Stream of consciousness prompt 8th august 2020!

I am participating this week in Lindas Stream of consciousness prompt!
Check it out here!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is spot. Write whatever image the word spot invokes. Have fun!

I spy
Or do I
Is it I
Spot, spot what?
My water bottle
On my bedside table
My dog
Being his cute self
Laying on his bed
Not a care in the world
I spot my hands
as they type this poem
I wonder
How I am typing so fast
At least I can type
I am so grateful to be able to type
LIfe as a blind person
Would be so much harder
If I couldnt use my technology
My I phone
My Macbook
All make my life that little bit easier
And now
I spot the time
Its way past midnight
Time for me
To throw in the towl
Head to bed
And try to get a good night of restful sleep
Here hoping!