The longest day

The longest day of my life was…
When I spent the night in O’Hare airport! Oh my god was that a long night!
My flight had gotten grounded due to the snow, it was Christmas time and I was visiting my partner Jess in Illinois.
I had to wait in a room all night! I guess I was lucky I had a room to wait in!
However I was on my own for the majority of it as the staf went off duty at 10 pm!
I didn’t sleep a wink! Instead I was on my phone texting Jess all night!
Being blind and alone in a big airport was so scary!
I never want a repeat of that again!
To top it off, when I finally did get on the plane the next morning, they never put my luggage on so I had no bag when I got to my destination!

Writing Prompt #25