Good morning guys!

so I am a happy camper this morning! I slept great! I needed the sleep badly! I ended up going to visit my friend norma yesterday afternoon, I stayed there for about 3 hours. Then I came home, ate dinner, and decided to have an early night. I was in bed by 9 PM. And asleep by 10. And I only woke up twice during the night, for about 5 minutes each time. I am delighted. I feel much better this morning having gotten some good sleep. Im still feeling low though. I am trying to remember to take my meds every morning. I take my prozac in the morning, and my other mood stabiliser at night. I am trying hard to remember them. So far it is working. I have been taking them regularly.
My PA is coming in an hour. We’re just going to do some housework today and I need to get her to go to the store for me too. She’ll be here for 2.5 hours. I’m also meant to work today. Not sure yet whether I will go in or not though. I may just stay home today. I am kinda not really feeling up to going in but we’ll see, I may feel differently as the morning progresses.
Well going to go drink my coffee, and get dressed. Happy tuesday everyone!


Picking lavender

Novas random word of the day is, sprig.


I just went outside in the garden, and I picked a few sprigs of lavender from my lavender plant.I am planning on using it tonight, planning on putting it on my pillow, before bed, and hoping that it will lull me into slumber.  We can hope, right? somethings gotta work, why cant it be lavender?  So that is one self care thing I did for myself today. My next thing on the list of self care things to do is brush my teeth, I know its a normal thing, but when your feeling low like I am, it becomes a struggle. So I am going to go in the bathroom, brush, then come back in the bedroom, put on some perfume,and hopefully the wasps will stay away from me. Lol.


Then, I am planning on going to see my friend, hang out, and maybe get tired out by doing that. so that hopefully tonight I can sleep better.


#NDRW- #70

Not a wink of sleep!

5 AM and not a wink of sleep! I am so frustrated. Meds on bord, and still, nothing.

This is crazy. Thank god I dont have too much I need to do today. I can nap if needs be, but I am going to try not to do that. So then maybe I can sleep properly tonight.

Im still thinking I’ll go visit my friend norma today. spend a few hours with her. I need to pick some things up from her anyway, so maybe I will go do that.

It will keep me busy, and I’ll be less likely to nap then.


Novas random word of the day, commiserate

I commiserate
with the grieving
Death comes to us all
at some point
we cant avoid it
but I will commiserate
as I think
about loss
grief and dying
comisserations go
to those who are left behind
on their sad loss
such a sad day
your dad
is better off now
his life
was long
and prosperous
and he was loved
by many
always remember that

Dedicated to the family of my dads best friend

#NDRW – #61

Novas random word of the day for July 31st, abjure

Well, I don’t want to do this but…
I do have to abjure that coffee after 7 Pm will definitely cause insomnia.
Much as I hate to admit it!
And what did I do tonight? I drank it after 7 PM!
So now if I am unable to sleep, its totally my own fault. I couldn’t resist, I just had to have it.
Mainly I had it cause I was falling asleep on the couch, while watching the news, that is until mom called me and the phone shocked me awake.
Nothing like a loud ring of a phone to jolt you back to reality!
Its ok though, if I cant sleep tonight, it wont matter, my only thing I am doing tomorrow, is going to visit my friend Norma, and if I am very tired, that wont matter, I can do that in the afternoon tomorrow, leaving the morning free for rest and relaxing.
So all is good, all is fine!
And now I am going to abjure reality for a little while! 😛

#NDRW – #58


Today I am so grateful to those who have shown me kindness! I feel blessed to have so many wonderful people around me, all willing to show me love and kindness, it feels so good!

Today I thank the following people, for showing me that there are good people in the world!

My CPN sarah for checking in with me!
my mom for knowing when I needed help and making sure I got it.
my dad for giving me medicine to help my cramping stomach
My dog who isn’t technically a person but he’s a breathing living thing who shows me love every day!
My wp family, for always supporting me through everything!
My email buddies

Thanks again everyone, where would I be without you all! Probably really screwed! Lol.