Wishing you all a happy Sunday!

Good morning guys!
I want to wish all of you a very happy sunday! Where ever you are in the world, have a good one! Its early here, and I’ve had little sleep, but I am in a good mood!
So whatever happens today, try to enjoy the day! Do something nice just for you!

Because, your worth it!

Sending you all some hugs, and wags from the furball!

Poetry. Puppydog eyes

You sit
Waiting for me
to drop you some carrots
And I do
Only because your so cute
I cant resist
Your such a cute beggar
You give me those puppydog eyes
And my heart melts
No walk for you today
You don’t care though
Your happy to just lie underneath the table
And lick my toes
Happy because
I’ve given you breakfast
And of course
The carrots I was cutting up
To make my vegetable soup
Love you my cute boy
Woof woof!

The pooches are sooo damn cute!

I cant believe what just happened. Nitro and my dads dog biggie, whose a bullstaff, were licking yogurt out of the same carton! It was sooo cute! I wish I’d gotten a picture!
Biggie, whose supposed to be a vicious breed, and my fluffy monsterdoodle, nitro!
It was priceless! I’m just so sad I couldnt capture it on camera!
That would’ve been such a cute picture or video to have!
Two big sweet babies! Two gentle giants!
It was so incredible to watch them!

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Today I dedicate this post to my wonderful and very cute dog!
Whose sleeping happily by my feet!
Every day he makes my life so worth it!
He’s such an awesome dog! So amazing! I love him to pieces!
Not only does he do very important guiding work, but he is a great emotional support to me too! A lick from him, a nudge of his cold nose, a paw in my hand, its so comforting!
Nitro, this dedication is for you! I love you so, so much! You are my everything!


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Work and other things

I had a good day. I woke up early, went to therapy, then came back to moms house, had a bit of lunch, and went to work for a few hours. I was doing an extra shift since they’re short staffed at the moment. My shift was good. I was only in there for about 2 hours. It went by fast. I had a list of clients to call that I dont usually call. My supervisor said she’d mix it up a bit. She decided to give me a whole list of clients that I rarely if ever talk to. That was nice. It was nice to get familiar with some new clients, get to know them a little bit. I enjoyed my shift and everyone I spoke to was in a good mood. So that was nice. After I was done my supervisor dropped me back to moms. Mom had prepared dinner for me, I had a yummy steak, broccoli and mashed potatos. So mostly healthy, well actually it was very healthy as the mashed potato had no butter or cream in it. After dinner I had to email my cousins fiance, they are getting married in June, and we got our invites to the wedding last week, mom hadnt sent hers back, and neither had I, so we just emailed the bride to tell her we’d be going. I did that, then I had a nice bubble bath, which was bliss! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am now just enjoying a cup of tea, and debating whether I will read for a while, or just go online and read some blogs. I did participate in two things on another bloggers blog, nitro did a canine interview, and I participated in a series on that blog called truly inspiring, when rory puts the posts up I’ll reblog them on my own blog, so you can all read them.
Have a blessed evening all!

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Well shit!

Woke up feeling awful! When will this shitstorm end!
I cant take much more of feeling so bad! Its waring, so so waring.
I ended up going to bed at 9:30 last night. I read for a while, I only read two chapters of my book, groomed, then I went to sleep. I did sleep, which I am glad about. I did wake a few times during the night though. I just lay there trying to go back to sleep and eventually I did.
My mood is still very low. I feel like bursting into tears one minute, then I am angry, I feel frustrated and I want to hit someone or lash out in some way. It feels just awful.
I hope it goes away soon. My sister is coming over later for dinner, with the kiddos and her partner. I am going to enjoy her company. I think having her here at mom and dads will take my mind off of how I am feeling.
I think my dad is going to take Nitro out for a walk. Maybe I’ll go with him. I need to clear my head. A walk will do me good I think.


As I walk in the door
your tail thumps
A mile a minute
As you run to greet me
licking me as you waggle that tail frantically
Letting me know
How much you missed me
Its so nice
Such adoration and love
It warms my heart
Lifts any sad feelings
For that few minutes
As I walk through that door
And you shower me with affection
My depression is completely gone
Oh how I love you Nitro
You are a dog in a million
Thank you, thank you for your loyal companionship and love
Love you, buddy