funding for new things

so I don’t know if I mentioned it here before, I think I did, but this organisation, called Cara Nua, which means new friend in irish, anyway, they are an organisation that helps survivors of institutional abuse and they have funded some things for me in the past, like CCTV for my house, like taxi’s to and from places, etc.
Well I have to call them tomorrow. It looks like there is still some outstanding money owed to me. And well, if there is, I want to use it up. I am planning on trying to get funding for a new MacBook, and some household items, like a new clothes dryer, and a new cooker.
The last I heard from them, was a few months ago. My then social worker mary, who was the social worker on dr. barrys team, rang them and asked them to give us a break down of the money we’d spent so far. Which they did do. But now marys gone, and we don’t yet have a replacement social worker on dr. barrys team. So it looks like I’m on my own and will have to ring them and find out all the info on my own.
That’s ok though. I can do that. I will need quotes too for the items I need. I got a quote for the MacBook on Saturday while I was out shopping with mom. Now I just need to get quotes for the other items.
I hope it wont be too difficult to get the ball rolling so I can get the money and get the items. I could be waiting a while though. They did say that they were dealing with new applicants the last time I talked to them and when they’d finished dealing with the new applicants then they’d deal with the rest of us on the list.
So now its a waiting game I guess. I just have to sit tight. Wait and hope.
So I guess we’ll see where this goes. Fingers crossed.

Okish afternoon

well I ended up having an okish afternoon. I went to iceland, its a local grocery store, I had to buy some groceries for the month, mainly I had to buy slimming world meals, but I ended up buying other stuff as well. I spent 77 euro there. I wasnt planning on spending that much but oh well. It happened, and its done now.
I am happy with the things I got. My sister took me there. Afterwords she said she’d drop me back to my house with the food, so I could put it all away. That was nice of her. So we did that, and then I came back to mom and dads house.
Now we’ve just eaten dinner. I had a frozen meal for my dinner. I had this one with chicken and vegetables, and noodles in a sweet chili sauce. It was delicious and now I am stuffed.
I feel okish right now. Im sure when it comes to tonight I’ll be feeling bad again, but for now I feel ok, and I’ll take that.
carol anne