when your engulfed in a memory
and you simply cant see
that its now not then
and you are safe
no one will hurt you again
when the pain overflows
and it has nowhere to go
your tears fall like rain
and you think you’ll go insane
then you reach out your hand
pat your dog
that right there is love
love and security
and so you can see
that it is 2017
you are safe
in another time and in another place

100 happy days, day 10 doggy lovins

my happy moment for today?

when your fluffy baby boy comes running in with not one but two nyla bones in his mouth, and tries to push them into your hand, to say, play come on mom lets play!


I so wish I’d have gotten a picture of him!

It melted my heart. I was feeling a little bit down when he came in, and what he did lifted my mood right away.

Yay for my furbaby and yay for doggy kisses and playdates!

a sick puppy!

nitro is sick. while we were out shopping today he picked up something in the elevator and ate it, and, he hasnt been feeling well for the entire rest of today. after shopping we all went for a coffee. in the restaurant he started puking. ewwww gross was all i could think. luckily one of the staff cleaned the puke up for me. the staff in the restaurant were so nice they got him a bowl of water and they didnt care that he had just puked all over their floor. i was soo embarrassed. all i could think was nitro, noooo!
he’s doing better now. he’s eaten tonight and he hasnt been sick again thank god.
Can I just say, I do not like the smell of dog puke!

carol anne

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my dog and me

awakened from a bad dream
I rush to the bathroom
i stand alone
shivering and shaking
crumple to the floor
scream please, no more
memories threaten to swamp me
i cower
feeling so many emotions
so much shame
so much pain
so much, way too much
turn on the shower
allow the water to run over my body
cool refreshing water
as it runs over me i sob
my head begins to throb
I take big gulping sobs
its so healing
this memory cant hurt me
i say over and over
I am safe, I am safe
Nitro walks in
Sticks his wet nose against me
turning off the shower
fall to the floor
pull him close
so many doggy kisses
so much love
its that love I have to keep close now
remembering he is here for me
no matter what
I am safe
He is here
I am safe
We are safe
We are safe and free

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Got to respite safely

well i am now in respite. been here about an hour. got a taxi from mom and dads to the centre, of course the traffic was nuts, i was stuck in the city for what seemed like an eternity, so the taxi driver charged me quite a bit more than I usually pay.

when i got here i was met by eileen who is one of the staff, she took my luggage and then asked me if i’d like some tea or coffee, so i went and had a cuppa with her, then i took nitro out to the back garden for a few minutes, and what did the little monster do? he rolled in the wet grass so now he’s soaked through.

just waiting to have dinner now, not sure what we’re having for dinner tonight, but we usually get a choice of two dishes, plus we also get dessert and tea or coffee. After dinner will probably chill for the evening, watchsome tv and read my book. Tomorrow and sunday we will be going out on outings, there are 3 of us in this weekend for respite and then there are also the residents who permanently live here, there are about 10 of them.

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