Well, it wasnt a great start to my week

I didnt sleep at all last night. I was so anxious. Plus I couldnt breathe.
My asthma was very bad. I was short of breath all night. I took my ventolin inhaler a few times, and I propped myself up on pillows to try to get more air.
Finally I did fall asleep around 7 AM and I slept until 9 AM.
I was supposed to have therapy at 10, but I texted Eileen and I told her I didnt feel up to it. She understood and she told me if I didnt feel better in a few hours to call the doctor.
I did feel a bit better by mid day. So I went to work for 2 hours. I needed the distraction.
This is not the start I wanted for my week. I hate having breathing difficulties. And the anxiety is so crippling.