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I love books. I read a lot. I got through a lot of books. Reading is one of my distractions techniques.

Right now I am reading a book by vikki phelan, an irish woman who is an overarian cancer survivor, her story is her life story before and up to her diagnosis of ovarian cancer, its a great read.

I am thoroughly enjoying it. She has a good writing style, and her story is captivating.

Before this I read exploited by Maggie Hartley, that book was sad, but very good, and it did have a happy ending.

I like a lot of authors, but some of my favourites are cathy glass, maggie hartley, shane dunphy, rosie lewis and casey watson. Those are all forster carers.

I also like danielle steele, cathy kelly, kitty neale, and joanne fluke.

I dont always read a lot of fiction though. Mostly I read memoirs, or animal stories, or inspirational stories of people overcoming the odds.

What about you? Do you like to read? if so what type of books do you like?

Late what day is it anyway? may 10th?

Sunday, may 10th. What did I get up to? Not much.
I was at my parents for half of it, then after we ate lunch I went back home. Where I’m gonna be until next Friday!
I basically chilled for the evening, watching tv, and reading.
I am reading two books trying to finish them up. I am reading the first book in the hannah swensen murder mysteries, chocolate chip cookie murder. I am also reading overcoming, by vikki phelan, which is a book about a woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after her smear test was misread. She was the woman in ireland who spoke out about the ovarian cancer scandal, where thousands of womens smear tests were misread, so that they all ended up with ovarian cancer and some died as a result.
The book is amazing! I highly recommend it.
On tv I watched who wants to be a millionaire, the chase, and tipping point, all quiz shows. Then I watched 2 eps of 48 hours. Then I watched snapped, and killer siblings.
I got take away food because I was craving it. It was yummy!
So that was my day, I hope all of you had a good day. If you are a mom and you celebrating mothers day I hope you had a wonderful mothers day.


so exhausted!

I am so exhausted. I havent slept much. I didnt go to sleep until after 1 AM because I was reading. I woke again at 5 AM. I hate it when I have nights full of broken sleep. I am not going to stay up. I think I’ll have a drink and then go back to bed and snuggle under the covers and hope I can get a few more hours. Nitro is sleeping soundly. I gave him some pain relief and some antibiotic before bed, so that he’d relax and sleep, and it seems to have worked, he seems to have slept well and he’s having a good night. Thank god! well I’m off to get more sleep now, so I’ll talk to you all later!

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word of the day, valley

I just bought a new book, it is called, hidden valley road, and it is by robert kolker. It looks really good. Its about a family, with 12 kids, six of who were diagnosed with schitzophrenia.
I think its going to be a good read. Its already on the best seller list on audible and it only came out at the beginning of April.
It looks at the familys life, the research that the children took part in that has changed how people look at schitzophrenia today.
I will let you all know how the book was when I am done reading it.


Mid day ramble

I’ve had a quiet morning. I just cooked breakfast, I made sausages with toast. Then I watched an episode of evil online, and I was sorting out media files on my hard drive. Thats a work in progress. I decided to take a shower because I figured it would make me feel good, and it did. I put a nice ginger body spray on after it and ginger souflet body lotion. Its a lovely day here today, but I dont think I’ll go outside. I might, I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. I was thinking about going out in my back garden and reading my book, and bringing Nitro out there with me also. I’m nervous of insects and bees, but I might just try to spend even a half an hour out there. I’ve decided to treat us to a chinese meal for dinner, I’ll get it delivered. It can be an easter treat. I’m gonna go on facebook for a while now and see what the gossip is on there, catch up with family and friends. I hope your all having a nice saturday.
carol anne

What am I reading?

I presume this is the theme: What Motivates your eBook buying decisions?
What buyer type are you?
Decisive Indecisive Reticent Hesitant Pondering Thoughtful Undecided?

I am a decisive buyer. I know what I want and what I like, I do buy recommended books too sometimes that friends recommend to me. But I buy with ease and enjoy picking out my books.
What buying decisions do you undertake when looking to purchase a new eBook? Are you influenced by any of the following and if so which ones and why?
Positioning from author rank to location on sales site?

I dont bother with the rank of a book on the sales site. I dont worry about it at all. I never or rarely even look at that info.
Price how much are you willing or do you expect to pay for an eBook or do you not buy eBooks and if so why this option?

I do buy ebooks occasionally. I will pay anything from 99 Cent to about 5 euro, usually I wont pay more than that unless I really want it. I do pay more for my audiobooks, and I do buy more audiobooks than ebooks.
Description of the book content?

The description always influences me, I love a detailed description of the book.
Book Title does this influence you at all?

Yes a lot. I love a good title. A well named book is important to me.
Cover does it matter if the cover looks cheap, or if it is coloured or bland?

No it doesnt matter at all to me since I cant see it anyway.
Reviews do you read or even leave reviews? Do you read the reviews others have left? Are you influenced by these?

I do leave reviews of the books I read. I try to leave fair reviews and I enjoy reviewing books. I dont usually read a lot of the reviews on the sites I buy from but occasionally I’ll read a few of them.
Do you look for collections, or sets or are you happy with one offs?
I read some series, but usually I read stand alone books. Although right now I have started a series, the hannah swensen series by joanne fluke. They are murder mysteries.

Does the length of a book bother you? Are you looking for short or long content?
I love any type of book, length doesnt bother me. I’ll read both short and long books.

Author Do you need to know the author or are you happy to go with unknowns?

I am happy to go with unknowns. I do have specific authors that I love such as cathy glass, shane dunphy, maggie hartley, casey watson, rosie lewis, and I enjoy authors who write memoirs, authors who write stories about animals and now I am enjoying the murder mysteries too.
Recommendations if someone you know has suggested a book, do you follow that up?

Yes I do go for books that others recommend to me. My firend sarah and I always talk about what we’re currently reading, or what we’ve read, and I get a lot of recommendations from her of new books to read and try out.
Needs met do you only buy books to meet your needs or books that feed and fuel your desires?

I usually buy what I enjoy, which are memoirs, autobiographies, animals stories, a little bit of fiction, murder mysteries, and true life stories about overcoming the odds. I dont usually read stuff that I have no interest in…like, science fiction, history etc.

Doing some self care

I did some self care stuff this afternoon. Now I feel so good and am glad I took time to myself!
I took advantage of having a bath at my parents house, and I took a nice, long bubble bath!
It was amazing! The water was so warm and I was able to totally relax in it. My muscles are feeling the benefits of it now!
Then I ate a nice dinner with my mom. We had steak, mashed potatos and broccoli and cauliflower mix. It was scrumptious. I put piri piri sauce on my steak and on my potatos, because I am totally addicted to it hahaha!
Now I think I’ll read for a while. I am reading a murder mystery by joanne fluke, its the first book in the Hannah swensen series, a chocolate chip cookie murder and its so good!
Have you done any self care today? Do share about it with me!
❤ 😀 xoxo