a quiet start to my Monday

Its 6 Am, Good morning everyone!
I slept ok, I guess.
I woke at around 4:45, ended up getting up then. Knew I wouldnt go back to sleep again. I had woken up around 12:30, and ended up eating something, as I felt hungry, good thing I did, as I was able to get back to sleep once I ate.
Its a lovely morning out there, the weather is beautiful, sun is shining. I let Nitro out, and when he came in he got a little bit sick on the rug, so I ended up cleaning dog vomit, not a nice way to start my morning off.
I should go make my second cup of coffee, I have therapy at 10, and I am all geared up for it, its going to be a hard session, i know.

#blogging insights #30

Has your blog turned out more or less as you expected or totally different?

My blog started off as a place to write about the process of goig through psychotherapy. I am, and always will be a mental health blogger, that is my nitch, but I have branched out more now, now I write and post my poems, quotes, recipes, etc.

Although my first love is always going to be blogging about mmental illness, y past, and my healing journey healing from dissociative identity disorder and complex ptsd.

Blogging about other things is just the icing on the cake, people seem to enjoy what I write, and for that I am very thankful and I thank all of you for continuing to read my posts.


From Emily, Thank you

Thanks to everyone who supported me last night when I felt so bad. I am ok now, I am feeling a lot stronger, I am sorry if I upset anyone, or made anyone feel uncomfortable with talk of suicide and being depressed.
Sometimes I forgot and I know they are hard things to talk about and sometimes people arent in a place to talk about that stuff. Bcause sometimes I am not either.
anyway I had a good sunday. I am going to talk with our therapist eileen in the morning. I know she’ll help. She always does.
I been reading the secret garden and watching netflix. I been watching disney plus also. I love Icarly, austin and ally, and jesse.
We also took a nap this afternoon, cuz we was up early so we got tired.
Naps are good!
butterfly hugs,
love, emily xoxo

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Wondering

Hello out there, hang in there. It can’t get worse. Or can it?????

I hope you and yours are well. All well in our corner of the world even though I suspect many tourists are flocking to the North Norfolk beaches. I wouldn’t know. I shield at home and can only see a flicker of the sea from upstairs. But that’s better than nothing in my books.

At the moment I feel rather experimental and try out other poetic forms than my preferred haiku inspired one. Today you’ll get my first try at a nonet. Please check out this post here where I find the “new” poetic short forms.



Sitting at home shielding I wonder

about being too cautious and

all these people at the beach

People are different

they say in German

but the virus

does not care




Happy Sunday to you all despite everything!