I gave up on my macbook!

I gave up on the mac for tonight. I got frustrated. I managed to update it without too much hassle. but then I decided to try to set up my email. it was a bust. I fiddled around with it for a good 20 minutes. no joy. I was trying to authorize my google account in safari. I couldn’t do it. so I said, fuck it, as you do, and quit. i’ll leave it for another day. I cant be arsed. lol.

i’m too wound up. wired to the moon. and I haven’t had too much caffeine either tonight! actually I haven’t had any since around 6 pm!

but at least I managed to update the mac to the latest version! go me or something? some shit like that?

Lol 😀
can we say I am pissy? cuz well hell I am!
carol anne