Half a day!

today I get to go home early from the ILS course. Noelle who is my tutor said I can take a half day because I am still not feeling too good.
I’m like yay! half a day thats great!
Gives me time to go home, turn on the heat, and enjoy a nice relaxed afternoon.
My PA nuala will be here this evening at 5:30, she will do my grocery shopping for me, I need to write out my list though of what I want to buy.
I’m not going to over buy because I will be going to mom and dads over the weekend for a couple nights.
We were meant to be going to the local st. patricks day parade tomorrow, mom, my sis, and me, and the two kids. But now that moms not feeling good, we arent going.
So what I might do is go visit my friend norma instead. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. If I dont go visit her tomorrow I’ll go on monday, because monday here is a bank holiday.
What is everyone else doing this weekend?
carol anne



if you guys are up and awake, i could use some friends to chat with.
please can you email me?
would be so grateful for the chat and friendship.
carol anne

Musings on a saturday

todays been pretty chill. i slept in late. i didnt care as i had nothing that i needed to be doing.
when i woke up i made myself some toast and a fruit salad with some greek yogurt on top. i ate that and then got ready to go visit my friend.
she just moved into a new house. i hadnt seen it so i was going to see the house and her also.
i stayed for about 2 hours. her house is lovely. its small and compact. but its just what she needed. it suits her I think.
she’s happy there and thats the most important thing.
i just got home a little bit ago, fed nitro, made some coffee and now i’m relaxing for the rest of this evening.
i have some pasta salad left which i’ll have for dinner in a little while. the voice is on tv tonight. i will watch that. and i’m going to read for a while later as well.
i hope your all having a nice saturday. what did you do today?
carol anne


my friend norma came over this afternoon. i cooked for her. i cooked for myself to but i made a healthy meal for me. and an unhealthy one for her lol. i had sweet potato, baked beans, and fish cakes. the sweet potato came out great. i baked it in the oven, and then cut it down the centre and scooped out the potato. it was yummy. other than cooking we didnt get up to much. just hung out and chatted. i enjoy spending time with her though. she is blind too and she also has mh issues. we have a lot in common. we usually take turns going to one anothers houses. i’ll be going to hers next week. she recently moved house and i havent seen her new place yet.

Had a lovely lie in this morning

so it was late when i finally went to bed. i fell asleep right away though which was good.

this morning, nitro woke me at 6:30. i got up with him, let him out, and then decided i’d go back to bed. so for my self care activity today i had a nice sleep in. i went back to bed after letting nitro out and i didnt wake again until 9:45. just what the doctor ordered…lol.

i’ve been pottering around for the rest of the morning. well its lunchtime now i guess, so i need to try to make something. i just feel like eating junk food though. i wont, i’ll make a nice sandwich instead.

mom is sick and is going to the doctor today. she has COPD and she thinks she may have a chest infection.

A friend of mine may come over later this afternoon. I’m not sure yet. waiting for her to text or call me back. i said i’d cook for her though if she did come over.

feeling happier

well my mood has now lifted, i no longer have the suicidal thoughts going around in my head. thanks to my blog friends for all the encouragement and kind comments.
thanks to stoner on a rollercoaster for all the jokes, we got the best giggle ever from them all!
we decided to also break out the icecream, chocolate icecream is just the best food ever when you feel down!
nothing like some choc to cheer you up.
so yep our weekend ends on a happy note! ❤ xox