My morning so far!

So far I have had a busy morning, but it was good!
My PA Frances was here, she got here at 9, she made me bacon sandwiches for breakfast, they were delicious. I got bacon from the west cork meat company, it was really nice, there is hardly any fat on it, They are thick slices of bacon, and they have a great flavour to them.
After breakfast Frances went to the store for me, she took Nitro with her, she said she’d take him for a walk after going to the store. I had to get more bacon, some sausages, milk, and diet coke.
When she got back she made a start and cleaned my whole house from top to bottom, bless her. She did the dishes, vacumed, mopped the floors, folded towels and put them away, emptied the bins, etc.
When she left at 11 I had to go to work. I made my calls which didnt take too long, a few of my clients didnt answer their phone. I sent the list to my supervisor and now that I am done with work I am enjoying sitting on my recliner and relaxing in front of the tv.
I was going to go visit my friend Norma this afternoon but she’s busy so it will have to wait for another day.