Getting my ass in Gear!

When Frances arrived this morning, I was in a bit of a mood.

I felt irritable and grumpy!

She asked me if I wanted to go for a walk, and I immediately said no, that I wasn’t feeling up to it.

She was fine with that, but after a few minutes I had a rethink.

I said that actually, I did want to go out after I’d eaten!

I told her that I felt like I needed to just get off my ass and do it!

Sitting around and not going out when it is a beautiful day outside well, I won’t lose any weight doing that!

So I had breakfast, I made bacon, sausages and toast, and when I’d eaten it, we went out.

We had a nice 25 minute walk around the block!

It was awesome! I felt great after it!

Its warm and really sunny out this morning, so it was a perfect day for walking.

And now that I did it, well, I feel in a much better mood!

Exercising really is good for the soul!