What is lacquer?

So Novas word of the day for the 11th august was the word lacquer.

The british and irish use this word to mean something you put in your hair, like, we’d say, I sprayed my hair with lacquer.

Lacquer is hairspray, do you US or other European or Canadian folk use hairspray to keep your hair in place?

I use it a lot because I have a lot of little itty bitty bits of hair that are fly away and fly everywhere.

So we call that lacquer. Hair lacquer.

Strange word, isn’t it? I am only now realising how strange that is.

Hair Lacquer makes your hair all hard, so its hard to get it out once its in. You have to wash it out. Its disgusting really as your hair turns crispy lol.

Plus it also smells bad. And it is a chemical and well, those aren’t that good for you, are they?

Still even knowing that, I use it anyway. I guess I am a gluten for punishment.

So have you ever heard of hair lacquer?

#NDRW- #69