A poem contribution by DV

I’d like to introduce you all to my good friend and fellow blogger, DV. Her bio and one of her poems is below.
Please pop on over to her blog and connect say hi support her, she is an amazing person!

Im an Australian doctor, artist, writer and mother coming to terms with longstanding mental health problems resulting from complex trauma. I started my blog Dangerous Voyage last year because I was inspired by reading about other peoples journeys through therapy, and I wanted to speak out too and to connect with people who understood what I was going through in a way that friends and family and therapists did not. The caring and support that I have received from being part of the blogging community has been amazing.

Blog address

My poem: Hope

Hope is a flower
on a distant tree
thick fleshy petals
soft and white
dont touch
touch leaves bruises
dirty and brown
starts the rot
withering decay
I copy the flower in stone
thinking it will be strong
but that fails too
a brittle shell
which crumbles to dust at a touch
dont touch
just look
hope is a flower
on someone elses tree.



Vivekas poem!

hi guys

I am so happy to introduce you all to viveka! She has chosen for me to publish one of her pieces on my blog, which I am so happy to do! She writes awesome poems, so read this and if you like what you see check out her blog!

My name is Viveka Sah. I have suffered from anxiety in the past and a lot of my poems showcase those feelings of darkness, fear and the like, usually with hopeful undertones.

This is the link to my blog: Finely Wrought by Viveka

One of my poems:

Hush now.

You’re going to become everything you ever wanted to become.

You’re going to be able to do everything you ever wanted to.

Very soon.

Is that what you wanted to hear?

Is that what you’ve been telling yourself

All the while that you’ve been wreaking havoc?

That you’ll get what you want.


You want so much.

You want too much.

You’ve been at this for so long, how much more do you think you can take?

How much more are you going to ask of your body?

It isn’t a machine.

And you cannot ask it to be superhuman, because, child, it isn’t.

You’re a finite resource that can and will self-destruct if you need to.

You’re broken, yet you continue with the ceaseless barrage of demands?

Of torment?

Have you ever thought that you’re asking too much?


Rethink this whole mess.

Stay, struggle, watch everything burn if you have to.

But stop asking, stop demanding, stop insisting

Stop torturing the only thing you have.

Because, soon enough, you won’t have it anymore.

You won’t have anything but regret.

And you’ll lose yourself all over again.

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hi guys
i’d love to connect with some of you on fb.
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I’m a girl who cant make up her mind…

i’m a girl who cant make up my mind
what to do
where to go
should i stay
should i run
and hide away
i should blog
people care
they are here
they are there for me
through thick and thin
and i love them for it
appreciate the friendship
and support i get
wouldnt be with out it
so i stay
and i pray
no toxic people
or creeps
or abusers
find me
and i hope
that i have made the right decision

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Being a nightowl

yes thats me, a nightowl. i cant sleep. probably because i slept late today, until 1:15 PM. so now I am up. its gone 2 AM. of course I’ve had plenty of cups of coffee. I started the prazacin tonight. 1 mg of it. so far no side effects thank goodness. liz is struggling tonight. she said she is feeling depressed. apathetic. she wrote a poem about it and after writing she said she felt better. when liz struggles it effects me. that is because we are connected. we feel each others feelings and when one of us does bad then the other usually is doing bad too. i’m sitting here now listening to apple music and catching up on blog ; posts. Is anyone awake? Are you struggling tonight? If so I’m here, struggling too, reach out to me and we can chat.

Tomorrows plans

plans for tomorrow have changed a little bit. I was supposed to bake my xmas cake but now I wont be baking it until Thursday. that is because cora, the staff member whose assisting me cant come in, something personal going on for her not sure what it is, but she wont be able to do it, so i’ll have to do it on Thursday and then ice it next week with mom. the icing is only roll out icing so mom can help me with that. and its best to leave the cake for about a week before icing it. the class are going on a field trip tomorrow, to a place called national learning network, they are going to look at options for further training there should they wish to pursue it since two of the class are leaving soon as their time on the course is up. i’m not going with them because I know about the national learning network already and I have been there to study so I decided I wouldn’t go. so I will just stay behind and do college work, its not like I don’t have a lot of that to catch up on. I said I was having a nearly night tonight but it looks like i’m not. I took meds and tried to lay down but I couldn’t sleep so got up again. its very warm in my room. the heating is turned up full blast and I don’t think I can turn it off. I was going to go have a shower but i’m not sure I should or whether to wait until morning. its just if I don’t sleep good then i’ll be super tired tomorrow morning and wont feel like jumping in the shower. at least I passed my risk assessment though so I can now make tea and coffee in my room. I will post the results of my assessment in another post. kim, the girl doing it had good things to say about my abilities to use equipment and navigate my surroundings confidentally. she also made recommendations for things that could be done to make it easier for me to do things and get around and be safe when making hot food etc. nitro is curled up by my feet, he’s a happy boy tonight. i’m mostly happy too 🙂