Still getting spoiled

This morning, I got a birthday card in the mail from my cousin, she thought I was 40, it was a 40th birthday card, lol.
She also sent me a voucher for a store called boots, the voucher was for 30 euro.
I texted her a thank you, but I didnt have the heart to tell her that she got my age wrong. I knew if I told her that she’d feel bad for missing my 40th last year.
My PA Frances also gave me a card, and a 20 euro voucher for a store near where I live, the store sells clothing, food, etc.
The card she gave me was very funny. On the front of it it said “Your lack of wrinkles disturbs me”. Lol.
I will enjoy spending the vouchers, not sure when I’ll spend them yet but I will at some point.