I am a survivor

I climb in the shower
Let the water run
It pours over my body
Hot, but then
I cool it down a little
The shower is so healing
I stand there
Washing my day away
washing my pain
And sadness
and emotional overwhelm away
as water pours
I think about life
How I am surviving it
On a daily basis
Its hard, but I am doing it
and I will continue to do it
No matter what
Surviving, is what I am good at
and as the water soaks my skin
I listen
I hear my own heartbeat
and I know
I am alive
I have survived

#SoCs A hot sunny day!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is spay/splay/spray. Use one, use two, use em all, its up to you. Have fun!

Its a hot sunny day
a day to play
A day to spray
Have a water fight
Scream with delight
Its a hot sunny day
So I’ll go out
And enjoy the heat
Have lots of icecream treats
Its a hot sunny day
I will play, spray
and be ay ok!


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