Sunday poser #3

Week 3 of this new challenge!

We all go through good and bad patches in our lives. Sometimes it’s the good things that have happened that make our lives better and at other times, it’s the challenges that improve our lives.

My question to you my friends is this;

What is one thing that in your view, has made your life better?

Having a dog! I love Nitro. I am so grateful that I was matched with him. He’s such a loyal and loving dog.
He has brought love, light and laughter into my life for the past 8 years!
I was in a dark place when I got him. But he gave me so much hope. I had a reason to get up out of bed, as I was responsible for him.
When you know an animal is depending on you, it changes everything!
He’s been my constant companion for 8 years, my world would be a much darker place without him in it!