Always something isnt it?

Well, I just had a call from my friend Norma. Apparently, she has to be tested for coronavirus, she has been feeling weak, short of breath, and she just doesnt feel very well.

Well, I was with her this morning, for all of 5 minutes. I did wear a mask going into her house. I only took some money from her, but my face was covered the whole time.

Now she’s being tested for the virus, I will know the results after the weekend. I hope she doesnt have it, because if she does then I might also have to be tested.

There is always something. It never rains but it pours.

Please pray I dont have it guys. I am at my parents so if I have it I’ll have probably exposed them to it. So I am hoping I dont as my moms health is compramised as it is.

Please send prayers and positive vibes to me.

Am very worried now.

Ewww gross

Nitros just been sick after his dinner. He ate and then I let him out. When he came in he got sick everywhere.

Its so gross. Guess who has to clean it? Moi!

OMG guys! I am almost getting sick myself now!

It is not a pleasant job!

He rarely gets sick though so I guess thats a positive. Good way to wake me from my nap though Nitro!



I am so proud of myself. I fixed my TV on my own! No sighted assistance, no engineer, all on my own! Yay!
It took a lot of patience, but it was quite an easy fix. A bit of fiddling about with the source button and the power switches on the sky box and on the tv and I fixed it.
I’ll never let blindness hold me back!

My friend pat called

Pat, who is my friend from Dublin just called. He is blind, and he lives on his own. He had some underlying health issues, like type one diabetes, and he’s had a kidney transplant, and he has problems with his lungs.
His brother was tested for coronavirus earlier this week, he called me tonight, pat did, and told me his brother got the all clear, he doesn’t have it, but now there is a chance that his 8 year old child may have it. It never rains but it pours!
We had a nice catch up. And he said I am like his unofficial girlfriend! Lol! He was kidding of course. He knows I have a girlfriend, and that I am gay. He jokes around a lot, and we’re really good friends, so I don’t mind when he says things like that to me, I know its just how he is.
We said we’d call one another more often, now that Irelands gone into lockdown, and we can maybe keep each other sane and company.
I’m all for that!
Good friends are so important during this tough time! I firmly believe that!
❤ ❤

Yes, I am still blind…

Omg guys! I am so irritated!
I get this payment once a month. It is called blind welfare allowance, and it is payed to all blind people in ireland, the cheque goes into my bank account once a month.
So last week I got a review form to fill out. It gets reviewed once a year, to make sure none of your circumstances have changed. Which is fine, I understand that they need to do this.
But earlier in the week I got a phone call from a welfare officer, she said she needed to call out to my house and meet me. She said she’d ring in advance, but she didnt, she just arrived at my door this morning!
Good thing I was up and dressed lol!
Anyway, she arrived, asked me if I get a welfare payment each week, when I said yes, she asked me which one do I get, and how long I’ve been getting it!
Then she goes, ok, so I’ve met you, thats all I need, I’ll let the office know I’ve met you! And with that, she was gone!
I think she just wanted to make sure I was still blind! Lol! Imagine it! I am hardly going to get my sight back overnight now am I? I was just like, whatever!
It really irked me if I am totally honest!
The fact I am recieving blind welfare allowance, means I am blind for goodness sake!
Ah well, we’re all good now for another year at least!