Fandango’s provocative question #72

Fandango gave us a great question this week! He asks:
What is the one thing in life that you are most excited about right now? Why?
The one thing I am super excited for is the day I will be able to rebook my trip to colorado! I am so looking forward to it!
I know it might be a few more months yet until I can book it, but it is the one thing thats really keeping me going. I wanna go meet my friend of 8 years who I’ve never met in person yet!
I know we’re going to have so much fun together!
I’m counting down the days until I can rebook the trip!
I’m trying to lose as much weight as I can before then, so, I can gain it all back when I go and eat all the rich american food lol!
I know america isnt the nicest place to be right now with all that is going on there, but its my friend sarah that I am excited to see, I’ve been to america so often that I’m not so excited about traveling to the US, just excited about all the fun me and sarah will have with one another.


I should have been going to colorado today

I should have been flying out to colorado today to see my friend sarah, whose blind and who also has did. I am so disappointed that I cant go, I was going especially to celebrate her birthday with her, that was one of the main reasons I was going.
I will go eventually, its just when, I am not sure.
When I do finally get there, I know it will be so awesome.
I am also looking forward to hopefully meeting the blogger jeanne, from a jeanne in the kitchen.
At least the travel agent gave me a voucher, and hopefully the coronavirus will be gone by next year, so I can get there then.
In the meantime though, we’re all sad that we could not go now.
The kids in our system were so looking forward to meeting the kids in sarah’s system and playing with them.
Ah well, it wasnt to be.
Next year, maybe?

About my travel to the USA

The travel agent just called me. I was meant to fly to colorado on May 20th. Well, obviously I cant go now because of all the coronavirus stuff. So I wasnt sure if I’d get my money back or if I’d just be given a voucher. Well the travel agent just told me that because united airlines havent canceled my flights, that they arent offering a refund, but they will give me a voucher, and the voucher is valid for 2 years. I took it, because my plan is still to go, so it will come in handy when I eventually rebook the flights. I dont know how united are still flying, I mean all non US residents are banned from entering the USA. The flight was going from london to colorado. So anyway, the travel agent said she’d apply for the voucher today, and it will stay on their global booking system, and when I go to rebook i can use it. I’m glad my money isnt wasted. I am sad I cant go now, but I will go, its just a mtter of when I can rebook it again. Hoping that will be soon.

neighbourly chat

I just spent a half an hour out in my front garden chatting to my next door neighbour. She’s a lovely lady, her name is Catherine, she is such a good neighbour to me. She had rang me this morning to check on me. I told her I was at my parents house but that I would be home this afternoon. She has two dogs, so usually we discuss our pups and how they are doing. She very kindly told me while we were chatting that if I need anything, or need someone to chat to to phone her and we can come outside to our gardens and chat, as there is a wall between our houses.
I was telling her about Nitro having had surgery, she was very concerned, as I knew she would be.
Its so nice to know that she’s looking out for me. I am so blessed. I know some people get awful neighbours, and have no relationship with their neighbours at all.
We’ve always had a good relationship. She even puts my bins out for me, and brings them back in again. She has given me milk before when I’ve run out, and she has given me hot water to make a cup of coffee when my electricity was out since she has a stove and so she always has hot water.
We’ve lived next door to one another since 2009. We always exchange christmas gifts and cards also with each other.
During these tough times we all need people we can count on, and I know I can count on my neighbour to look out for me, and for that I am truly grateful.

Feeling chatty

I just had a very lovely face time chat with my friend sarah. It was so awesome. I love our chats. We talk about everything and we can talk for hours.
Tonight we chatted for about 1 and a half hours.
I promised her littles that I’d record myself reading a story for them. So I need to go do that now.
At least I need to go look at my books and see what I have that will be suitable to read.
I made myself a cup of coffee and I am enjoying that too.
I am glad we chatted because I was feeling kinda emotional, and talking to her helped me to feel better.
I am very lucky to have such amazing friends. I value all of you so much.