Without a trace

This poem is about losing my friend Norma. I havent spoken to her since early October, I am so sad and miss her every day.

You were the glue that held me together
My hope when skies were grey
Why did you have to go from my life?
Why couldnt you have stayed?

My life is empty without you
You were the friend who completed me.
Now you are gone and I cant find myself.
Where in the world could you be?

I shudder to think of what could have happened
To make you leave just like that.
With no warning and no goodbye
Im trying to find the answers, pull them out of a hat.

You wouldnt do this on purpose
With no good reason to break my heart
Are you in danger, are we in danger?
I feel like my life is falling apart.

You said good night to me and that was all
Then in the morning you were gone.
And I am left wondering why
I wish the answer could be shone.

I will miss you my friend
Until the end of my life
My heart aches for you
The pain pierces me like a knife