WOTD squabble

Todays word of the day is…




so I have been dealing with a lot of squabbles from the littles today. they don’t fight with one another a lot but when they do it is not good.

they’ve been going at it all morning.

pulling one anothers hair, name calling, you name it, they’ve been doing it.

I’ve had to tell them that if they don’t quit there will be consequences, mainly no cartoons this weekend, no pizza, no diet coke. No time out in the body to just have fun and play!

I know I seem harsh, and mean. But I have to get the fighting under control. I don’t want them turning into little tear-aways!

Since I told them there would be consequences it has gotten a little bit better. Now its just adelle, Lexi and sydra who are going at it with one another. Adelle and Sydra are teasing lexi and lexi is not coping well with that.

As you can imagine, I do not want them teasing either, more bad behaviour to try to get under control.

Being a parental figure to a bunch of internal kids is just exhausting!



littles time!

hi it taylor
in case you forgeted I’m six
we got to have ar own tim today
afer class
for 2 hours
we watched cartoons on net flicks
and play a game on the puter
lexi and me and Erika and darina all had time
it was fun
we ar supposed to go inside later on and give the bigs time
for adult things
like adult tv shows
and reading adult stuff
but carol anne says we can lisen to Eileen reading the in my heart book
before we go to bed
it time to brush my teeth
and get ready to go to bed
goodnight everyone

I just want a loving mommy

its allie and I am so sad. for those who are new to our blog I am an insiders in our system, a kid. I am 9 and I get sad a lot because I wish our therapist Eileen or our psychiatrist dr barry can adopt me. and tonight is one of those nights. I want a forever mom. my bio mom doesn’t love me. she doesn’t even know me because she thinks i’m just a mood and she wont accept our did diagnosis. and it hurts. I hurt. the pain makes me so sad. its this physical clenching inside my heart and chest. and an ache. and in my mind I long for a hug from my forever mom who I wish could be Eileen or dr barry. I keep asking them to adopt me. and they keep saying it cant happen. and then I get angry and mad at them. because please just listen you guys. I need someone. I need a mommy! I need you to adopt me! everything hurts right now. I am crying. I feel lonely. and I hate when its night time.  if I had a forever mom she could read to me. tuck me into bed. cuddle and snuggle with me. instead I have to snuggle nitro, that’s nice, but I just want a mommy hug and an I love you and I am listening tell me about your day.  I am so jealous of dr barrys kids. they are so lucky to have her as their mom. I want her and I wish she was my mom all the time.  I fantasise about what it would be like to live with her in her house. am I weird? I suppose people will think i’m nuts. I don’t care. people who have nice moms who love them and who care about them are so lucky. i’m jealous of you too. our bio mom only sees Shirley, or our outside body, and the age that it is which is 37, she doesn’t see the children inside who crave her attention. she just doesn’t see us.  she says we are childish sometimes because we have toys in our house that we play with and we watch kid movies and cartoons a lot and we do coloring and stuff but don’t adults do those things too? people who don’t have alters and who aren’t diagnosed with did? I think they do. anyway. I better go to bed. its almost 2 AM. good night world. maybe I can live with dr barry or Eileen some day, maybe they’ll change their mind and adopt me.


allie, age 9

Another blog for the kids

so the kids wanted their own blog. they want a place to talk, freely. but its going to be private with only chosen readers. if you would like to follow our littles blog please email me at

the blog is already set up. a couple of my readers are listed as following it but we haven’t blogged there in a long time. but now we are going to use the blog again for the littles to have their own space. so if you’d like to view it email me or comment here with your email and I will invite you.

the littles are looking forward to interacting with some of you their friends who have been so supportive of them on here. of course this blog will still be going as well so don’t worry we are not stopping this one.