#whatif prompt August 19th

todays prompt over at what if we all cared is living ina hollow tree.
I thought I’d write a short poem for this prompt.

so here goes.

the birds and bees
are living ina hollow tree
they build their hives and nests
hoping for the best
hoping no one will tear them down
as they furrage around
making honey
looking for food
all of the summer time through
listening to the sweet birdsong
and the buzzing of the bees
its making everyone feel so cheery


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thoughts whirling around in my head
as I sit
drinking my steaming hot cup of coffee
thinking too much
afraid of my mind
what it holds
frightened of where the thoughts are going
breathe in deep
slow things down
as my therapist would say
be in the moment
but oh boy
I am too scared
so back into the past I slip
as my head dips
tears fall
I call out
someone, anyone please take these feelings away
for today though
they stay
so I slap on a smile
pat my dog
stand up tall
be brave and off I go
to visit a friend
hoping against hope
that today I can make it

#whatif prompt 8-3-2018

Today’s prompt over at what if we all cared is:


enough pain
enough shame
to last a life time
wonder when
it will no longer be
part of me
or part
of my day

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Old #whatif prompt August 1st 2018

The prompt for August 1st over at what if we all cared was:

as the sun sets

as the sun sets
i sit and think
about the day that just passed
was it good
was it bad?
how did I cope
did I enjoy it?
these questions I mull over
and I come to the conclusion
that this day
was just for me a rest day
just what I needed
and I am happy with how it went
and I hope
tomorrow will be another success

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sing me a lullaby
stay, sit a little while
your sweet voice
the sound, mezmorizes
i sit, listen
get sucked in
a sweet tune
takes away my gloom


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smile, smile big
be sweet
just to placate
dont stress
even though life is one huge mess
yes thats how it seems
but really, really
life is sweet
if you just nod and smile
for a little while
just pretend
then there is no end
to the smiles of others
they will thank you
because your smiling too
but is it all
just an act
a way to react
just a sorta way
for you to face each day
just to placate
oh no, you say
now have faith!

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#whatif prompt july 22nd 2018

Todays whatif prompt over at what if we all cared is…hoping hearts.
with hoping hearts
the littles plead
Can we have an ice cream cone
How can I not give in
To their cuteness
Its not often they ask for a treat
So without hesitation
I buy one for them
Now enjoy it, I say
I’m left feeling incredibly happy
I’ve made their day
A precious moment
In the life of someone with dissociative identity disorder
who has child parts

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