its me allie. im bored. is anyone around? im soooo bored.

I wanna email Eileen. maybe I can tell her about what I did today. that wasn’t much. but she likes hearing about the fun I have. so maybe Ill jus email her and tell her about my very boring day.

im still waiting on the new books carol anne ordered for me. I wish they’d hurry up and get here. I want to take them in to Eileen for her to read to us.

I’ve no patience. ha ha! at least that’s what the bigs tell me!

I am allie no patience! ha ha!

I wanna tell everybody happy thanksgiving! enjoy it. I wish we had thanksgiving here. we do have black Friday. that is cool. we’re not going shopping though tomorrow.

im getting a diet coke tomorrow though! cant wait!

Well gotta go now! Grown ups said so!
allie 9

A book giveaway!

My blog friend Erika, over at the wonderful fantastic blog dorky mom doodles is giving away her ebook, she is having a raffle for it.
If you want to enter the giveaway, click below.
First, heres her blog post where she talks about it.

Next, heres her raffle link if you’d like to enter!

Have fun!


Home again

So I’m finally home in my own house! My sis dropped me off. She always does that for me if she is available. I am so grateful to her for doing that for me.
I had to turn my heat on. Its freezing! It says its 8 degrees C here. Its cold though there is a biting wind out there!
I’ve just fed the dog. He had great fun with the kids. They were playing fetch with him, despite my protests, that he’d break his leg skidding along the wooden floors. He didnt, thank god. He enjoyed the game. He’s exhausted now hahaha.
I’m enjoying a coffee now. Im also watching a little tv. Well I am not really watching it, its just on in the background.
No plans for the rest of today. May read later on. Need to finish a book and then see what I’ll start on next. I never did finish my maggie hartley book sold to be a wife. So need to try to finish up that one.
Hope your all having a fantastic sunday!


Wound up!

I am wired. I want to calm down but I cant.
I feel like a wound up top! Am so wound up!
Trying to settle down now, watching some tv. The kids watched a show. Now I am just going to read to try and settle down.
Unfortunately its not happening! I am agitated! Feeling anci and very, very squirrely!
Nitro is sound asleep in bed. The heat knocked him out! I still have my heating on since it was so cold earlier!
I was on the phone to my friend Rose for an hour. We had a good chat. She was in a good mood! I enjoyed our chat!
I think I will be awake for the night now. I dont imagine I will get any sleep. I feel too wired. Too agitated. Too wound up!
Oh well. Maybe I’ll start a new book. And maybe I will read some emails or blog posts.
Who knows!

#SoCs-mean, mean!

This week, LIndas prompt for socs is mean!

Tonight the kids are telling me I am mean! The littles, in our system, that is!

Why am I mean?

Because I wont let them eat junk food! Chocolate, crisps, cake, nooo, not having that!

What I want, and what they want, are totally different!

They want to binge on junk food because they miss Eileen and, you know, eating chocolate and crisps will make them feel good! Not happening!

I miss Eileen too but…there are better ways to cope!

Eating junk food will just lead to binging, I know it!

So, we will distract from the pain of Eileen being gone in other ways, like, for example, watching some X factor on tv, the kids love that show! Or I will maybe read my book later this evening and try to finish it! Its an anthology of true crime stories! So pretty intense, pretty dark! But I’m almost through reading it! I have an hour and 40 mins left to read on it!

Im now drinking a cuppa! Tea makes everything better, as Emily always says!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 10/18

A new book for Eileen to read to us!

Carol anne just bought us a new book for Eileen to read to us when she gets back from her work trip.

I cant wait! I love hearing her read to us! It feels so safe.

The book is about anger. Its called everybody feels angry. And its about dealing with feelings of anger.

Carol anne said it will especially be good for me to read this one with Eileen since I deal with a lot of anger. I love when Eileen reads to me cuz she explains things in the book, like pictures and stuff. And as she reads we talk about feelings!

Its pretty cool! Now I am excited for the 19th to come so I can read with her!

The book is gonna be delivered on the 15th! Yay!

So happy to have a new book to read!