Today is 26th January

The day has started out well. My PA frances is here, she arrived at 9 AM. We are just doing a lot of housework, and she helped me make breakfast, that was eggs on toast, she also ran to the shops for me to get me some milk and a couple of other bits that I needed.
My supervisor from friendly call has texted me, I will work for a couple of hours later on this morning, as soon as frances leaves, she’ll be finished at 11:30.
I slept well last night, therapy exhausted me, we had a very good session yesterday, it was very intense, we did some EMDR and that always drains me.
Eileen said to have a relaxed afternoon after the session, so I did. I went to bed early too last night. I was in a good head space though all day, so I’ll take that.
I recieved a package in the mail that I was waiting for, it was a box of dvd’s, I had bought them on ebay a few weeks ago. I only got the package yesterday afternoon, and I will be spending some time later today ripping the movies to my pc so that I can put them on my external hard drive.
Well thats about it, stay safe everyone, have a good tuesday.