My facebook? Add me?

Hi guys
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I Made it out alive

As I lie in bed
My mind
And body
Unite as one
Rest comes
Slowly I start to relax
Slowly my mind stops
Switches off
My body follows suit
I turn over
Feeling blissful
Another successful day down
I can go to bed tonight
With the knowledge
I made it through another day
Thank you body
Thank you mind
Thank you for uniting
And helping me to make it out of this day alive
Win, win!


To be normal, what is that?

A long night
Filled with horrific dreams
Terror knows no bounds
A long night
Filled with pain
The awful pain
Of horrific night terrors
A long night
Where sleep doesn’t come
And being awake
Fearful, crying
Feels horrendous
A long night
Long, long night
Where all I want
Is some normality?
Whats that?
I guess I wont ever know

Quote of the day and my thoughts

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King Jr.

Never be silent. If something is important to you, speak about it. Use your voice. We were given a voice for a reason, never be scared to use it. Silence isnt golden! Its important to tell your story, whatever that story may be!