Volunteering makes me feel good

I just finished my shift on friendly call.
It was a good shift today. I made a ton of calls. Most people were ok, and doing well. It was nice to hear.
Since we arent doing very well right now, I wasnt sure if I’d be able to listen to others sad stories,. So I am glad most of the clients were good today.
I’m still here at the office now. I’ll be here for another little while. I’m having a cup of tea and chatting to the rest of the staff. I needed the chat, its nice to just chillax and chat.
I’m glad I decided to go volunteering. I feel good having done that. It makes me feel productive and like I am contributing to society when I volunteer.

Volunteering plans!

So despite us being off, despite Emily being really suicidal and just not very ok, I am going volunteering today.

Idont wanna let people down. They’re counting on me. They need me otherwise they’re down a staff member and down someone to make calls. If I don’t go they might not get all the calls covered.

So we are going. I have showered, and Emilys gone inside. She said she feels a little better but not much. For now though she’s inside and she said she’s going to stay there for now.

Volunteering isn’t for a few hours yet so there is time, time to pull ourselves together and get to a semi ok state if we can do that. I need to call my supervisor when she gets into work at 9 to ask her if she’s picking me up today and at what time.

I feel good about going. I think it will be good for us. No point to sitting at home, moping.
carol anne


So I got here safely. I made it despite the bad stormy weather we’re having. My supervisor wasn’t able to give me a lift today so she told me to get a taxi and put it on their account. So that’s what I did. The taxi driver I got was really nice. We talked all the way there. We talked about our dogs mostly. It was nice. Now I am here and ready to start my shift. First though I am going to have a cup of tea. Tea is necessary before I start. I almost forgot to thaw some meat out for dinner today. I just remembered at the last second before I left to come here. I did remember though and I left out chicken. I am going to have sweet potato fries with that.

Had a good outing today!

We had a great day out with the clients from the friendly call service. I really enjoyed it. I met wonderful people and got to chat to them. It was fun.

We had very yummy sandwiches and cakes, I tried to be good, but I did sneak a cake or two, and I ate lovely sandwiches with ham and mustard on them, and I had some nice plain chicken sandwiches also.

We spent about four hours at the heritage centre, and we had a guided tour of it too. We toured the centre in groups of 15, as there were too many of us to do it all at the same time.

I am so glad I went. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am tired now so I think I’ll try to have an early night, well all going well, although I still feel wired so who knows, I may not actually be able to sleep that well.

We’ll just have to see what happens I guess.
carol anne

Outing today with my volunteer group!

Today we are off out with our volunteer group. There is an outing happening. An outing to a heritage centre. We’ll be touring the centre and then having some coffee and food.
Its a chance to meet the clients. I’ve never been to one of the outings they hold before. So I am delighted to be going!
I think it will be so much fun! I love that I’ll get to meet some of the clients that I call! I will be taking Nitro with me so he will get to make new friends too!
I’m being picked up at about 12 PM. I cant wit!
I actually wasnt going to go at all! But I just called my supervisor and was honest with her, I asked her if it would be too much for me to go, since I knew she had a bunch of elderly people with walkers and people who arent very mobile to look after!
She said no not at all, she wanted me to go!
How sweet of her! So I am going!
I know it will be a great day! And after last night and our little mishap we need a nice day out.
carol anne