I struggled a lot today

I really struggled a lot today. The day was hard for me.

My parents came over for a while so that was a bit of a distraction. They brought me Sunday dinner.

But then when they left, I just slept. I couldnt function.

The anxiety was so high and I felt so triggered. I felt really bad. Like everything was so overwhelming.

I still havent recieved my new computer. I am hoping it might come this morning.

If it does I am going to head to my parents for a few days. Probably for the rest of this week. My PA Frances is on vacation, so I dont have any help at home this week as the agency couldnt find cover for me.

So I think going to my parents will be the best thing to do, but I cant go until the damn computer comes. Please guys pray it will come today!

I need to go to my parents and be around other people!

I will also be seeing Eileen tomorrow. So actually now that I think of it I might stay at home until then. Just because I’d rather do therapy at home, where its less busy.

Hoping we will be going back to face to face therapy really soon!

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