A few photos of the family taken last night on vacation in Killarney

Just a couple of snaps taken last night. We didn’t do much last night just stayed around the apartment complex had drinks had dinner and listen to music and chatted, it was really nice. Today we are going to a couple of beaches so I should be able to get some nice pictures and I will post them later on today, the vacation is going really well so far we are having a lot of fun.

vacation starts tomorrow, yay

all my packing is done. finally!

we start our mini vacation tomorrow! my sister is picking mom and me up at 11 AM. we have to pack up the car and then its a 2 hour drive to where we’re going.

we’re going to stop and have lunch on the way. we decided to pack a picnic and stop at a park or somewhere where there are picnic tables. it will be nice to just sit outside, provided no wasps come around. i’m pretty nervous about that. i know this is the time of year when they are dying off.

check in to our apartment isnt until 4 PM, so we’ll have a little bit of hanging around before then, maybe we can go to killarney national park, thats right next to the hotel we’ll be at. the killarney national park is huge. there is tons to do in there. even if we didnt do something big like go to one of the touristy places in the park, we could just walk around breatheing in the fresh air.

i tried on my bathing suit. it didnt fit me. i was a little depressed about that. but what can I do. I’ll just sit and have a coffee while the others go swimming in the hotel pool. its not the end of the world.

I’m looking forward to the entertainment at night in the hotel bar and in the concert venue thats alongside it. on saturday night we’re going to a concert there. cant wait.

so yeah i think this vacation will be fun! am excited to get going!

restful day and my vacation etc, etc

besides my appointments today i had a pretty busy day. when i finished with dr. barry i rang mom and she said she was already at my house. my sister had dropped her there on her way to work. she got called into work to do relief and so she had to drop my mom off early. so i got the taxi home and then i sat chatting to mom for a while. she made me lunch. despite not losing any weight this week i still ate healthily. i had a turkey sandwich for lunch. mom ironed some of my clothes for going on vacation this weekend. she also put on some laundry for me. and did dishes. i wanted to recycle some clothes and donate them to charity. i had a couple of shirts that no longer fit me so i asked mom if she’d take them to the charity shop and she said she would. mom stayed at my house for 3 hours. when she left i was tired so i ended up laying down for a little while. i didnt sleep though. i just read my book. my home help came at 4. she helped me cook dinner. i had sweet potato fries and chicken wings for dinner. the wings were really spicy. i enjoyed them. when my home help left i layed on the couch watching tv. i put the kids horse blanket over me. its so fluffy and soft that i actually dozed off while i was under it. i slept for an hour or so. i woke up feeling refreshed. i’ve been online and watching tv for the rest of the evening. i watched long lost families, and law and order SVU, and I’m about to start watching I survived. I’ve already taken my night meds. I’m debating whether I should pick up the emergency prescription dr. barry gave me or whether i should just not take it. i dont have to take it. i could always take a couple of haldol with me on vacation this weekend in case of emergency. i should sleep ok on vacation though. i cant imagine i’ll have trouble sleeping. i’ll have my mom and sister in the apartment with me so i wont be alone. plus i’ll probably drink some alcohol so that will put me to sleep as well. my pa kristen will be here tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM. we have to clean the house. i dont have anything else that i really need to do. i’m going to ask her to drop me to mom and dads when we are finished. i’ll be there then until monday. well i wont be there i’ll be on vacation. i cant wait for vacation. i hope the weather is going to hold out for us. it said rain but hopefully they got it wrong. hopefully it will stay dry and we can go to the beach.