woke up feeling good

so yeah i got 3 hours sleep. you might say that left me tired. but it actually didnt. i woke up feeling good. my back stopped hurting. i got up and showered and feel so refreshed. energised even. i ate breakfast with my mom, she made it for me, she’s the best 🙂
so mom texted my sister, to see how she is today after being violently sick yesterday with a stomach bug. she texted back and said she still is weak but she has eaten and she is feeling a little better. so she will be coming over to mom and dads for dinner. its our sunday thing, we all eat together, then she will color my hair for me. and cut it too. i’m going on a trip this coming weekend to killarney for a couple of days. so i’m getting myself all spruced up for it lol.
i’ll do my tan tonight. the tan i buy its a moisturizer with a shimmer in it so you have to put it on a couple of times to make it come up and look nice.
might give my friend norma a call in a little while to see if she wants to come over later on this afternoon to my house. my sister will be dropping me home after my hair is done.
my other friend rose got admitted to the psych ward yesterday. i kind of knew she would. she had been doing badly for a while. she had gotten referred to the crisis team but she got very suicidal yesterday. i tried to support her as best as i could through texting. i feel bad because she asked me to come over but i couldnt, i was so tired i didnt have the energy to go visiting. but i was there via text and i kept her company while she waited for the psychiatrist to assess her. we chatted back and forth and last night i sent her a good night text to let her know i am thinking of her. i dont know how long she’ll be in for. usually she’s in for a couple of weeks. dr. barry is her psychiatrist too.
well thats about it for now.
carol anne


I distracted and now I feel better

well when the flashbacks hit, i decided to distract. i knew that would help. and i was right.
i watched americas got talent with my parents. it was really good. there were so many great performers on there.
i also rang my friend rose. she told me all about the wedding she’d been at today. talking to her helped a lot. she’s been going through some mental health struggles too lately so being able to be there for her has been great and very helpful to me as well.
now i think i’m ready to relax and wind down. the flashbacks have gone. i dont feel emotional. in fact i feel good. i like this feeling, long may it last.

daily inspiration

A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.
William Arthur Ward

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I woke up feeling sick. I really hate being sick. I cant put my finger on what exactly is wrong, I just know I feel like shit. I was meant to go visit my friend rose today. But now I’m not going. I was going to go back to bed and read, maybe I still will. Its damp and rainy outside, yucky weather to go with my yucky mood. This is not a good start to my weekend!

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helo everbody
i come out to say hi
i like to talk to you be you frends
i sad this week cuz i not like easter
lots of bad things happened to me then
i tryin not think bout them to much
has anyone got any ideas for fun things that i can try to do?
maybe if i had somethin to do i wuldnt be so scard

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My friends visit, and I exercised, yay

So thank you to those of you who have been encouraging me to exercise. Its very much appreciated. I did manage to do 15 minutes on the treadmill tonight, so I’m very pleased about that.
My friend Norma came over and we hung out. It was nice. We are trying to plan a little trip away together. We arent sure yet when we’ll be going…a couple things need to be ironed out first. The trip is to a special holiday hotel for disabled people. It would be nice to get a little bit of a respite break, even if it was only for 2 or 3 nights. You have to pay obviously but they put on lots of activities and therapies like beauty therapies, massage, etc. They have a hairdressers, and a nail salon. They do lots of planned day trips as well.
I think it would be a good way to meet other disabled people. People with all sorts of disabilities go there, I’m sure we’d make many new friends while we are visiting.
Will be sure to post more about the trip when I know more.