A sleep filled Saturday

I am relaxing on this cold, misty Saturday.

I slept in, which felt great.

I slept well, as I normally do when at my parents’ house.

Mom cooked steaks for dinner, which were very yummy. We had fried onions, peppers, garlic, and baby potatoes with the steaks.

I am enjoying being on my laptop, reading blogs, and writing for my own.

I am glad my mom is feeling better. Her chest infection is clearing up.

The antibiotics and steroids she’s taking are working, yay!

I tried on a shirt that I want to ware for my cousins wedding in a week or so.

It fit! I thought it wouldn’t, as I’ve gained a little bit of weight back.

I was so excited when it fit me!

Well, Hoping your all having a good Saturday!

Sending love to all and a huge hug!

I’m off to read now!

I just bought 3 new books by blogger Lauren Scott! 2 poetry books and her memoir!

I am so excited to read them!

Thanks to my blog buddy Paula light for the recommendations as I read her review of Lauren’s book on her blog.