home safely after our night out. It wont probably be until after 3 AM though!

Got a walk in!

Went for a long walk this afternoon. Went with my mom and sister, we went to a local lake and did two laps around it. It was lovely. I felt really good after it. I walked for 2 miles. We also sat and had a coffee afterwords. It was nice. And good I got some exercise in too today. That part I am delighted about.
Brought Nitro too. He made lots of friends. Everyone kept admiring him and saying how beautiful he was. Talk about being a proud mama! I was so proud of my furbaby! He was loving being out for a walk, his second walk of the day!
Got back home about an hour ago. Am planning on chilling out this evening. Just relaxing and watching X factor on tv, and maybe also reading for a while.
carol anne

Sister update

so a little update on my sister. She’s doing ok, but is still very upset which is normal considering what she’s gone through.

She didn’t want to get up this morning, she cried a lot, mom had to comfort her. And eventually she did get up and faced the day.

She’s staying with our mom tonight again. Her front door hasn’t been fixed yet. Her partner is organising it. But its not safe for her to go back home yet with the kids.

The police have been to their house and her partner gave them a statement. They said they didn’t think they could do much though which is sad. These thugs need to be caught. They think they can just enter someones home and do whatever they like.

I’m glad my sister has our parents house to stay in while she is going through all of this. She’s still in shock from it all. And grieving also. Her home has been invaded, her safe place where she has all of her belongings. If that happened to me I’m not sure I’d ever want to go back. So I think its so brave of her to actually go back there.

She said she thinks she’ll go back home tomorrow all going well and if the door has been secured. The kids haven’t said much about what happened. Im sure her 10 year old is thinking about it a lot. They’ve gone out this afternoon with their cousin to do the zip wire at a local park.

Thanks for all of your support and kind comments. They mean a lot to me.

carol anne

The weekend!

Tomorrow my mom and sister are going camping, without us. I decided I wouldn’t go. Its not my thing, really.
I will stay at my parents though for the weekend with my dad. I plan on catching up with friends this weekend. I plan on visiting Norma on Saturday, and my friend Rose on Sunday. Monday will be a rest day, unless I decide to go to the movies with some of the members of the basement club, I am still thinking about it.
I will miss my mom this weekend. My dad is not the easiest to get along with. I always prefer to have my mom here. Also its a big thing for me to say I will miss her. A year or to ago I’d have never said that. So yeah progress!
Im planning on having a nice weekend though. I will also put some self care activities in to help me cope. Some nice hot showers, time to read, watch some tv, a treat for the kids, blogging, etc.

Family outing

we had a terrific day today. My bad mood lifted and I had so much fun!
I went to a lake with my mom, sister, my niece and nephew, my aunt, uncle, their kids and grandkids. It was such an amazing day.
We had a bbq, the sun was shining! It was about 27 C!
I did get a bit of a headache but it was nothing two headache tablets wouldnt sort out. Plus I also wore a hat to try to keep the sun off of my head.
We spent about six hours there at the lake. We all paddled in the water and some of the family actually went in swimming! The water was so beautiful!
Im so happy I went. I was having a crap day today this morning before we left.
Thank you to everyone on wp who supported me with either a like or a comment today it was very very appreciated. You’ve all been part of helping to turn my day around so thank you!
Now I am going to cool down with a nice diet coke, read blogs, do some email, and then read my book later tonight.
carol anne

5:20 AM

I cant sleep. So I got up. No point in staying in bed when all I seem to be doing is thinking.
I started reading a new book last night. Its called broken and is by rosie lewis. She is a UK foster parent. The books been out a while now and I’ve had it for a while but am only now getting around to reading it. So far I really like it.
I’m so happy its Friday. I love weekends! I came to my parents house last night. I was going to wait to go until today but then my sister said she’d give me a ride so I grabbed it. Saves me money on a taxi fare.
I am going to my friend Normas house today for 2 hours. We are going to do a training session. Im not sure what she wants to actually work on. However I will leave it up to her.
Mom is going to be looking after my sisters kids this morning while my sisters at work. Im sure they’ll be bored as they don’t really have any other kids here to play with, and mom and dad don’t have internet at their house so they cant even use their tablets.
Weathers been good though so that’s good. It means I can walk nitro as it has cooled down considerably. We’re actually meant to have some rain today. A little rain would be nice as we haven’t had any in about 7 weeks. The grass needs watering!
Well I will close this here. Hoping you all have a fantastic Friday and a fantastic weekend!


So my sister came back from spain yesterday. It was great to see her and the kids again. They had a lovely time but she was glad to be home. And they didn’t get caught up in any of the strikes with their airline either which was great.
She brought us all back gifts. I got some lovely gifts from her.
She got me a handbag with owls on it. And a matching scarf.
She also got me a charm bracelet, and a fridge magnet.
It was a lovely surprise. I wasn’t expecting her to do that.
I started using the handbag already today. I needed to wash the one I’d been using so I am delighted with the new one.