Ghostly happenings at therapy!

Today during our therapy session with eileen something very odd happened! We were doing some grounding work. And we were walking around the office. We stopped at the window and eileen was standing with us talking to us and all of a sudden we heard a huge crash coming from across the room. My first thought was, someones thrown something at the window! I couldnt think who would have done it though as Eileens house is way out in the country! Eileen spun around, only to see her clock on the floor smashed into pieces. It had somehow fallen off the wall and had broken! We couldnt believe it! Eileen said she’d gotten a terrible fright, which I knew, since she’d gone so quiet when it happened before she actually spun around to see what it was that had just happened! I got pretty spooked too! It was a scary thing for sure, but we were able to laugh about it once we got over the shock of it! Eileen thought that the hook she’d hung the clock up with was probably weak, and that is why it fell off the wall. Or, I said, it could be a ghost, disagreeing with us. Lol we both laughed at that. It sure made the session way more interesting though and it definitely woke us up!

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Fairy Tales?

Hi dear readers of Therapy Bits. How are you doing? I hope all is well wherever you are and if not that you have someone who hugs you tightly.

Over at ” The Bee Writes” I shared a song by The Pogues today for #MusicMonday. You probably guessed it it is “Fairy Tale of New York”.

When I first heard it several years ago I wondered a lot how the Pogues made such a sweet song and then the second part kicked in and I thought: ” That’s more like it!” 😁

It is one of my favourite Christmas songs and I am happy to report that my utter disdain of listening to Christmas songs because of working in a supermarket slowly subsides.

How is your stance on Christmas songs?

Not in Lalaland

but music is in the air

Watch the star rising

Happy Monday to you all!!!!

A bad storm

We had a very bad storm last night. I was so glad to be snuggled up in bed. It started at around 7 PM. It lasted right through until around 4 AM. There was a lot of rain, and very high winds. There is a lot of damage around the city now because of it. Fallen trees and stuff. It was hard to sleep with the wind. But eventually I did sleep. And this morning its calm again. However we’re meant to have another storm tonight. The one last night was called atyia. Nice name for a storm, I thought.