Its going to be a hot day

man its hot outside today!
i woke up early. very very early. like 5 AM early.
i only went to bed at 1, was reading for a while, and didnt actually settle down to sleep until around 2;:30.
my new book is so good. its called did you hear me crying and is by cassie moore. its actually about a girl who lived in ireland growing up. i didnt know that when i bought it. its really good. she was abused all through her childhood by her step dad. so far i like what i’ve read of it.
i cant wait until later today to go outside and sit in the sun and read my book. if its hot now, and it is, i can imagine how hot it will be by noon. I’ll really be roasting!
What are your plans for saturday? Anything special? 😀
carol anne


Oh but I need a nap

I need one right now, but its too warm to nap.
so instead I called a friend, chatted to her for a while, then went to feed nitro, and now am browsing audible for some new books to read.
I bought 3 new books. they are all medical related.
One is called confessions of a gp, one is called emergency admission:confessions of an ambulance driver, and the third is called doctors notes, which Astrid over at blogging astrid reviewed and I decided to see if audible had it and they did!
I am so excited to read all of these books!
I love medical related books, I found a few more I want but dont have money for them right now, and no credits in my account either, so I will have to wait until next month to grab them.
Nevermind though, in the meantime, I have tons of books to read!
I hope your all having a happy friday 😀
carol anne


evening time

ok so the evening is going slow! well slower than I thought it would go thats for sure!
Mom got home with my groceries, 53 euro in total, thats how much they were. I could not believe it, that was for some meat, veg, fruit, and water, and that was it!
Food is fucking expensive guys!
I ate dinner, the spag bol was lovely. It would have been nicer had there been more vegetables in it, but we just made do with what was on hand, so no extra veg went in to it.
I’ve still been drinking tons of water. And I ate a ton of fruit today too. I hope it is really going to pay off all this fruit I am eating! Well if nothing else it will help my bowels.
I have a new book ready to start tonight. Its called did you hear me crying, and its a memoir, about a girl who is a child abuse survivor. It is by cassie moore. Not sure its the right spelling of her name though but when I review it I’ll be sure and put the right spelling of her name in case people want to read it!
I just got out of the shower, it felt heavenly the hot water running on me! I love a nice hot shower, always makes me feel good!
Well guys have a lovely evening!
carol anne


Book review-battered, broken, healed by Maggie Hartley

Just finished another amazing fostering memoir by Maggie Hartley. I have to say I couldnt put it down. The book was so addictive, a page turner from beginning to end.
The book summary is below…

When six-week-old Jasmine is placed with foster carer Maggie Hartley, Maggie is delighted to have a baby in the house again. Jasmine has been taken into care over fears for her safety after the police are called to the family’s home several times following her birth. Her mother, Hailey, vehemently denies that anything is wrong, however, and social services allow her to have daily supervised visits with Jasmine.

Baby Jasmine is a joy to be around, but Maggie suspects that all is not quite as it seems with her mum. Maggie struggles to draw timid and extremely quiet Hailey out of her shell and fears that she may be suffering with postnatal depression.

Then one day Hailey arrives for the contact session with her hair streaked with blood and her body covered in bruises. Breaking down, a terrified Hailey admits that she is being abused by her violent husband and is too afraid to leave him.

Maggie realises that the only way mother and daughter will be reunited is if Hailey admits what’s going on behind closed doors and leaves her husband. But after years of physical and psychological abuse, that’s easier said than done….

Like i said this book is an incredible read. You wont be disappointed if you pick it up. Its available in paperback, in audio from audible and on kindle.


3 hours

thats how much sleep i got. i’m exhausted. i am definitely going to try to nap today at some point. i have to. i barely was able to get up. its almost 8 AM now. i had to really push myself to get out of bed. nitro needs to be fed and i need to book my taxi to go to therapy. i’ll be going to therapy at 9:30. for a 10 AM apt. i’m anxious about therapy. am looking forward to actually seeing eileen but just anxious about what is going to come up today. i think i’ll allow the kids to bring their new book and she can read it to them. and we can record it. that will be good. just still feeling quite emotional this morning. can feel liz’s emotional turmoil seeping through to some of the rest of us. liz is doing somewhat better, but she’s still not fully ok. i think fathers day triggered her more than she’s letting on. she doesnt really get along with our dad. she never has. when we were a teen they had a lot of clashes, their personalities are too similar. when i get home from therapy i think i’m going to read, and finish up my book. i have 9 chapters to read. there are 20 chapters, i’m now starting chapter 11. thats if i dont fall asleep while reading. anyway. better go on and ring to book my taxi. catch yall later.
carol anne


My friend

So my friend norma visited me tonight. She only stayed for an hour but it was nice to see her. She wanted me to put a new book on her phone for her. I gave her a Rosie Lewis book, called broken. Rosie Lewis is a UK foster parent writing about her foster kids. Her books are really good. Me and my friend spent the hour she was here chatting. She caught me up on all of her news. I’ll be seeing her again on Tuesday though as I’m doing a training session with her on how to use her I phone on tuesday evening. The taxi was delayed dropping her off to my house, they couldnt find where she was living. Funny that as she always uses that company. They knew where I lived though, so thankfully I didnt have to give them directions asI am no good at doing that.


My current book

i must say i am really enjoying the book i am currently reading.

its a new maggie hartley foster care memoir. its really great!

its called battered, broken healed, and is about a 4 month old baby that is taken into care, not sure yet what is the reasons other than failure to thrive, as i am only on chapter 7 of the book, but its really good!

a page turner for sure! off to read some more now!