ABC tag!

Age: 38 Books: Currently reading groomed by casey watson Colours: pink is my favourite Dream: To just enjoy life Everyday start with: A cup fo coffee Flower: tulip, sunflower, or daisy! Goals: lose weight, keep improving our internal communication, be happy! Height: 5 ft 1 inch In love with: My girlfriend, food, reading, music, my dog. Job: volunteer with cork city partnership on their friendly call service Kids: yeah! lots of internal kids Last thing I ate: peanuts Magic power: to be able to read minds Number of fears: Quite a few Outfit: Currently wearing my pj’s Passions: Reading, writing, singing, volunteering Quotes: Its never to late to have a happy childhood Reasons to smile: Rain, a good book, gratitude, animals, food, family, bedtime Season: Easily summer! Travels: new zealand, canada, poland Under water animals: dolphins fascinate me Vacation: would love to go on a cruise Worst habit: talking too much, lol X men character: I have no idea what this even means Your favourite food: Anything indian, italian, or chinese! Zodiac sign: Aries


2 AM, still up

2 AM. wide awake. cant sleep. didnt really try though. was too busy reading blogs. doing email. just messing around online.
I should go to bed soon. I have an early start tomorrow. Mom and me are heading in to get me some new clothes, and my phone. I want to get a new outfit for wednesday night, for the awards ceremony. i hope i can find something nice…im gonna get leggings, and a new top.
other than that no other plans tomorrow. was going to go to my friend normas house, but then realised she had to go to her sisters honeymoon party tonight, so she probably wont be home until late tomorrow evening. i might go over to her on sunday, but then i may not, as mom said she’d like to do my grass, cut it, and that will take a couple hours at least. we’ll see. if i dont go over to norma at the weekend I might go there during next week.
my supervisor brenda you know she’s my supervisor for my volunteer job, she is taking norma and me to an art exhibition next thursday, its specifically for the blind, it should be fun, i am excited to go. you can touch some of the art, and some of it has descriptive voice overs too on it. so yeah. should be good. will let ya’ll know how it is once we go.
well i’d better head to bed, good night, everyone!


Hot cross puns

Omg lol at these if you need a giggle here you are… 😀

bluebird of bitterness

A Viking returned home after a long voyage and discovered that his name was missing from the town register. His wife brought this to the attention of a local civic official, who apologized, saying, “I must have taken Leif off my census.”

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Three young Indian braves got married, and each built a teepee for his squaw. The first made a teepee from antelope hide, the second made a teepee from buffalo hide, and the third made a teepee from hippopotamus hide. Nine months later, the squaw in the first teepee had a baby boy, the squaw in the second teepee had a baby girl, and the squaw in the third teepee had twins…which just goes to show that the squaw of the hippopotamus is equal to the sum of the squaws of the other two hides.

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Larry was spending the summer working on a…

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A Proud Owner

Thanks Aria, These are important words! Love yourself, you are awesome! 🙂 xoxo

Aria-Bella Rises


Be the proud owner – of yourself, your success, your all round amazingness.

Be the proud owner of you! Yes YOU! Treat yourself like that favourite car.

Even that favourite food! Relish in yourself. Be delighted with all that you do.

For you are truly fricken wonderful!

You cannot get far, if you don’t pat yourself on the back with where you have been.

You cannot get far, if you are in a hate relationship with yourself.

Today, stand tall and cheerlead all over yourself!

You are the bomb. The full block of chocolate, the oozy gooey cheese that you adore! Seriously, start putting all the whoop whoop you put out there to other things, into yourself and see the changes that occur!

“I am proud of me in all ways, GO ME”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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My volunteer shift on friendly call

I had a good shift today on friendly call. There were 3 of us making the calls. One of the other volunteers might as well have not been there though, she was just chatting to the office staff, and not bothering to actually make calls, and then, when she did make a couple of calls, she only stayed on the phone about 1 minute with each client. Not good at all in my opinion, that is not how we were trained to make calls! When the receptionist challenged her, she said she felt overwhelmed, but really, there is no need to become overwhelmed, if you do the job right!
Anyway, i got on really good. I called about 30 people. Most of whom were in, and so I was able to chat to them. Most of them were doing good, having a pleasant afternoon, most of them had things they were doing or people visiting them for the afternoon etc. Which is what I like to see!
I spent around 2 hours making the calls. Trish who is the receptionist, she picked me up from my moms to bring me to the office today, and she also dropped me home afterwords. Very sweet of her to do that I think!
I’m extremely happy with how the shift went. I love busy afternoons!