Share your world 18th january 2021

Melanie is our host for the Share Your World questions.
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Why do we dream?
I think we dream in order to process what went on in our day. Or to process our thoughts and feelings.

Do you think a persons name influences the person they become?
Not sure. I am leaning towards saying no. I think a persons personality and circumstances, make up who they will become.

Does hardship make a person stronger? (example: What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger)
Yes. I believe it does. People who have gone through something hard in their lives, whether that is big or small, those people always seem to have tremendous strength. Other people also seem to see it. People have said this to me, about me. I fail to see it sometimes but others seem to see it.

Why do we judge ourselves by our intentions, but judge others by their actions?
I think its the thing of, we judge ourselves harshly and we will always do that, its that being hard on ourselves as if that makes it ok, put yourself down, but really we should judge ourselves in the same way as we’d judge another person going through similar things.

Todays gratitude? That I had some good friends to talk to when I felt sad earlier this evening, I texted with my friend Sarah and we talked while we drank coffee!