5:20 AM

I cant sleep. So I got up. No point in staying in bed when all I seem to be doing is thinking.
I started reading a new book last night. Its called broken and is by rosie lewis. She is a UK foster parent. The books been out a while now and I’ve had it for a while but am only now getting around to reading it. So far I really like it.
I’m so happy its Friday. I love weekends! I came to my parents house last night. I was going to wait to go until today but then my sister said she’d give me a ride so I grabbed it. Saves me money on a taxi fare.
I am going to my friend Normas house today for 2 hours. We are going to do a training session. Im not sure what she wants to actually work on. However I will leave it up to her.
Mom is going to be looking after my sisters kids this morning while my sisters at work. Im sure they’ll be bored as they don’t really have any other kids here to play with, and mom and dad don’t have internet at their house so they cant even use their tablets.
Weathers been good though so that’s good. It means I can walk nitro as it has cooled down considerably. We’re actually meant to have some rain today. A little rain would be nice as we haven’t had any in about 7 weeks. The grass needs watering!
Well I will close this here. Hoping you all have a fantastic Friday and a fantastic weekend!

Gratitude today!

So much to be grateful for today. This is going to be a new series of mine! So without further ado here is what I am grateful for today!

Hot coffee
My dog Nitro
being able to take a Nap
Nice cool weather
Going for a walk
Friends who call to check up on me
Technology like my phone and laptop
Good neighbours

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nitro’s ear problems

nitros ears are still full of wax, despite me putting drops in every day, twice a day. its so annoying, that no matter what i do or try his ears dont clear up. its uncomfortable for him, and I wish I could sort it out for him. He is very good, he lets me put in the drops without any issues. I think he actually enjoys having me massage his ear for him. He stands and pushes his head into my hand, its just his left ear, the right one is ok. He has to go back to the vets next week for a top up booster shot, I might ask her to deep clean his ears for me. I also have an ear cleaning solution that I also clean out his ears with. The poor pup he’s such a good dog. and he’s so uncomfortable. I hate seeing him suffering. I love my boy so much and I’d never want him to suffer in any way. I wish there was a magic cure.
carol anne

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Host post. Shirley!

hi. is anyone there? i havent written here in a while.

I’m so confused. I am half in and half out. Carol anne is out with me, and I keep missing what is going on. She isnt in the best mood either. So its doubly hard.

Im trying to listen to nitros breaths. He’s snoring softly beside me.

I love him. He makes everything feel safer.

If anyones around, I could use a chat.

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3 cups of coffee later…

And I think I’m ready to face my day…
I’m up, been up since 1:30 AM, showered, dressed…feel more like myself now…
Its 5:30 now, will feed nitro at 7, let him out, need to book my taxi soon so I can get to my apts…
I think more coffee is in order soon…how many cups of coffee do you need to make it through the day?
Can you survive without it? For those of you who dont drink coffee, what do you drink, or use to get through the day?

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#SoCs sup?

s’up, yall?
its Monday here already. Where on earth did Sunday go?
I spent my day lazing around my parents house. Feeling hot and sweaty. Trying to stay cool.
No matter what I did though, cool I was not feeling.
Dad cooked us a lovely dinner which I hungrily ate.
I read for a while. Not long though. I was too lazy to sit and finish my book. So I went online, and read blogs, and email. I got caught up on email but not on blog posts.
I talked to two friends on the phone. That took up about 2 hours. We had a great catch up.
I played with the dogs. Those dogs are a hoot. My dads looking after my sisters two pugs, man are they a handful. They’re so spoiled. Of course every time he goes out of the room and comes back, he has a biscuit for them. So not only are they spoiled but they’ll be getting fat too.
I just made coffee and am sipping it while I write this. It will be or should be bedtime soon for me but well I doubt I’ll go to bed tonight, I’m just too hot to sleep.
So how about ya’ll, s’up with you?

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no sleep feel tired but getting through

i never did get any sleep last night. i tossed and i turned but no sleep. it was hot. i felt sick with the heat.
i eventually got up at 7 and jumped in a cool shower. feeling much better now. had breakfast and feel normal now again lol.
we decided to go out a little later today I think mom said we’d get the 1 Pm train to cobh. It will be nice to relax in cobh and eat our picnic and then take a walk about and then finish up the afternoon in one of the local bars.
hopefully i can last the day. my dads looking after the four dogs. i decided I wouldnt take nitro. Its far too hot for him to be out and I’d have to try to carry water for him and its just not feesable to be bringing him out in the scortching heat.
so yeah. sitting here drinking a cup of tea still in my pj’s. it feels nice. i’ve the whole morning ahead of me. surprising enough I am not feeling the tiredness now.

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