I’ve arrived in Dublin safely

I got to dublin safely. I am here now, got here around 5 PM. My train got in at 4 PM, and the taxi to my friends place, it took about an hour for us to get through traffic. When we got to my friend pats place, the dogs went crazy. His dogs name is sweeney. He’s 7. And him and Nitro quickly became buddies. Nitro straight off found sweeneys bone, and started chewing that, and he hasnt left it out of his mouth all night lol. Me and my friend hung out and chatted, and then he cooked me dinner. He made potatos and vegetables, and surloin steaks which were so yummy, he seasoned them and man the seasoning was sooo damn good. We’ve just been listening to music and chatting for the last 2 hours. My friend did take a bit of a hypo so he had to eat two bars of chocolate to bring his blood sugars back up. I got a little freaked out when he went low, but he told me he’d be ok once he ate the chocolate so I calmed down. Nitro is tired, and actually I am too so I hope I’ll sleep tonight. The plan is do a little email and internet surfing and then turn in early, tomorrow looks like its going to be a horrible day weather wise. We’ll see what happens though. We’re not doing anything special so we’ll probably just stay at home. So glad to be here and its nice to be able to catch up with my friend, its been far too long since I’ve seen him or since we did this.

Friday morning post

I am thankful that its friday! I love the weekends! This is going to be a good one for me, as I am off to dublin today. I have my PA Frances coming first though at 9 this morning, its just going on for 5 AM here now. She’ll do some housework for me, and I have to go to the beauticians to get my nails soaked off and get some waxing done. I’m not reapplying the nails for a few weeks, I need to give my nails a break for a few weeks.

Once she leaves at 11:30, I’ll get ready and will go to the train station at 12:30 and get the 1:25 PM train to Dublin, the train takes around 3 hours to get there. It runs straight through, so there is no changing trains or anything thank god!

I am just hoping that Nitro will be ok on the train, its been a while since he’s been on one. And he’s older now, so I am hoping it wont stress him out too much.

The weather here is meant to be super bad this weekend, we’re getting another storm, this time its storm dennis. So I doubt me and Pat are going to do anything much, other than stay indoors, the winds and rain will be too much.

But I plan on having a nice weekend anyway. Planning on catching up with pat, its been far too long since we’ve seen one another.
carol anne

Trip to Dublin next weekend

So next weekend I’m going to Dublin. From Friday until Sunday. I’m going to visit my friend Pat. He’s blind, and I havent seen him in ages, so I thihnk its time we had a catch up.

I’m excited to go. Nitro will also be going. We’ll take the train to get there. It will be awesome to just hang out with him and chat. We’ve known each other for 18 years now.

He’s a diabetic, type one, and he got a kidney transplant some years back, he’s been doing well since then, but now he has hip problems, and so he’s not able to travel much. He called me tonight saying he feels isolated and lonely and he asked me if I’d come visit him. Of course I jumped at the chance to do that.

I’ll take my laptop with me when I go so I will still be able to be in touch with everyone, of course I’ll also have my phone with me. He has a guide dog too, sweeney, so Nitro will have a buddy for the weekend.

Its going to be a fun trip I think!

Feeling better, have calmed down now!

So I’m calmer now. The rage from earlier that I felt has subsided.

I face timed sarah, in colorado, and that helped. We talked for over 2 hours!

It was nice. We commiserated with each other, so I vented all of my anger and got it all out of my system, lol.

Plus I had 2 cups of strong coffee also! I needed the caffeine! I was so annoyed it was not good!

Now my plan is to go watch some tv, I want to watch operation transformation, that I missed last Wednesday because I fell asleep while it was on. Thats on for an hour. I’m a little anxious but am hoping if I sit down in front of the TV and try to wind down that the anxiety and anxious feelings will pass.

I guess we’ll see what happens. I can hope, right?

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