Its almost 4 AM. I’m sitting in my living room on my recliner, laptop on my lap, watching the news on tv, because I just cant sleep. I did doze a little, but nothing substantial.

When I did sorta sleep, I had weird dreams. Now I cant really remember them, but I do remember they were weird. I guess I am glad I don’t remember them vividly.

I’m expecting more packages from amazon this morning. I bet the post man will get here at 7:30. Its so funny, he is on first name terms with me lol. I didn’t realise I get so many packages, enough that he knows me and usually has a conversation with me when he arrives with my packages.

My PA Frances will be here at 9 AM. I will just do housework again, I cant go out, well I could but its really wet outside, and I really have nowhere to go, nowhere that I want to go.

I feel like I’ve barely seen anyone this week, and I haven’t, other than frances, mom said yesterday that she’d bring me my dinner on sunday, as my sisters going over to our parents house for dinner, so awesome they’re gonna bring mine to me. Especially since the weekend is meant to be very stormy weather!

Sorry for the rambly post about nothing, but it is distracting me, I still feel super anxious and triggered, so writing about mundain things helps to take my mind off of the triggers.