I found some distraction

well i went and ate dinner. then i sat in the kitchen and talked with mom for a while. we just talked about our upcoming trip we’re taking to Killarney in a couple of weeks. then we talked about our vacation that we’re taking in may. and the summer and all the nice places we’d be going as a family. it was nice. it made me feel so good.

sometimes a little bit of distraction is all it takes to snap you out of the dark place your in, thats how it is for me at least.

my sister will be picking her dogs up soon i think. i cant wait until she gets home from her trip to ask her about it. i am off to read my book for a while now. i need to finish it so that i can say i have read my first book of 2018.


5 am thoughts

i woke up at 4 30. i got up because i had to pee. one of the nurses was in our ward talking to a patient. she said she’d guide me out because our bathroom was locked, because its blocked the toilet in it i mean. there are bathrooms in each room here.
so anyway. she guided me across the hall to the next room and i used their bathroom. she is a nurse i dont particularly like. the reason i dont like her is because the last time i was in she was talking about me to anothe nurse, in earshot of me.
then also she is very false. fake. i hate that. she acts sweet to your face but behind all that she is very false.
so yeah i dont like her all that much.
anyway i’m back in bed now. cant go back to sleep. i started a new book. its called too young to be a mum and is by maggie hartley, its about a teenage mom who is in foster care, and maggie is fostering her. i’m on chapter four and so far its really good. its available on audible and in paperback and on kindle.
i’ll review it once i’m done reading it.

the book came!

it came, it came! our book came in the mail!

we got the book today i feel silly and other moods that make my day, to take to eileens office for her to read it to us.

i am so excited! we cant do it tomorrow but next week carol anne said we might be able to if eileen is ok with it.

we have to ask her first. i will ask her! im not scared to ask!

has anyone ever heard of this book? its written by jamie lee curtis about feelings! you can look it up on amazon that is where we got our copy.

also if you look on youtube you’ll be able to hear people reading it. bet none of them are as good as eileen though. im gonna ask her if i can record her reading it to us!


Weekly rap up

its been a busy week. as you all know my aunt passed away last weekend. her funeral was this week, it was actually yesterday. we went, but we only went to the actual funeral mass and burial afterwords. we didnt go to the removal the night before. we didnt take any time off. our sister and aunts and cousins all took 3 days off work, we didnt take time off college or the ILS course at all. we wanted to keep our week as normal as possible. do everything we’d normally do. we didnt see dr. barry because our apt clashed with the funeral times. but thats ok, we’ll hopefully see her next week. but we hadnt seen eileen either this week so we had very little support. that led to a few hard nights with anxiety, low mood, etc. but we got through it with the help of staff here at the facility. we also did a lot of self care. we went to bed early the past few nights, and we slept wwell. we did wake last night at 5 AM but we were able to go back to sleep again and once we did we did not wake until 8 AM. i usually get up at 7. we are having a good week on the course. we did a lot this week. we made brownies, and rice crispy cakes, we did some team work, personal effectiveness, we went to the gym today, we did some health and nutrition, etc. tomorrow nitro’s trainer nathalie is coming and we are going to have a chat about doing some routes on public transport like the bus. she is going to work with me and with staff here to train nitro in and then the staff here will continue to work with me after she’s done. i’m looking forward to seeing her. she’s really nice. i bet nitro will be super excited to see her. i’m still going to my addiction studies course each tuesday evening. i love it. i have two books to read before december 9th, beautiful boy, and tweak, both about a drug addict, one written by the addict himself, and the other is written by his father. i am going to compare and contrast the two books for my book review. tuesdays is my busy day, what with volunteering and then college that evening. i plan on doing nothing this weekend, chilling out and just taking things easy. I hope everyones had a fantastic week.

I’ve reached 1250 followers, so I’m doing a giveaway to celebrate

so i’ve reach 1 thousand 250 followers. And to celebrate that marvelous fact I’m going to run a give away!
what you can win is a cookbook, I havent chosen which one yet but it will be probably by darina allen, who is a chef from cork where I live.
What you must do to win is email me at
I will keep the give away open for 2 weeks, a winner will then be chosen at random from all the emails I have recieved.
so get emailing!
and good luck!
carol anne

She’s so funny…

my sis is hilarious. i mean it. a total feather brain. this was our conversation about 20 minutes ago.

Laura: I didnt get to sit down until 9:30 last night, took ages to get the kids to bed. I was so exhausted when I sat down, I had a cuppa, then I went to bed to read my book.
Me: What are you reading?
Laura: Its called one wish. Its fiction.
Me: whose the author?
Laura: Author, I dont know, I’m just reading it!

lol…I bet she cant even remember what the storyline is!
I didnt ask her as she was rushing out the door to pick Lauren up from school!

a relaxed sunday just what I need!

i’ve been having a relaxing day. alls quiet here. just what i like. i spent the morning at mom and dads. i had a nice long hot bubble bath to relax my muscles. then i read my book for a while. i got through 4 chapters of it, i have less than an hour of this book left to read now. the book is who will love me now and is by maggie hartley. its a brilliant read. all of her books are brilliant. i thoroughly enjoy them. we had sunday lunch, a roast chicken dinner. it was so yummy. my dad made roast potatos which were really good. mom went to the store for me and got me a couple things i needed and also got some money out of the ATM for me. i am grateful to her for doing that as it saves me doing it tomorrow. i got a taxi home after dinner to my own house, and i plan on having a low key evening. i will watch x factor and read some more, catch up on blogs, and not sure what else. this coming week i’m going to be super busy. i’ll be like a headless chicken on tuesday. tomorrow is not too bad, but i do have therapy and then i am going to the basement club after that. tuesday i’m going to be out of the house from 8 AM until 10:30 PM that night. I’ll barely have an hour to eat dinner after my two volunteer jobs before I’ll have to shoot off to college for 7 PM that evening. wednesday i see dr. barry, and i’ll be going to a meeting with the co-ordinator of the big brother big sister programme to talk about my application. thursday and friday i’ll be going to the basement club. so yep a busy week ahead but i dont mind, i like being busy.