May be postponing my US trip to colorado

Ok so Donald trump has put a travel bann on people visiting the US from most of europe, he had excluded ireland and the UK, but from Monday the bann extends to both ireland and the UK also. The bann is for 30 days, but that could go on longer depending on how this coronavirus pans out.

So it is looking likely that I’ll have to postpone my visit to colorado to see Sarah. I’m going to ring the travel agent on Monday to see what they will say. If I am given an option to cancel the trip and get refunded I will, and then I will just rebook the trip when things die down.

I think given all thats going on with coronavirus, its the best option all around. I could go and get sick, and pass the virus on, or I could get sick and end up sick in another country and end up there for weeks if not months, so its best not to put myself in that predicament.

At least I can rebook the trip. I will still be able to go visit Sarah. It might just have to wait a little longer than we had planned.

We’re planning for me to go in july, or else early fall, we arent sure yet and we’re just waiting to see what happens with the coronavirus. At least my visa is valid for 2 years, thats good at least. Now the US ESTA visas arent being approved, since the bann is coming into effect, so mine was approved just in time!


I just got the news my US visa was granted! Yay! Now I can breathe easy! Provided our government doesnt put an embargo on traveling due to corona, I’ll be traveling to colorado to see my friend sarah in May! I cant wait!

I am so pumped! Sarah is also really excited! As are her insiders! She has did and she is also blind!

We’ll have a lot of fun together! Her insider Brandi, and our liz are buddies, and they are planning on having drinks together, and some of her kids and some of ours are buddies too, and they are planning on playing games, and watching cartoons and movies together.

I cant wait to give Sarah a huge hug! Everythings coming together now, I have my visa, my travel insurance, and all I need to do now is collect my tickets which wont be issues until 10 days before we leave!

Her mom is gonna pick me up at the airport. I am flying into denver, but Sarah lives in fort collins, about an hour from Denver.

Omg I am so excited! I hope the weather will be good, it probably will be, hoping for good weather as we’re going to go to rocky mountain national park, and drive up to the top, so that I can have my picture taken at the top of the mountain!

May wont come soon enough! I want it to be may already!


Tired after therapy but going to visit my friend Norma

I am very tired after therapy but I am going to push on through and go visit my friend norma this afternoon. I think seeing her will do us good. We enjoy her company, and we’ve been a little overwhelmed today and anxious since we came home so I think going to visit her will do us good.
We were meant to have a mobility lesson but I canceled it.
I’d rather go see norma, I feel like doing a mobility lesson on the same day as therapy is a lot of pressure.
I dont need the extra pressure. I’m going to go at 5 PM to see norma, and I will spend about 2 hours there. I already booked my taxi which will take me.
In the meantime, for the rest of this afternoon I will just read, and watch tv. I am trying to finish up the latest cathy glass book, too scared to tell.
I have about 2 and a half hours left to read in the book, it was a 9 hour book.

I’ve arrived in Dublin safely

I got to dublin safely. I am here now, got here around 5 PM. My train got in at 4 PM, and the taxi to my friends place, it took about an hour for us to get through traffic. When we got to my friend pats place, the dogs went crazy. His dogs name is sweeney. He’s 7. And him and Nitro quickly became buddies. Nitro straight off found sweeneys bone, and started chewing that, and he hasnt left it out of his mouth all night lol. Me and my friend hung out and chatted, and then he cooked me dinner. He made potatos and vegetables, and surloin steaks which were so yummy, he seasoned them and man the seasoning was sooo damn good. We’ve just been listening to music and chatting for the last 2 hours. My friend did take a bit of a hypo so he had to eat two bars of chocolate to bring his blood sugars back up. I got a little freaked out when he went low, but he told me he’d be ok once he ate the chocolate so I calmed down. Nitro is tired, and actually I am too so I hope I’ll sleep tonight. The plan is do a little email and internet surfing and then turn in early, tomorrow looks like its going to be a horrible day weather wise. We’ll see what happens though. We’re not doing anything special so we’ll probably just stay at home. So glad to be here and its nice to be able to catch up with my friend, its been far too long since I’ve seen him or since we did this.