Help me help pieta, I’m walking 5 KM per day for the month of march, to raise vital funds for people who struggle with suicide and self harm

Hi everyone
This month I am trying to raise money for the local organization here pieta house, they are an organization for people experiencing suicidal thoughts or self harm urges, they do great work, and I want to try to raise some much needed funds for them. Will you join me, if you could donate anything to my cause I’d really appreciate it.
I am taking payments through pay pal!
Is my pay pal email address.
What I am planning on doing for my month long challenge is to walk for an hour a day on my treadmill.
I want to see if I can walk 5 KM every day this month!
Will you walk with me, donate to my cause, and help pieta house to raise vital funds for people living with suicidal ideation and self harm?
As someone who struggles on a daily basis with self harm and suicidal thinking, this is really important to me and very close to my heart!
Any donation big or small will be greatly received!
To donate, go to

click on send money and enter in

I’ll be very grateful for your donations!
I’ll report on my progress each week on Friday!
Thank you all! ❤ ❤