VJ’s weekly prompt: Baseline

VJ has a weekly prompt and this weeks was baseline. So I thought I’d participate in it.



Lately my mood has been pretty baseline. I feel good some, bad some, but its all ok in the end I guess. I am motoring along which is good. I guess it is good to be at a baseline, not to low, but not super manic or high either.



I can handle things when they are predictable and steady.

A baseline means just that. Well for me, it does. A steady mood, just plugging along, just doing what I need to do to survive. I can handle that.


Mood is a funny thing. It can fluctuate in an instant. So I’ll take slow and steady and run with that.


V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #17: Baseline


My fave…type of food and meal?

Its time for #wyf over at revenge of eve.  This week eve is asking whats your fave type of meal, and fave food?


My favourite type of food is indian, or Mexican. I love hot and spicy and both of these cuisines are great for hot and spicy food.


My favourite meal? Well my favourite meal is an Italian meal at the moment, its #wyf, revenge of eve! I also love the vegetable and bean casserole that the chef here makes.



Participating Guidelines:

  • Create a post on your blog responding to What’s Your Favorite? Elaborate or explain why it is your Fav!
  • Title your post-My Fav!
  • Use the featured image
  • Create a pingback to this post.


My favourite:Scent?

This week I am participating in wyf run by eve over at ROE.
My fave scent is, well, i have a few! One of them is vanilla. I also like lavendar. If I buy candles, I usually choose jasmine, or lavender.
For perfume I love a lot of different ones. I like to try out new ones a lot.
Right now my favourite is burbury weekend, or one called woman, cant remember who its by.
I also love le vi la belle, by lancolme, because my psychiatrist and therapist wear it.
  • Title your post My Fav!
  • Give your answer to your favorite and why it is so.
  • Link to Monday’s, What’s YourFavorite? post for pingbacks
  • Use the hashtag #wyf


a billowy breeze
picks up speed
tossing leaves
and other debree
right in front of me
as I try to walk
it whips at my back
knocking me sideways
then backwards
I struggle onwards
tentatively taking a few steps further
it really isn’t a great idea
to try to navigate a busy country walk way
when your blind?

March Writing Prompts