Too early for me!

Omg its freezing this morning!
I woke up far too early lol!
I have work at 10 AM! I tried to book a taxi on credit, as I normally would do, but the firm I wanted to use was all booked up.
So now it means, I have to pay for one to get there!
My supervisor would have picked me up, but she has a dental apt this morning!
I hope I’m only working for a few hours!
I went to my parents house last night, for Christmas! I wont go home until after the 1st of Jan!
Well off to go wash my hair and make myself look presentable for work!

No work today

I didn’t go in to work today. I decided I needed to take a day off. I just couldn’t deal with anyone or anything, I didn’t have it in me to face listening to other people problems, so I called in and I took a day off. And I feel all the better for it!

My supervisor was very understanding. She asked me if I would be able to come in next week, I said I would. She’s off next week, so she said she’d send me my lists today so that I’d know who to call when I go in on Tuesday.

So I’ve been pretty much relaxing all afternoon. I’m at my mom and dads house for the weekend. My mom went to the beach with my sister, but I didn’t go with them. Mom and me are going to go out tomorrow, we’ll go visit my grammas grave, and then go for a long walk around a local lake.

I’m glad I took the day off. Sometimes you just gotta be good to yourself. You have to put yourself first. If I am not ok, what use will I be to anyone else?

Work crisis update

So I’m sitting here in the office. I’m about to make a start on my call list. But first I thought I’d update on the situation I wrote about the other day, the guy who was in the psych ward and was being released tomorrow.

So my supervisor went and cleaned his flat where he lives. She got a lot of bags of rubbish out of there. She dumped all that. Then she organised a few supports put a few in place for him so that when he comes out he’ll have extra supports.

She put meals on wheels in place, that means he’ll get a hot meal 4 times a week, cooked for him, and brought to his house for him. Then she also got on to the local housing authority, as his shower is broken. She also got on to an occupational therapist, as he needs help to cut his food, and other equipment that will aid him since he is so disabled physically.

We found out the reason that he was put in the psych ward after the argument he had with his family, was because he tried to kill himself, that’s what ended him up in there.

My supervisor didn’t get out of the office on Friday until close to six pm. She did a lot for this guy. Then this morning my colleague trish finished working on the case. So now he’s all set up and hoping that when he gets out tomorrow that he’ll be ok.

At least he’ll have some extra support anyway. We’re hoping to get him on the friendly call service, but we’re not sure he’ll want to come on the service, we’re going to talk to him about it though, well my supervisor will.

At work

Feeling very productive now. Just got to work. My supervisor gave me a ride in to the office so that was nice of her to do that.
Turns out a few more of our clients are no longer on our books. Two of them went to nursing homes. And another man died, but I didn’t know him, I never spoke to him. Seems this is the year for losing clients.
I am late getting here today. Late starting my calls. So I had better make a start on them now before it gets even later. I’ll probably be here until 5 today since I started my shift a half hour late.