socs nov 18th so a little late-Oi!

Oi, sup people! Its me with another installment of my crazy life. i’m very very tired! but unable to sleep. i decided that maybe if i shouwered sleep might come you know warm water, relaxation time, etc? but no! not a hope! where am i going wrong! its either no sleep or sound sleep but no inbetween! at least i have the prazazin to try now though, along with a sleep med, zimovane! for four nights dr. barry has prescribed zimovane, so i hope that will help too. i just took my night meds a couple minutes ago. think i will go watch a little tv before i go to bed. not sure what i should watch though. maybe fuller house, or just full house the old show, thats light, and nice and tame. and i need tame! no triggers before bed! tomorrow i am making my xmas cake. i am excited. i wont ice it tomorrow but the main cake will be made. i’ll be sure and post a picture! so watch out for it tomorrow at some point. its been a pretty productive week so far this week on the ILS course. we did team work, personal effectiveness, career preparation, and tomorrow we’ll have health and nutrition, they are cooking soup again though, i’m like i dont want to cook soup again! so many of them on the course wont eat anything they are plain eaters, so a lot of recipes are out but i’m lucky, i get to cook my own stuff so thats good i get to make what i want and i plan on making a lot of different foods. i plan on making chili, and spaghetti bolognes, and lasagna, and red pepper and butternut squash soup, and shepherds pie, and pasta bake, and casserole too! as well as a few cakes and other delicious gooddies thrown in for good measure! do you like to cook or bake? do you have any favourite shows on tv right now or from the past? are you a night owl or a morning person?
catch yall soon guys! ❤ xxx


A new work experience opportunity

i am very excited. an opportunity has come up for me to do a work experience placement as part of one of the modules here at the ILS course. one of the modules is career preparation. and i got asked where i’d like to go on work experience, the tutor couldnt promise me i’d get to go where i wanted, but she said she’d like an idea from me of where that might be. so i’ve always wanted to work at child vision, which is a preschool here where i live for children with visual impairments and other disabilities. and so i told her i’d love to go there. she rang them and they said they’d love to have me work there one day a week. its pretty far away from here, like if i was getting a taxi it would cost me 30 euro or best part of it. but the tutor said the bus that brings people in and out to the day centre here might be able to take me one way. she said let her talk to the guys who drive and get back to me. so she did, and today she told me that if we could organise it for mondays, after my therapy appointment, and i’d get the taxi to drop me to the preschool instead of to abode, and then the bus could pick me up at the end of the day. or course all this has to be run by the big boss first, and i am hopeful she’ll agree to it, otherwise i’m not going to be able to do it. she hopefully will say yes. the thing is if the bus is going to drop me back to abode in the evening, they’ll need to put a third driver on the road, just to get me, because there is no room on the bigger bus, but they do have a smaller van that one person can travel in. so please guys, keep everything crossed for me that this works out!

we’re On prazazin now

dr. barry put us on prazazin today. we asked her if she would. i thought she’d say no. she told me its not licensed here to treat nightmares, or ptsd. its only licensed to treat blood pressure problems. but she said she’d be willing to give it to us as an off label med, meaning she would sanction it and start us on a low dose, see how we do on it. so she started us on 1 mg at bedtime, and next week she’ll increase it to 2. and then the week after she’ll go up to 4. she said she isnt comfortable with going above 4 MG of it though. i love that she’s willing to try things that she normally wouldnt do. i love how she always listens to me. all I said to her was my friend was on it, and it helps her with her ptsd symptoms and nightmares. i already take prozac which is sanctioned here for ptsd symptoms. but she said its safe to take prazazin with prozac. so we shall see. this might turn out to be a good thing. i’ll keep everyone posted.


I’m in the middle of volunteering at cork city partnership right now. I’m really tired today. I almost fell asleep during my digital media class this morning. I went to bed around 2 AM and I managed to sleep, and I slept so soundly once I dropped off that I never woke up until one of the staff came in at 7:30 to call me. Even then I struggled to get out of bed.
So I’m pretty wrecked today. My eyes just keep closing. Its terrible.
I’m not too busy this afternoon though. So thats good at least.
I’m on reception…answering the phones and typing up emails and things.
I love this volunteer job. I love the people here. They’re all so lovely.
I get treated so respectfully and it feels so good, like I am a part of their team.
I’m finishing up here at 4:30 and going to mom and dads for something to eat before heading out to college for 7 PM.
I’ll get back to abode for about 10:30 pm.
Hoping I can manage to stay awake until then.
carol anne

Route training, day 2

today was a much better day, Nitro was on top form!

He found the bus stop without any difficulty. I am very proud of my boy. He worked really well today.

We walked the short walk, and he stayed in didnt veer towards the road, crossed the crossing straight and brought me straight to the footpath on the other side.

He was eager and willing and he just wanted to please me.

I’m so happy with his work. Two days in and he’s already improving. I have faith in him that we can do this, together, we can do it and I will learn this route.