Introduction To Mental Chaos-guest post

It was suggested that I introduce myself so I might get more interaction. My name is Niki (aka Morgueticiaatoms on wordpress) I am disabled,with bipolar depression,anxiety,and panic attacks. I have been raising a child alone for 11 years. He has problems with his mental health,too. We only have my fixed disability income. Things have always been difficult for us.

Our current situation is grim. Our landlord sold the property so we have to move. The new landlords have not kicked us out but they are wanting a year long lease. With power and gas bills what they are,I simply cannot commit to that. Plus side,we were approved for income based housing in another town. Down side,they want $700 up front in the next week or two. I don’t qualify for a loan. Family and friends can’t or won’t help. And by keeping my bills current,I do not qualify for emergency housing assistance. Feels like I am being punished for doing the right thing.

They will not wait for my next check to come. We lose our spot and would revert to a year long waiting list. This is literally the only chance we have. In desperation,I am reaching out to anyone who can help,even just by sharing our story. Living in this rural town 4 years with a controlling,negative father intruding has taken a toll on my mental health. This move isn’t about being happy. It is about financial and mental survival. Without this,we will end up in a homeless shelter,which is only open 6pm to 6am,leaving us 12 hours a day in summer heat with nowhere to go. My kid is turning 13 soon and things are already strained. If I fail him at this,I fear he will turn against me for good.

Moving back ‘to town’ will also enable me to look for work. I just cannot afford $7 per trip in gas living here. It feels like a catch 22.

Please,check out my blog. Read my daily struggle. Decide for yourself if I am worthy of a share. Any help or emotional support is appreciated.

Thanks for reading.