Glide like a hummingbird

Hi again everyone!
Its me Em!
Today in therapy I was having trouble feeling my body. It was tense, and very stiff, I could not loosen it up.
Eileen said we’d try something. Then she asked me if I’d like to be able to fly like a bird.
Of course I said yes!
So she said she’d help me and she came over to my chair and stood behind me. Then she put her hands on my shoulders, and we talked about what type of bird I’d like to be.
I said I’d love to be a hummingbird!
So she took my hands and she stretched them out and she made them move as if I was gliding. She told me that when birds fly their wings glide through the air.
Then we made the sound of a hummingbird, or I tried to hahaha!
It wasnt very good!
But she said if I look it up on youtube that I can play it at home and pretend to fly like the hummingbird.
She said its a good way to feel my body, and get rid of the tenseness in it.
It was fun to pretend to be a bird!
It made the rest of hard work we did more bearable.
butterfly hugs
emily age 12