Nitro and the bagle

so trying to think up funny things here about our day to distract ourselves.

one thing today was nitro. while we were at the basement club he was being so rebellious.

he got hold of someones bag and went snooping in it. he found a bagle and ran off with it. how embarrassing, the guide dog who runs off with other peoples food!

it was hella funny though, I had to admit to that.
Our dogs got class!


Have a happy Monday everyone

good morning guys

i am so happy this morning. it feels nice. i woke up feeling refreshed. i slept well. i went to bed really early last night and i slept. i must have needed the sleep.

i am looking forward to seeing eileen this morning. i am not anxious about my session, nobody inside is anxious either. we are all excited to see eileen. she is our safe base, our safe person. not sure what will come out of todays session but i am not worrying about it. i will just allow what comes up to come up.

i’ve fed nitro and let him out. he’s full of beans this morning. he’s bouncy and wagging his tail. he wolfed down his breakfast too lol. i’m just catching up on some blogs, and drinking tea. life is good.

Time spent with staff at respite

so one of the staff, elaine, came in and asked me if i wanted her to take nitro out. at first i said yes i did, but then i asked her if i can go down to the kitchen and have some tea and some fruit.

she said of course i could and so we both went down together and i actually let nitro out myself. i stayed outside with him for a couple minutes. the weather isnt too bad here this morning, its dry, there is no rain.

when i came in i sat at the table and ate a banana, and drank two cups of tea. it was nice, and so peaceful. i love early mornings. everything seems so peaceful then. you are able to think clearly, well at least thats how it is for me.

the nurse mary was there with elaine, and they both started talking to me. we talked about guide dogs, and then we talked about respite and i asked them if my being on the phone late last night had disturbed anyone. they told me no, that i am far away from the next bedroom and the sound doesnt really carry. that is good as i dont want to disturb anyones sleep.

i just came back to the room and fed nitro. its 7:40 now. I’ll go down for breakfast at 8:15. After breakfast I need to pack the rest of my stuff. I havent booked a taxi yet to take me home. I’m debating whether I should prebook it or just wait and book it when I am ready. I think I’ll wait.

sleepless night

despite trying to go to bed early I am up. I cant believe I woke up despite all that I did to stay asleep.

I went to bed at a decent hour, it was 10 PM. I turned off the tv so there was no background noise. I got one of the staff to let nitro out so my mind wouldnt wake up again.

I did fall asleep but woke at 1:30. And I have been awake since.

Do any of you find that when you are tired and go to sleep at a decent time that you just cant stay asleep throughout the night?

So annoying. Will probably be up for the rest of the night now. On the plus side I have strawberry water to drink, its really good.

Nitro is acting like he’s ill. His stomach keeps making these weird noises. Like gurgling noises. I hope he’s going to be ok. I am nervous. I dont want him to start throwing up.
carol anne

I’m not a millionaire and more friday night randomness

so the bad news? yeah you heard me bad baaaad news is, I didn’t win the euromillions! 🙂 I’m not a millionaire!
Too bad as I would have done so much with my winnings, hahaha!
Really though I am having an ok night. I am catching up on friends blogs and drinking coffee. My idea to read and binge watch tv went out the window for tonight. Ah well I have the entire weekend so there is no rush!
I had an intense urge to email Eileen so I did. I wrote a poem and emailed it to her. It was about pain and trauma. I just had to get it all out of my system so I sent it to her and now I feel much better.
Nitro is a little unsettled tonight. He keeps getting up and coming over to where I’m sitting and looking at me. I am wondering what is going on in his little doggy brain. Is it that he just wants my attention? Who knows. I cuddled him and patted him and then told him to go to bed.
Its Friday night so I’m staying up late. I don’t need to be anywhere tomorrow so I can nap during the day if I need to. Tomorrow will just be a me time sorta day.

A cute puppy moment, and win for me yay!

Nitro has me gushing. He’s sooo cute!

He has taken to grabbing my shoes in his mouth, and running off with them, you never know where you’ll find them hahaha!

He’s such a cutie! I love him sooo much! I wish I could get a pic of him with one of my shoes in his mouth!

He’s like look what I’ve got! I’m so clever!

LMAO, silly puppy!

And my win for the day? Despite my back being sore, I exercised for 15 mins on the treadmill. And boy was it painful. I went at a slower pace, but I did it I did 15 mins and I did not give up even when I felt like it. I pushed on through it!

So yay for a win ❤ xoxox