All talked out

I’ve been on the phone all morning. Had to order dog food, ordered it and my mom will pick it up for me tomorrow. Then had to call the pharmacy, it turns out they never put me down to get a delivery of my meds, I am supposed to get a delivery each week. Anyway, now I am a week behind, I hadnt notice, since I had enough to tide me over, but I will be recieving a delivery of this weeks meds later on today. Then I called Dr. Barrys secretary, I wanted to make sure I was down for a call today. She said I am, but they are short a doctor so it might be this afternoon before Dr. Barry can call me. She wasnt sure when I would get a call. Thats ok, I can wait, just as long as she calls me, its ok. I dont mind waiting. I’m all talked out now, and am going to go make a coffee, sit down relax and play some games on my phone.

No walk for nitro and a detour

Well it looks like Nitro wont get to go walking after all this morning!
I need to make a detour to the grocery store!
So when my PA comes we’ll walk there and get what I need and then get a taxi back home again!
I need water, fruit, baby potatos, chicken wings, and yogurt!
I’m really trying hard now with my weight loss!
I am cutting out coke, and eating more fruit, and veg!
I only drank sugar free coke, but I noticed it was bloating me. So no more coke!
I’m determined to see a loss next week.
As it is I weigh 216 pounds!
thats 15 stone 6 pounds OMG!
I used to weigh 204, or 14 stone 8 pounds!
I need to get back there! So hardcore weight loss here I come!
I already worked out on the treadmill this morning, and I’ll have another go at it again later on, my plan is to do a workout in 3 short bursts throughout the day!
I feel bad that Nitro cant go walking but it is what it is, he can go on thursday, and friday! And then over the weekend we can also go walking and I know he’ll enjoy it.

Its tuesday June 2nd!

I cant believe its 2nd june already! Where is the time going! It seems to be just flying by!
My PA Frances will be here this morning. She comes at 9 AM. Its shaping up to be another glorious day out there. I went outside and its cool now, but later this morning I’d say it will be really hot!
I am going to ask Frances if she’ll walk nitro for me. I dont feel like going out in the heat. She likes to walk him, and I’m gonna ask her to do it before it starts to warm up. I will just do my exercise on my treadmill instead of going out for a walk.
I really need to try to start watching my weight again. I’ve been naughty lately. Ordering food, eating a lot of fattening food, chocolate, etc. Time to cut that way back now. I want to start losing again. Its so easy to gain and so hard to lose. I really struggle a lot with my weight, always have done.
I need to start trying to go on my SW chats. They do zoom chats every week. I havent gone on one yet. I need to try to do it tonight. I think if I just do it it will be easier to stay on track. I’ve been kinda winging it on my own, not using our private facebook group or the zoom chats for support when I should be doing so.
I think I’ll make a yummy fruit salad for breakfast, and put yogurt over it. I love fruit and yogurt. It tastes so damn good!
Well catch you all later on!
❤ 😀

Sitting together

Gently softly
I tread
Not wanting
To disturb my dog
He’s snoring peacefully
As I make my morning coffee
I think to myself
How amazing are dogs
All they want is love
They are loyal beyond belief
They will never fail to love you
I know
My dog loves me
And all he wants
Is some loving
In return
Good morning, Nitro!
As we sit together
And I drink my frothy drink
I cuddle and snuggle
Into his soft fur

I’m back home

I just got home to my own house. Man I am so hot! It is so warm out there.
My sister dropped me off. She’s going to a local park for the afternoon with my mom and the kids. I didnt wanna go with them. There will be too many people for my liking. I dont think its that safe to be honest. Its a disaster waiting to happen, if you ask me. I told mom she needs to be careful, she cant afford to get sick.
The house is boiling, so I think its time to bring out the fan!
I’m in shorts and a t shirt and I’m melting!
Poor Nitro is too!
Not sure what the temp outside is now, I’m too lazy to go look, I think though its about 24 degrees c.
My plan is to stay indoors and stay cool!
I just weighed myself and my weight seems to be staying stable, which is weird, since I’ve had some sweet things, alcohol, and other bits that I probably shouldnt have!
I’m happy its stable! Win win to me!

Nitro got a bath

Well, it is roasting here this morning.

So we decided to bath the dogs. My dad did it.

He took out the big hose and hosed them down. Nitro was a little shy, he shyed away from the hose a little bit.

But he did let my dad wash him, and now he’s drying off. He is soaking wet lol. He’s gonna be so fluffy when he dries off.

He’s so cute! I’m glad he got a wash, he needed it.