So I planned something for today. This afternoon actually.

My plan is to go to my friend Normas house. Spend a few hours catching up with her. She’s alone, she needs company. I was going to do school work, but that can wait. She’s more important to me than college work.

So I will go today and spend a nice few hours chatting and just enjoying each others company.

I already booked my taxi to take me there. I’m happy now that I have a plan!


well my plan to stay home has changed! my friend norma rang me. she isnt going out now to her brothers house so she said if I wanted to come over she’d be available. so I am going to go to visit her this afternoon. at 4 PM. I’ll stay for a couple hours. She doesnt have many visitors or friends, so I want to try to be there for her. We are good friends. We actually have known one another for years, we went to school together, she’s a couple years younger than me though. We both have mental health difficulties, and we’re both blind, so we have plenty in common. It will be fun to go hang out. I’ll enjoy that. I wont bring nitro. I will just go on my own.


3 things challenge January 20th 2019

Todays prompts are: couch, foot, helmet

I sat on the couch
Tapping my foot
Wondering, wondering
What I should do
Anxiously I pondered it
Where I should go
Taking my time
Sitting, going slow
Things hadnt gone well
Yesterday afternoon
My friend wasnt wearing his helmet
And it happened all too soon
He got run over
A car hit him head on
Now we’re all left
So sad, so forelorn
He was taken from us way too soon
Gone in a blink of an eye
All because
He decided
That a helmet wasnt for him
A very, very bad decision!


Mini meltdown!

Im sorta having a mini meltdown! I feel really emotional tonight.Not sure why! I just feel really off!

My friend donnalee did a nice thing for me to help me. She lit a candle and burned some essential oils. To try to help get bad energy away! It is working! She said she also lit a candle for herself and hers didnt have a melt down but mine did! Figures! Now I am having a meltdown too!

Emotional meltdowns are tough! I hope this wont last for too long. I am drinking some tea to try to comfort myself a little bit.


30 day music challenge, day 4

Its day 4 of the 30 day music challenge.
today, the challenge is as follows

A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget

This is easy for me. For this I am picking a paramore song. I choose this because it reminds me of a friend I had a few years ago. This friend had did, but our friendship ended, she turned out to be a bit of a psycho.
She was very abusive and very manipulative. It just wasn’t good to stay friends with her, so we didn’t.

The song now brings back a lot of memories when I hear it. Memories of being in Disneyworld in florida with her and she’d play this song over and over on her Ipod.

My friend came through for me

My friend rose really came through today for me. I know we’ve had our issues lately but she’s been so supportive and helpful during my hard day today. She told me she’d be my sponsor! Ha I had to laugh at that! She told me Rosie says I need R and R rest and relaxation time and to have my breakfast tomorrow morning and then go right back to bed! I probably wont but we’ll see who knows, I may just do it!
I’m so delighted to have such amazing friends. I really appreciate that she has taken time to text with me today. It means so much to me and I am thankful for friends like her.