Upon waking up

Eyes slowly open
I realise
Oh gosh
Its 7 PM!
How long have I slept?
I shoot out of bed
Go to the kitchen
Get a drink
I hate it
When I am suddenly
Thrown into awakeness
Its so disconcerting
Oh well
I turn on my tv
Sit down
And thenI decide
A coffee would be good!
Off to the kitchen again I go!

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Finding it tough to stay on plan!

I’m finding it tough this week to stay on track with my diet! My slimming world group is shut for 3 weeks, but it probably will go on for longer than that.

I have slipped up a little this week! I’ve eaten a few chocolate bars, dark mint kit kats are my new obsession. I’ve also had some peanuts, and some crisps.

I need to pull it back now, get my act together and just stop eating shit!

Its proving really hard to set my mind to it especially when I know I’m not being weighed for a while! I’m trying, though.

For breakfast today I had two wheetabix, mid morning I had some fruit, and For dinner today I had a nice chicken stir fry with noodles. Tomorrow mom is making a chicken curry, we’ll have it with rice and some nan bread.

I’m gonna do everything in my power to stay motivated, and stay on track! I have a ton of fruit I can snack on over the weekend, and this morning I bought a ton more for when I am back home next week.

Anyone got some words of inspiration for me? I need them!

Q and A: Hobbies

Rory asks some questions on his blog this week about hobbies.
Do you have any hobbies, activities or past times that keep you busy daily or weekly?
I love to read. I read a lot. I also love to write. And I also write blog a lot. Blogging is a form of release for me. I get so much support from my blog, I couldnt be without it now. I like music, and listen to it a lot, and I also listen to talk shows on the radio. I like baking, but I dont do nearly enough of it. I like to go for walks also.
Have any of your current hobbies been with you since you were a youngster?
Walking, and reading, I always read a lot even as a child. I remember when I first joined a library and the world of books was opened up to me. I was in heaven.
Why do you think people need to have hobbies?
People need to have hobbies to keep them busy. If you have no hobbies and you arent passionate about something then life would be so boring. Well I think so anyway.
How long do you spend weekly with your hobby?
Omg I dont know, on reading? Hours and hours. Probably 2 or 3 hours a day if not more I’d say. On blogging? A similar amount. I write as and when I feel the need to, which is often lol. On baking, not much time, sometimes I go months without baking at all. Walking, I walk when I can, not nearly enough although now that I have a treadmill at home I am trying to walk more.
Are there hobbies you currently dont do but would like to?
I’d love to crochet, I am always saying I’d love to learn how to. Maybe some day I will. I’d also like to go back to singing lessons again, and probably later in the year I might.

#1 liner wednesday

You just gotta keep going. Do all you can to be kind, look out for each other, make sure your friends and neighbours are ok, safe, have what they need. If we all try to look out for one another during this epidemic, the world will be a better place and we’ll all come out stronger in the end.


This year

2 months gone
how this year
is flying by
cant quite
believe how fast
it is going
whizzing by
in the blink of an eye
as we grow older
time seems to
speed up
and before we know it
another year
will have rolled by
we’ll be another year older
and another year wiser
we hope