Sorted out nitros food query

So I rang the vets. Remember I said I was going to ask if they will take payment for dog food over the phone? Well they do. Thank god! Now I don’t have to give my visa debit card to mom, I can just ring them and buy nitros food over the phone! Yay! Problem solved! And nitro wont starve hahaha! Not that he would anyway, I’d never let him starve! I love him too much to see him be without food! So anyway, on Thursday morning I can now buy his food, and then my mom can collect it for me on Thursday afternoon when she’s out grocery shopping. I’m very pleased, ha, easily pleased aren’t I? This is good news though! I love having a visa debit card. It makes things so much simpler. Mostly I pay for everything with it nowadays. Its either do that, or else use my 24 hour online phone banking for paying bills etc. I love that too. I don’t love the bank charges though that I have to pay every 3 months. But anyway. Everything worked out in the end. And Nitro will have his monthly bag of food on Thursday.

Nitro is gonna turn 8 soon

And I am wondering what to do to celebrate. I have to celebrate it. I cant let his big day go by without doing something to celebrate it.
He is so special to me, I have to let him know in some small way just how much he means to me.
anyone got an idea as to how I should celebrate his birthday?
All ideas are welcome!
I was thinking of getting him some sorta treat. Maybe doggy ice cream? Or a doggy birthday cake?
Or a nice chew, or bone?
Or maybe just giving him extra love and cuddles on his special day? Maybe buying something doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things?
Do you celebrate your pets birthday? If so how?
👍 😀

Hey from nitro

hi people. its me, nitro. how ar eyou all doing?
im not really ok. i’ve been stressed tonight. i was panicking a lot. mom was wonderfing why. and you know why it is? its because of stupid fireworks. i can hear them. they are very loud and i dont like it. they stress me out.
so i been in the living room with my nana and grandad. my grandad came in here to the bedroom and took me with him to the living room. he said i needed to be where there was sound other thanloud bangs of fireworks. i agree.
i am much happier now that I am out of the bedroom. I dont really wanna go back in there but I have to as nana and grandad are off to bed soon. i guess i should try to sleep too soon. mom is probably staying up for a while yet. she always stays up late. i dont know how she does it. i get so tired looking at her ha ha.
well what have you all been up to? anyone been doing anything fun?
oh guess what guys? mom got a letter this week from the people she has my pet insurance policy with. they told her that when they went in to get the direct debit for september there was insufficient funds in her account. man she was not pleased then as they said they’d be taking double out this month for september and october. so that is 38 euro they’ll take this month as my pet insurance is 19.50 a month. silly mom she is not with it lately ha ha
she’ll have to learn the hard way then right? I think so.
well I am going to go to bed now. hugs and tail wags from me to all of you. oh and licks too.
love, nitro

My silly pup

so my silly pup is making a fool out of me.

I tried giving him his pills in some ham. he ate the ham and spat out the pills. then I tried again.

he ate half of his pill and the ham and promptly spat out the other half.
so I opened his mouth and shoved it in and tried to massage his throat so he’d swallow it. Well he wasn’t having any of that 😀 he promptly spat it out again when I thought it was gone.
eventually after 3 tries he ate it. Its been this way since I started giving him his pills on Wednesday. Its like he knows I cant see! He’s clever, very very clever!
At least he’s taking them though, after much coaxing and cajoling.