The do’s and dont’s when interacting with a blind person

I found this post from another blind blogger. its really good. I wanted to share it here on my own blog. If you have time check it out.
Its well worth a read!

The Do’s and Don’ts When Interacting with a Blind or Visually Impaired Person

I’m so outspoken!

Well, I’ve walked myself into it now! I got a call this afternoon from a girl at irish guide dogs. She asked me if they can use photos of me and nitro, for a campaign they are doing, targeting taxi drivers, the campaign is for the transport authority, to let taxi drivers know that they cant refuse guide dogs, that its actually against the law for them to refuse a blind person and their dog!

I gave her permission to use my photo, but then I decided to tell her about my negative experiences with a taxi firm I use, how some drivers refuse to pick me up, and their excuse is that they dont want to deal with dog hair!

Hello? I brush my dog every day! But he still sheds! Its what dogs do for fuck sake.

Anyway, on hearing my story, she said to me, well, we’re actually looking for a negative experience from a service user, can I use yours?

So I guess my story is now being broadcast to hundreds of taxi drivers across the country! Talk about being a voice for change! If this doesnt change something, then I dont know what will!

I’m happy to help, though.


Puking dog!

Nitro is having a bit of a night of it. He’s heaving and trying to puke. I had to let him out in the back yard! I am hoping he wont actually puke, as I hate cleaning up dog vomit! Its so gross. I hope he is just feeling a little off but that he will be ok in a little while. He did vomit a little, but it was outside, thank goodness. I got him out before he actually puked. I just hope he’ll be ok now and thats the end of it for him and for me too! I really want him to be feeling ok, and feeling better again


Did you know? 9th jan. 2019

Did you know?
That today is Seeing Eye Day? In 1929, The Seeing Eye was incorporated in Nashville, Tennessee. The company’s purpose was to train dogs to guide the blind. The Seeing Eye, Inc. is the oldest existing guide dog school in the world. Twelve times a year, as many as 24 students at a time visit the Morristown, N.J. campus to discover the exhilarating experience of traveling with a Seeing Eye dog.


Award ceremony this coming thursday

So I had an email today from the tutor of the independent living skills course I was a part of last year. You remember the course I did where I lived at the centre for a couple of months to do it? It was the independent living skills course, where we learned skills like cooking skills, budgeting, household management, work experience etc? Well the email said that on Thursday morning of this week there is a coffee morning and a small award ceremony, the award ceremony is to give out certificates for the modules we completed, I only completed some, as I dropped out of the course as my mental health took a nose dive part way through it. I said I’d go, it will be nice to catch up with the tutors again, and see the people I studied with on the course. I’m sure we’ll have some photos taken, and I’ll post some on thursday afternoon if we do.
carol anne