I worried Dr. Barry

I didn’t go see Dr. Barry yesterday. I did not go due to bad weather. It was very icy in the morning, and the taxi couldn’t get to me.
I called and left a voice mail on the secretarys machine, but she never got it. I figured as much when I did not hear back from her. So, I rang again this morning, and I spoke to her then.
In the meantime, my CPN sarah had texted me, confirming our phone apt for next Wednesday, and I’d answered her text.
Dr. Barry got worried when I did not show up, and she texted Sarah, asking her to ring me and check that I was ok.
She is so sweet, I mean, she knows that I hardly ever miss our appointments. If I do miss one, then there is a good reason for it.
I was sorry that I had to miss yesterdays appointment, but I am glad that I have such a caring psychiatrist.