Update on the situation with my friend not talking to me

Ok so a little update on things with Norma. She still hasnt contacted me. I’ve tried contacting her again, my number is definitely blocked from her phone. I tried again using my landline, which isnt listed, so isnt blocked. She didnt answer the phone. I’ve tried a number of times since sunday. So then this morning I rang brenda, my supervisor from friendly call, and I asked her if Norma is answering their calls, she is. Brenda said she was fine yesterday when they called her. I told brenda she isnt answering my calls, and that sometimes she’s a little weird like that. So now I really dont know why she’s doing this or what her problem is. But you know, I have nothing to worry about, this is about her, not me. I havent done anything that would warrant her doing this to me. All I’ve done is be a good friend to her. As frances my PA said this morning, she’ll need me, and she needs me, I dont need her, so I am not going to contact her again, if she wants to contact me she can. But if she does, I’ll be definitely having it out with her about this and why she did this to me. Its not right. I mean you dont do things like that to someone who is supposed to be your good friend, right?