Sunday religious quote. Leaving you with a gift…

I am leaving you with a gift, peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So dont be troubled or afraid.
John 14:27 (NLT)


My first day of college went well!

So our first day of college went well! It was great!
We learned a lot. The wrap training was good!
We have a second day of wrap training in Jan. Its a 12 hour training!
I did have one mishap though. Nitro got a panic attack and I had to leave early with him! He was too hot I think the room was really warm and there was 25 of us in there and 2 lecturers!
But it was ok! As soon as we got home he was ok again!
And I only left with an hour to go of the training.
But I enjoyed it! We did some really cool ice breaker games too! We did this one game where you had to say a word before your name, so like lovely linda, I said sarcastic shirley for mine! Lol.
Overall a fun day though! I am excited to start properly in January! There are four modules in total. The lecturers said that our first module is the hardest, it has 3 assignments for it.
We also have field trips and presentations and stuff to do.
Its going to be a lot of fun and a lot to learn I think!

I think its gonna be one of those sleepless nights

But its my own fault. I napped earlier for hours. Im not sure how long for exactly, maybe 3 or four hours in total though.
I doubt I get much sleep tonight. Its now almost 10 PM. I’m wide awake. I think Im in for a long one tonight. A long night where I am wide awake and just thinking. Ug.
Oh well. I have the radio and the tv for company. And there’s always my book if I feel like concentrating on it. For now though I am going to read blogs and email. Try to catch up as I am way behind.
At least I dont have too much to do tomorrow. Besides volunteering I have nothing else on. So if all comes to all and I dont sleep until the early morning hours, then thats ok as I can rest until late morning tomorrow.
carol anne


Waiting to go into therapy

I’m sitting here in my therapists office. 10 minutes before therapy starts. I’m a little bit anxious. Trying to keep my hands busy buy playing on my phone.

Don’t really know why I feel anxious. Just woke up feeling like this today. Didn’t sleep great actually last night. It was 2 AM before I went to bed.

Hopefully therapy will help. Hopefully it will be a good session.


My daily gratitude list!

Today I am grateful for the following!

My supervisor at my volunteer job for a ride to work
My furbaby, nitro!
My mom!
My friends!
My nice warm house!
Distractions like tv and books
A hot cup of tea or coffee!
A hot shower!
Fresh fruit
That I am feeling relatively happy!


On the move!

Well its finally happening! Dr. barry is moving to a new building! I am seeing her tomorrow in the new building! I am so anxious!
My CPN sarah rang me this morning. She said dr. barry was speaking to her and asked her to meet me tomorrow morning as she knows this is a huge deal for me. For one thing I know absolutely nothing about the new building, other than its huge, and there are a lot of other doctors and services in there!
So I am meeting Sarah at 8:45 tomorrow morning. She is going to show me where to go. I also have to get my injection so I will need to be shown where to go for that too!
I hope this new building wont be too hard to get around! I dont know how many times I’ll go before I will know where to go or what I am doing! I have a feeling I will need to do some route familiarisation with nitro! So hopefully sarah will help me out with that!
Dr. barry has been brilliant. She knows change is hard for me. She knows I am an anxious mess. I did not want this to happen! I dont think she did either! Its just that a new medical complex was built and all medical services have to move in there and out of their old buildings as the old buildings are being knocked down!
But OMG this is so strange! So weird and just ug not liking it one bit!
Im glad to have sarah’s help in this though. Makes things a bit easier. She’s lucky I even answered my phone as her number is a private number and I rarely answer private numbers!
Anyway. Will report more on how the move went tomorrow!


I have a terrible headache

Omg! My head really hurts. Its really sore. Am in bad bad pain.

I thought the heat might be causing it. So I turned off the heating. Still though its there and doesnt look like its going to end any time yet.

So triggered. Hate headaches. Feel so so triggered.

Its 11 PM. Looks like I’ll be up for a while yet.

As if we didnt have enough to worry about tonight with the way we’ve been feeling. Ug sigh.