A nice day at the craft fare

We had a lovely time this morning at the craft fare. Mom went with me, my aunt was also meant to go but at the last minute she changed her mind, so mom and I went on our own.
There was lots of stalls, it was more packed this year, there were more sellers and there were more people looking also.
I bought a lovely ornament for the christmas tree, made out of glass. Its actually shaped like a christmas tree.
I also bought an angel thats inside a snow globe. And I got a few gift sets and some homemade dog treats.
I met lots of people there that knew me. I even met an old teacher who used to teach me at nursery school. I also met a girl who was a trainer at the guide dog school when I was getting my first dog, she now works at my canine companion which gives dogs to kids with autism.
I bought a load of raffle tickets, I entered 3 raffles. And I won! I won first prize in one of the raffles. I won a big basket filled with makeup and face and body creams. It was so nice to win!
The fare went on for about 2 hours. We had some tea and chatted and looked around, and before we knew it it was finished. When it was over I went to work. It wasnt too busy in the office. I was only in there for about 2 hours.
Overall it w was a lovely day. When I came home I gave Nitro some treats, and he loved them!

Can you stop with the treats?

My dad is a bloody nightmare! He keeps giving Nitro dog biscuits, and anything that he can find that Nitro can eat! I keep telling him Nitro doesnt need the treats, but he doesnt listen!
The girls at work are the same! They keep getting nitro dog treats, and even got him some sausages recently from the chip shop next door to our office.
Nitro is getting fatter by the minute! I am losing my rag!
I dont want him to be too overweight! But nobody listens to me!
Its so irritating! I am not sure how I can fix this but I know I need to!
Anyone got some good ideas for me? How do I tell all these people, that, they’re killing my dog!
I’m not pleased about all this!
I dont want my boy to develop arthritis!
I hope I will be able to get through to my dad soon! And I am not to worried about work, as sometimes Nitro doesnt come with me, and, if I say no to the girls in the office, they dont try to override my decision.
Its my dad, he’s tough to deal with! He loves dogs, and he’s a soft touch!
I hope someone has a good idea for me on how to make him stop? I suppose I’ll just have to say, clearly, your shortening Nitros life!
And hope he’ll listen to that!

A bad anxiety attack

My heart is pounding. Literally I am jumping out of my skin here! I cannot breathe! I feel like I am going to die!

I just had glimpses of horrible memories that were awful. I dont have the whole memory, thank god. I hated what I did get the glimpses I did get of it.

It sparked a massive anxiety attack! Now I just feel so so bad! I cannot handle it. I want a coffee but am afraid drinking it will put me in an even worse place!

Mental illness sucks! Anxiety attacks suck!

I need a hug! Nobodys here though to hug me.

Think I’ll go pet nitro! He’s always ready for pets.

Wet weather!

Omg! Its pouring out there! Absolutely bucketing down!
I just let Nitro out for a minute or two, he rushed back in again!
I am so so glad I am not out in that!
I pity anyone whose homeless! What an awful night its gonna be!
They are predicting rain from noon today all the way through until 6 Pm tomorrow evening!
I hope I don’t have to go to work tomorrow! I hope I am not needed! I just want to have a duvet day!
Its kinda looking like it might thunder, hope it doesn’t. Our kids are so scared of storms. So is Nitro!
At least I have heat! I have my heat on now, and the house is lovely and warm and toasty.

I am home!

I am home in my own house now. I went home an hour or so ago. Mom is here with me for a few hours. She’s doing a few things for me around my house.

The taxi driver we got wasnt a bit impressed with Nitro. Well, thats his problem, not mine. By law he has to take a guide dog. Nitro is shedding, and when he got out of the taxi he left tons of hairs on the mat. What can I do? There really is nothing I can do about it.

Now that I am home, mom is putting away my groceries for me, and then she has to take apart my old TV equipment, while she’s doing that I have to arrange for a delivery crowd to pick up the equipment on tuesday.

I put my heat on right away when I got in. The house is freezing, since there was no heat on all weekend.

Feels so good to be home! Me and Nitro are going to just relax this evening. I may face time with my friend Sarah in colorado if she’s up for that.

Oh, Nitro!

Well, Nitro is being a bit of a rebel tonight!

He’s refusing to go out to do his business!

I’ve tried coaxing him, but no! He’s not budging!

He is just too comfortable it seems! He’s totally ignoring me!

I opened the back door, called to him, but nope! He’s like, you think I’m going out in the rain? Not a chance!

Ha! Well if he wont go out in an hour or so, I’ll probably end up getting up during the night to let him out!

The things I do because I love that dog!

Lol. He’s just too cute!

The launch

The launch went very well. I thought I wasnt being picked up until 9:15 but then the guy who was picking me up arrived at 8:30 instead. Good thing I was ready to go!

I took Nitro with me. I wasnt going to take him but then I did. But to be honest I am kinda sorry I took him. He doesnt do that well with crowds. And the place was very crowded.

I didnt get to hear any of the speeches, because Nitro was panicking, so I had to take him outside. I took him out a few times during the presentations and brought him back in again but he was jumping on me and really panicking so we just went outside until it was over.

I did meet the minister, he was the minster for ageing and mental health. He was really nice. He spoke to me about volunteering, and that was nice.

After it was over we got photos taken, then I came back to the office. Now I am just waiting for Brenda to get back so she can give me my list of calls.

Overall the whole thing was really nice and it went very well so that was great.

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