With shaking hands
and a pounding heart
I link your arm
you guide me in to your office
we sit down
and start to talk
I’ve never met you before
but you tell me there is no pressure to talk to you
that I should only
tell you what I feel comfortable to talk about
you are honest with me
telling me you don’t know much about did
I appreciate the honesty
it helps me feel safe
I begin to open up
Trusting that you can help
You will know what to do
With much trepidation
I tentatively start to talk
And before I know it
I’ve said so much
But your so easy to talk to
One day
You’ll make a fine doctor
You have what it takes
Thank you for making me
Feel so comforted and at ease today

#Justjojan prompt for Jan. 6th

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 6th, 2020, is possibility. Use the word possibility any way youd like. Have fun!

the possibility
of my anxiety
going away
its not happening
not tonight
but I have hope
hope in my heart
that I’ll be able
to sleep
relax, breathe
with my dog by my side
snuggling into his soft fur
the anxiety disapates
and slowly, carefully
I allow myself
to think about
the possibility
of becoming calm
once again
Calm enough
That my heart rate goes down
My mind slows
And I might
ust might
be able to sleep

Snuggling with the pup!

Nestled beside him
His soft nose against my face
His beautiful soft fur
Making me feel safe
I hug him tightly
Bury my face in his fur
Breathe in his scent
Oh how I love him
He makes me complete
His waggling tail
Soft doggy kisses
Fluffy coat
He’s my hero
In every sense of the word