Mental health day

I’ve been having a mental health day today. I am at my parents house, and I did absolutely nothing today.

I got up late, 9 AM which is late for me. I slept really well last night, I always do though when I am at my parents. Well mostly I do.

I just relaxed, read a book, watched some tv, and chatted with my mom.

I ate leftovers for dinner, I had cooked a shepherds pie yesterday, a slimming world friendly one. I had leftovers of that today, and I have some which I’ll have during the week also.

I’m enjoying a coffee now, and catching up on blogs. Yay for a happy day. I love those.

the anxiety monster is rearing its ugly head again…

Anxiety! Fuck! I’m so so anxious!

I’m shaking like a leaf! I have palpitations, and my heart is pounding!

this is no fun, no fun at all!

I am seriously fed up with the massive amounts of anxiety that hits me at night. But what to do! I do everything I can to distract from it!

I wish I knew how to fix it!

I feel so out of it right now! Not sleeping at all either! Its gone midnight here now!

I just hope the anxiety monster lets up soon!

5 things I love about me!

Cyranny did a post on her blog where she wrote about 5 things she loves about herself. You can read it here!

So I thought, why not do it too!

So here goes!

I am determined! When I want to do something, I do it! I dont give up easily! I keep on trying until I get there!

I am a good singer. I’ve always loved to sing. I enjoy expressing myself. Singing makes me happy.

I am loyal. If I am your friend, I will do everything in my power to support or help you. I am sometimes too loyal, but I wouldnt have it any other way.

I have a great sense of humour. I like to laugh. Laughter is good. We should all laugh more often.

I like to learn, and I enjoy learning new things. I am good at retaining info! I think reading has given me more of an insight into our world! You can learn so much from books!

So there you have it, my 5 things I love about me!

What are yours?

From Emily, anxiety again

Hihihii guys
I’m so anxious. I cant breathe good. My chest hurts. My heart is pounding. I got really triggered. I was having flashbacks, which triggered me to have a panic attack.

I’m so scared. I dont know what to do. Its hard to breathe, I’m also shaking a lot.

Is anyone around to talk? If you are able to write me that will be good. I might feel better if I chat to someone, it might take my mind off the memories.

Right now I am just feeling so anxious. Its 1 AM now. I’m going to make some tea. Because, tea makes everything better.
Butterfly hugs,
Loves you,
Emily, age 12

God anxietys back

its 4:13 and I cant sleep. I went to bed just after midnight, but I woke up again at 2:30. I’ve been awake since then.

I’m going crazy. I am super anxious. Not sure what is causing it. Other than not going to therapy this morning, that is probably causing some of it, with kids inside feeling sad that we’re not going to see Eileen today.

I’ve made a cup of tea. I hope it helps.