Doing some self care

I did some self care stuff this afternoon. Now I feel so good and am glad I took time to myself!
I took advantage of having a bath at my parents house, and I took a nice, long bubble bath!
It was amazing! The water was so warm and I was able to totally relax in it. My muscles are feeling the benefits of it now!
Then I ate a nice dinner with my mom. We had steak, mashed potatos and broccoli and cauliflower mix. It was scrumptious. I put piri piri sauce on my steak and on my potatos, because I am totally addicted to it hahaha!
Now I think I’ll read for a while. I am reading a murder mystery by joanne fluke, its the first book in the Hannah swensen series, a chocolate chip cookie murder and its so good!
Have you done any self care today? Do share about it with me!
❤ 😀 xoxo

we’re Now On Complete lockdown

Our government said last night we’re on complete lockdown now. We’re restricted from going 2 kilometres outside of our home to walk, only essential workers are allowed to go to work, we’re only allowed out to buy essential food or medications.
I knew this was coming, it was only a matter of time before they implemented it. I suppose its necessary to stop the spread of the virus, but it sure does make life difficult.
I had gone to my parents house for the weekend, so now I have to find a way to get home, well I think public transport is still running, although its scaled back a lot now.
I’ll wait now until tomorrow to go home. But once I do, I’ll be in the house for the next two weeks, and I am positive it will go on for longer than that.
Its a scary time for all of us.


#SOCS Beside you

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “beside you.” Write about whatever is beside you when you read this


I am sitting writing this post on my laptop while I am sitting on the bed in my bedroom at my parents house!
Beside me is a table, and on it there is a tv, which is broken, and a bottle of water which I am currently drinking!
I’ve drank a ton of water today! I love it!
On the other side of me is the wall, which is cold to the touch!
Its not a very exciting bedroom! It is my old room from when I lived here!
Well, as long as I have somewhere to plug in my phone, I’m good! And there are plugs next to me also so win win!


What day is it anyway? Friday March 27th 2020

Its Friday! Yay! Hoping ya’ll are having a great day!
Mines been awesome so far!
I decided to go to my parents for the weekend! I was planning not to go, but then I got so bored at home, and I was missing my mom. So I decided to go and spend the weekend with them. I got here around 4:30. I spent a bit of time chatting and watching tv with my parents.
Its been 3 weeks since my moms been out of the house. My dad is doing the grocery shopping, and the other things that mom usually does. He’s not liking it but he’s doing it anyway.
I didnt get to take Nitro for a walk today! I was planning on taking him out, but then I knew I’d have to get a taxi home after grocery shopping, and I wasnt sure if they’d take him in the back seat since now with the coronavirus the new law is that you have to sit in the back of the taxi!
So I felt really guilty not taking him out!
My dad said if he feels up to it he’ll take him out in the morning, which will be great for him. My plan is to take him on tuesday again. For an hour long walk. It will do him good and do me good too!
Nothing planned this weekend, other than starting a new book! Dont know what I’ll read yet, but I have plenty to choose from. I’m not short on books!
Well enjoy the rest of friday!
Oh yeah, now the UK prime minister has coronavirus, and prince charles also has it as well!
Ireland has had 19 deaths now, we had 10 yesterday. We have over 1800 cases of the coronavirus here now.