Eileens home safe and we’ll be seeing her tomorrow!

so I texted eileen this morning, to ask her if she got home safely. She texted back right away to say that she did, and that she’d see us tomorrow, what a relief that she’s safely home!
Am so looking forward to seeing her tomorrow!
Alls well again now that therapy is resuming!
carol anne

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ahem, ahem!

I wanted to participate in word of the day! todays word? grudging!


so I will say this. grudgingly, carol anne let me do this post! she’s a meanie! ahahaha ok not really, im just kidding!


really though im full of energy and have nothing to do with it!


I feel kinda manic actually. and we aren’t even bipolar! although some people say I am a little bit wild and act manic a lot of times!


do I care? naw, not really!


im looking forward to going shopping today! I want to check out all the cool clothes! see what we can buy to wear on Wednesday! i’d love a dress but I doubt carol anne will let me buy one.


she thinks we aren’t skinny enough for a dress yet. I think we are! I think we’d be able to pull off wearing one, if we got the right kind!


what do you guys think? are you in agreement with me?


of course you are!


anyway. Cant wait to hit those shops! it is gonna be fun!

Amy, age 15


My volunteer shift on friendly call

I had a good shift today on friendly call. There were 3 of us making the calls. One of the other volunteers might as well have not been there though, she was just chatting to the office staff, and not bothering to actually make calls, and then, when she did make a couple of calls, she only stayed on the phone about 1 minute with each client. Not good at all in my opinion, that is not how we were trained to make calls! When the receptionist challenged her, she said she felt overwhelmed, but really, there is no need to become overwhelmed, if you do the job right!
Anyway, i got on really good. I called about 30 people. Most of whom were in, and so I was able to chat to them. Most of them were doing good, having a pleasant afternoon, most of them had things they were doing or people visiting them for the afternoon etc. Which is what I like to see!
I spent around 2 hours making the calls. Trish who is the receptionist, she picked me up from my moms to bring me to the office today, and she also dropped me home afterwords. Very sweet of her to do that I think!
I’m extremely happy with how the shift went. I love busy afternoons!

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Friday update

I slept well last night, went to bed around nine. Slept really good thankfully.

Leaving to go volunteering in about 10 minutes, my friendly call shift the usual that I do on Friday afternoons.

I’m looking forward to doing my shift today. Looking forward to talking to all the lovely people that Are on my list to call.

I’m still at my parents house, will be staying here for the weekend. No plans for this coming weekend. Will probably go to my friend Norma’s house tomorrow, well I might, it depends on if she’s busy or not.

Anyway better go now, I’m being picked up in about five minutes. Catch you all later.

Sleepless night!

didnt sleep good at all last night. i even went to bed at a reasonable hour. i went to bed around 11:30. i didnt read, i decided to try to go right to sleep. no such luck though. i tossed, i turned, i lay there wide awake for ages. eventually i did fall asleep for a couple hours but I woke again at 5 AM. got up, since I couldnt get back to sleep. mom got up at six. she had a bad night, her COPD was acting up. she had to get up and take her inhalers. she’s a little better now. we sat together in the kitchen and had a cup of tea together. she has to go grocery shopping this morning. my sister will take her. i heard yesterday that my partner jess has the chicken pox. her long time friend told me. apparently jess’s adoptive mom told her. so today i need to go get her a get well card. she’s in isolation. as you know she’s in residential, in a residential psych facility. anyway she’s in isolation for the next 10 days. i bet thats no fun at all. no visitors and no one to talk to for 10 days, only the staff in the facility. i was telling my mom this morning that i need to see about getting a before and after picture for next week for the awards ceremony. they want before and after pics. i have a before one or i should have, in my phone. one that was taken when i was 2 stone heavier. i will take an after pic this week I’ll have mom take one for me. hopefully i can get a good one. other than all that not much planned for today. just having a quiet day at my parents. nothing much will be happening today. i can just relax and take it easy.
carol anne

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A quiet afternoon

not much is going on here today. i have had a lazy day at my parents house. was going to go to the basement club this morning, but decided not to, good thing too as they sent a text this morning to say they were closing at 11 AM today and not reopening until friday morning. something about their being staff shortages. the reason i said it was a good thing i didnt go in is because if i’d have gone in i’d have had to get a taxi, and well thats money, and then more money to go home again after only an hour in there, so i am glad i didnt go in.
i will make an effort to go in next week, i havent met the new team of staff yet, and i want to try to do that soon. ifi dont i’ll only keep putting it off and its important that i meet them and make myself known to them.
i’m going to slimming world tonight for my weekly weigh in. hopeful i’ve lost some weight. fingers crossed that i have.
other than that am not up to much. my sister came over a little while ago and spent an hour here, she’s working today so she could only spend an hour, mom was preparing dinner for herself and my dad, i’ll have mine tonight after my weigh in.

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