Joining the gym

Well, I am going to take the plunge, and join a gym.

I looked into one that’s near where I live. It looks good. Its 35 euro a month for the gym only membership.

I rang them, and spoke to a very nice girl who told me she’d have to get the manager to call me back tomorrow morning, as she wasn’t sure if someone who isn’t a member can come with me, to help me in the gym. I’m sure they can though, just that she didn’t know the protocol around it.

I’m hoping this is going to work out as I need to be doing more exercise. I am not fit, and I do need to exercise more. Mom said she’d also go with me to help me sometimes if I did join, and my PA Amanda will also go with me too.

I’ll know more tomorrow. Just hoping for the best hoping they are disability inclusive.

I do feel like I need to work harder at exercising. I’m getting fitter, and can now walk more, but I am still quite out of shape.

So hopefully doing this will help, and I’ll continue to lose weight too and exercising in combo with healthy eating will help greatly in the weight loss department.

Doing it right

I’m really getting on track today.
Eating healthy food, exercising, yay, all that good stuff…
I made a baked potato, chicken fillet and baked beans for dinner. It was delicious. Just got done eating about a half hour ago.
I am going to make a big fruit salad soon and have that later tonight…
I have blueberries, blackberries, grapes, strawberries, mandarin orange, and apple, all of them I will put in it and then put natural yoghurt over it…yummy.
I’d love to be down another 3 and a half pounds this week, then I’d be down a stone, or 14 pounds for my US readers, in 5 weeks…that’d be so awesome!
We shall see I guess, but I’m doing all I can, I am doing everything right…