word of the day challenge: cruel

you stole my innocence
You stole my childhood
you were so vile, so cruel
you didn’t care how it made me feel
you didn’t care what you did to me
you just did what you wanted
you were a psychopath
someone who doesn’t feel any remorse
and I
I was just a little girl
I didn’t have a choice
I had to do your bidding
I didn’t get a say
How cruel is that

Cruel – Word of the Day Challenge

The baby shower

We had an amazing time last night at the baby shower. It was a great night, lots of fun was had by us all. My cousin got a lot of cool things for the new baby. And we found out the gender, she’s having a boy. It was so lovely when the gender was revealed. Her son who is nine and artistic got really emotional. He was delighted that he was going to be a big brother. It was so sweet. The kids left with their dad and we all played games and chatted and then we had food. I brought my own food though. Fruit and stuff. I didn’t eat anything unhealthy. We didn’t stay too late as we were tired and my aunt was leaving to go home early since she was going on holiday this morning so she gave us a ride home. I had gotten my cousin to outfits for the baby, she really liked them. I got 0 to 3 months and my mum got the bigger sizes in her outfits. Now she has lots of cool things for the baby including a baby bath and a bouncy chair to sit the baby on and lots of other stuff like items that she needs for the hospital, she also got items for herself like pyjamas and all the things that she needs for going into hospital to have the baby. So she’s all set now. I even slept well last night which I am delighted about.

👼 good morning some positivity to start the day 🙋‍♀️😗💞👼

Good morning everyone. happy Sunday. Believe in yourself, connect with yourself today. Have a great day everyone XXX 😚💓🙋‍♀️💕🌺

Gender and transgender in our did system!

Today I am going to talk about our insiders, and their gender. specifically trans insiders. Of which we do not have any. We have males, and females, lesbians, gay males, bisexuals, but no trans insiders.
I find that kind of weird. I mean its odd, not weird but odd that in a large polyfragmented did system, no one identifies as transgender.
I just thought about that now, and what that means for us. I never took the time to really think on it before. We also dont have any gender fluid insiders in our did system.
Hmmm, thought provoking, for sure!
I Carol anne identify as lesbian, but there are insiders who dont. There are also insiders as I already said who identify as bi and gay. For the most part though, since I am the one who mainly fronts on a daily basis, we identify as a lesbian female.
The odd thing about it is though, Shirley, our host, and the birth person, identifies as straight, and she doesnt ever see gender identity as an issue for herself.
Now I am really going to have to do some more serious thinking on all this!


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I wish

I wish
for just one day
where I dont feel so depressed
where I can just breathe
where I feel ok
I wish
for one day
which is peaceful
I hope
and wish
And pray
today will be that day
for me
I’m doing everything I can
To make it so
I’m excited today
By the things I have planned
So I just wish
And hope
That today
Is the day
I feel happy, and just feel good


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