There’s a storm!

There is a bad storm going on here. Lots of wind and rain. Its extremely windy outside. I had to put nitro outside in it, he didn’t like that at all.

I do have to go out in it this morning as I have to go see my OT and I also have to see dr. barry. I don’t like that I have to go out in it but I’ll do it because well these appointments are important.

I couldn’t really sleep last night, the wind was howling and keeping me up. So I am very tired this morning.

I booked my taxi for 8 AM. I have 50 minutes to go before it comes.

Monday night update

So I havent done much today besides go to therapy. That was draining and took most of my energy. The rest of today I spent at home chilling out. Doing nothing but being online and watching tv. We’re getting really stormy weather tonight here, rain, wind, the rain is very heavy, the wind is blustery, it is supposed to storm for the next two days at least. We even have flood warnings. I hope it doesnt get too bad as I have to go out tomorrow. I’ll still go out even if it is bad as I will mostly be in a car so it wont really matter to me as I wont get too wet. I made potato cakes for dinner, indian style, they were delicious. They had lots of spices in them. I must say I really enjoyed them. I am going to try to head to bed soon and read for a while I think. I’m not sure I’ll sleep much tonight if the wind keeps howling the way it is right now. We’ll see though I guess.
carol anne

I did it, braved the store

Well I did it. I braved the store with my mom. I got what I needed and I managed, it wasn’t too bad actually. My anxiety was less by the time I actually got there. So I made it, I am very proud. It feels good to have accomplished that today. Now I have what I need grocery wise for the week…yay. I usually love spending the one to one time with mom just going there, and doing that activity. It is a little mother and daughter time that I really love a lot. We usually talk a lot and it is nice to be able to do that. Right now I am feeling ok, the anxiety is gone. I have eaten dinner we had yummy lamb chops, normally we have a big roast dinner on a sunday, but my sister went to her partners family this week so mom decided that her and my dad and me would just have lamb chops so that is what we had. They were nice too I hadn’t had them in ages. I am feeling great now and looking forward to a chill afternoon where I will do absolutely nothing. I hope your all having a great sunday. Thanks for reading.

Fun afternoon!

So I have had a really fun time with my friend this afternoon. I spent a very nice 3 hours with her. We hung out and chatted. We basically put the world to rights. She had asked me if I wanted to have dinner with her but I had already left out chili so I didn’t take her up on that offer. I told her that maybe next time I visit her we could eat together.

Im wondering now whether I should go to bed and have an early night. Part of me says yes I should. Then part of me just wants to stay up for a while longer. Im not sure what I will do. I would like to read my book, so maybe I will just turn in for the night and do that.

Either way its been a nice day and I had a lovely time with my friend. I feel good and that’s a plus and a positive.

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday everyone! How are you all doing!

Me I am fine. Feeling much better than I did last night. Which is nice!

I slept well which I am grateful for. Nitro slept well too! I think all that walking yesterday exhausted him! I did have to get up with him during the night though. He needed to go out. He came over and was peering into my face. So I got up and let him out and then we both fell back into a deep sleep.

I had weird dreams again though. I woke with a start a few times during the night. Luckily though I was able to go back to sleep again.

I am heading out this afternoon. I am going to my friend Normas house for a few hours. We’ll just hang out with each other and chat. I like doing that. Its nice to just hang out. I haven’t seen her in over 2 weeks now so it will be nice to catch up with her.

My mom and sister are going out too. They are bringing the kids to a local park. The weather is cooperating today, its dry, although tomorrow its meant to rain a lot here. And next week we are meant to get the tail end of hurricane Florence.

I am going to stay at mom and dads until Monday. I will go to therapy on Monday morning and in the afternoon my sister will drop me home.

Well that’s all for now. I have no more to say for now. Catch you all later.

carol anne

Early start

So I woke up at 4:30 this morning. I had gone to bed early and I slept well. I was so glad about that. Its hard for us so much of the time to sleep, that when we do get a good sleep its wonderful.

I had weird dreams though. I was dreaming about my autistic cousin. I cant remember the dream now but I know it was a weird one. I woke up feeling a little disconcerted. I think that topic seems like it was a weird thing to dream about. I wasn’t even thinking about my cousin before going to sleep.

I’ve showered now and its not even 7 AM yet. I feel great after my shower. I put this lovely vanilla lotion on and it smells so good. Then I also put my flowers perfume by kenzo on. It just smells so gorgeous.

My PA is coming at 9. Its our second week together. We are going to do housework and maybe go for a walk if the weather cooperates. It looks like it will stay dry though. I hope so as I really want to get out and go walking.

Im also going volunteering later today in the afternoon. I have to call my supervisor this morning to see if she can pick me up. The likelihood is she can or if she cant, then her colleague trish will do it.

/after volunteering I will head to my parents house for the weekend, like I do every weekend. So a busy Friday is in store. My PA will be here until 1 PM. So for four hours in total.

Midmorning update

so dad and me are managing without mom being here. he’s not whining much thank god! I am coping. I am doing much better than I expected. I had breakfast, and showered, without any hassle from him, without any complaints. he’s gone out now. he went to the bookies to do his weekly looto numbers. he’s also gone for a drink. he’ll only be gone for about 2 hours. that’s his routine and he never strays from it. he’s a creature of habit is my dad. he is very particular about times. im heading out later this afternoon to normas house. but not until four pm. I already booked my taxi. i’ll have lunch before I go and then have dinner when I get back, but that wont be until around 7:30 tonight. im looking forward to spending time with norma. I might also go visit her tomorrow. was meant to be going to my friend rose’s house tomorrow but she’s ill so she canceled. she has some sort of virus. I hope she’ll be ok. so when I see norma today I will ask her if she’s free tomorrow and i’ll go over to her house in the afternoon after we’ve had dinner. mom is having a great time camping, I’ve been talking to her. twice this morning we talked. she said she’s having fun so that’s awesome. i’m happy for her.