Saw our nutritionist

We saw Karen, our nutritionist today. We had a good appointment. Unfortunately we hadn’t lost any weight, but the good news is we didn’t gain any either. We simply stayed exactly the same as we were 3 weeks ago. I was a little bit disappointed, but Karen told me not to feel too disheartened, that it will take time. We discussed the last couple of weeks, and I told her we’d been mostly good except for the odd few days where we kinda went off track and ate the wrong foods and stuff. But we haven’t used any laxatives or diet pills, we haven’t been vomiting after eating, nothing like that. We did restrict some but we’re trying hard not to do that. We’ve also been mostly good about following our meal plan. We set goals for the coming two weeks. First I said I’d exercise more than I have been doing. Then I also said I’d try to eat breakfast every day, because I haven’t been doing that. I also said I’d work on completely cutting out junk food and maybe just have a treat one time in the week, and when we’re having a treat to have a small treat that we all like. I just came home from grocery shopping where I got some fruit, crackers, hummus, bread and yogurt and a couple other things. All in all I’m ready to try to lose a couple of pounds within the next two weeks. I’m gonna try hard and hope for the best.
Carol anne