A busy day ahead

I woke up super early this morning. Despite going to bed at a relatively decent hour, 11:30, I woke up at 5:45 AM.

I decided to get up. No point in trying to go back to sleep, it just wasn’t happening.

I heard mom also getting up. I went to the kitchen and had a cuppa with her. It was nice. We chatted for a bit also.

My nephew is having 8 of his teeth out today. His baby teeth. He’s only six, poor little guy. My mom is going to the dental hospital with my sister, I hope he’ll be ok and everything will be ok for him.

I’ll have a quiet enough morning, but I work this afternoon. I was meant to go have my nails done today, and my lip and eyebrows waxed. But because my nephew is having his teeth out, my mom couldn’t take me, so I changed the appointment to Thursday morning instead.

I’m staying at my parents house this week. My PA Frances would normally come on Tuesdays, but she had to take holidays this week. I’m going to Killarney this coming Friday, so I just decided to stay with mom and dad for the entire week.

I have my weekly weigh in this evening also. I’m excited to see how I did. I have a pretty good feeling. I hope I’m right to have a good feeling. I hope the results of my weigh in are good tonight.

My mood today is great. It feels so good to be able to say that. It feels nice to be able to say I woke up feeling good. And mean it.

dark kids: Creating a room with Eileen in it

its ebony and kia. we are 7 and 11. we had some time witheileen today in therapy.
we was real scared. we been having lots of icky memories coming up.
Eileen was so kind ta us. we was waiting to see her all weekend. it was a long weekend of waiting.
she sat by us today. and she said she can support us. she put her hand on our shoulder, cuz we wasn’t ready for a hug yet.
That felt nice. safe. felt good. we like that she sat by us.
we decide to create a room for the dark kids. a room like eileens office.
so that’s what we did. we made it esactly like her office is.
she said she can go in there with us. and we can sit with her in there when we’re sad or scared.
I like that idea. it fils safer ta us that shes in there with us.
we also took all of the bad memories, and we are going to leave them in her office. well not in there, but outside of it, in a big container, a huge one.
and we’ll look at them when we feel more ready and lesser scared ta do that.
but until then eileens mindin them for us!
so yeah that’s good, right? feels good we aren’t alone with them!
we only had about 15 minutes today but we’ll have more time next week!
and im glad we gots Eileen ta help us! shes kind and she care bout us!
frum ebony and kia, ages 7 and 11

I think I need my ear sirenged

My ear is all clogged up. I woke up feeling awful. It is painful and sore and hurts a lot. I think I will have to make an appointment to go see the doctor, he’ll probably have a look at it, and then tell me to see the nurse who will siringue it for me. Its been coming on me since Friday but I bought this over the counter oil to soften the wax and ease pain, but this morning it is quite bad, and I just dont feel too good. The thing is, its very hard to get an appointment at my gp’s surgery. Sometimes your waiting a week or more to get one. I am going to ring tomorrow morning, very early, and hope they’ll fit me in tomorrow afternoon. I was going to cancel therapy to go, but that didnt make a lot of sense, since I know when I ring up I probably will have a hard job getting an apt. If I cant get one tomorrow I’ll try for tuesday afternoon, and just not go in to work. Something needs to be done though. I am going to Killarney on Friday and I cant go with my ear like this. I can barely hear out of my left ear now. It is throbbing and hard to hear out of it.

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getting some blood tests

On November 1st, I have to get fasting bloods done at my GP’s surgery, the nurse will do them for me. They are routine bloods, usually I get them done once a year.
When I was diabetic I got them done every six months. They will check things like my thyroid, cholesterol, A1C for the past 3 months, etc.
I’m not too worried, I think I’m healthy, and they’ll all come out ok. At least that is what I am hoping.
I dont really like blood tests, mainly because they always have trouble with my veins, my veins have a horrible habit of collapsing when they try to find them.
So I hope this wont be the case this time!
I’ll be sure to post an update once I have results of the tests!

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Lean on me!

lean on me
I am here for you
I am a shoulder
To cry on
Release all the feelings
And emotions
That are inside
I am here
And I care
I have no hidden agenda
All I want
Is for you
To heal
Truly heal

This was a convo between our therapist Eileen and me!


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Here goes!

Its that time again, weigh in time! I’m about to step on the scales! We’ll see how I go but I’m hopeful! So hoping for a good result tonight!

This post is scheduled, so once I am home, will post about how I did!

Fingers crossed for me guys! I know I did my best this week, and I hope it shows!

1, 2, 3, here goes!

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