Storm update post

well it started at around 8 AM. and now its definitely upon us. the winds are whipping up and the rain is coming down hard! nitro is very nervous! to be honest so am I! I’m not good with storms and neither are most of the kids!
we are staying safely indoors. no going out for us. everywhere is closed! well practically everywhere. our country cannot handle storms!
The weather warning is in force until 9 PM tonight. so we have a long day yet to go.
carol anne


No storm yet

nothing yet, but its on the way! The rain has started!
I’m a little bit nervous!
I hope we’ll be ok. We’re on our own. And our home help rang to say they got a message from their boss not to come to work today.
So looks like we’ll be preparing our own food. So I told the kids they could have chicken nuggets and amy wants onion rings and we’ll have hash browns too.
At least we slept ok last night. Went to bed at around 11 and its almost 4 AM now and we slept for all that time which is really unheard of for us.
I brought nitros bed out into the hall and shut my living room door. He seemed to like it in the hall, well the little bit of time he spent in the bed, because mostly he slept with me lol.
Anyway thats the update for now will keep yall posted as to how we do with the storm.
carol anne

a sunday ramble

i’m having another lazy day. not up to much. woke up early, actually was awake during the night, at like 5 AM. got up for an hour went online, and then was able to go back to sleep for another hour or so. woke up at 8, because nitro decided he was going to lick my face until I got up 😛 he’s so funny he just wanted to see who was out in the kitchen he’s so nosey hahahaha 🙂 so i got up and fed him and then i was starving myself so i ate breakfast. i made yummy hot buttered toast, i love it when the butter is melted on the toast, its my favourite way to eat it. i havent done anything else this morning except showered. my dads brother is here the one thats in a nursing home, its his birthday today and so he came to my parents house for dinner. its my dads birthday tomorrow. there is 3 years between him and his brother, his brother is older by 3 years, my dad will be 64 tomorrow. i gave him money, because i didnt know what else to get him, he’s not a gifts sort of person, he prefers the money. i’ll just relax for the rest of the afternoon, i’ll be going home to my own house around 6 PM. and of course x factors on tonight, i’ll be glued to it. i’m totally addicted.
do any of you watch x factor?
what are you doing for your sunday?
carol anne

Hard to hear

so we got some sad news today. an aunt of ours, our moms brothers wife, is dying. she has bone cancer, and she was given the news yesterday that she only has about 1 week to 1 month left to live.
She has been really ill for the past couple of weeks. last week she was admitted to hospital, and they gave her two blood transfusions. the doctors told her yesterday that she isnt making blood, and that they cant give her any more transfusions. basically there is no more they can do.
we are all devastated.
If you pray, please send prayers our way.
her son is a drug addict and he is on the streets, no one knows where he is so he hasnt been told yet.
her daughter also takes drugs. she isnt quite as bad as the son but she’s still bad enough.
moms brother her husband, is frantic.
imagine the stress he’s under? a dying wife, and two addicts for kids?
it breaks my heart. i havent seen her since she got the bad news.
i’m not sure i’m strong enough to see her.

Wet Friday morning

its a wet day outside this morning. very very wet.
I woke in the middle of the night, and I stayed up for about an hour. eventually I was able to go back to sleep.
I got up at 7 and mom washed my hair. I have an apt with my cpn sarah at 10:15. was meant to go volunteering after that but I don’t think I will go. its far too wet.
we’re supposed to get the end of a tropical storm in Ireland this weekend. so there will be high winds and lots of rain.
my dad is gone to his gastroenterologist this morning. he’s hoping she’ll start him on some sort of treatment. he’s pinned all his hopes on it so I hope he wont be disappointed.
he also had physio this week to retrain his bowel. the physio gave him exercises to do and a chart to mark off each time he goes to the bathroom.
my mom went with him. she’ll go in to the doctor with him and ask questions because he never does.

tired sorta wednesday

I’m really tired today. I just woke up at almost 4 PM. I slept for 2 hours. That will make up for my waking up at 4 AM this morning.

I was going to go to the basement clug today because there was a knitting and crochet group on. But then after I saw dr. Barry and Mark I was tired so just went home instead.

My home help will be here soon. Once I start the independent living skills course I will no longer have home help. I don’t mind though. I am looking forward to being able to cook everything for myself. The home help I have now just helps with cooking.

I’ve been missing doses of meds again lately. I am making a conscious effort now to remember to take them. I know its important. Sometimes I miss my night dose. I tend to be ok taking the morning dose. I haven’t told Dr. Barry just because meds haven’t come up in our appointments lately.

I received a very nasty email today. someone who reads my blog sent me an email. They said I am crazy, and I am way too attached to my therapist, and its creepy, and if they were my therapist they’d take out a protection order against me. I ignored it and just deleted it. I’m not even going to entertain it. They are obviously looking for me to respond so they can continue their ranting and hatred. Well, its not happening.

Has anyone else ever gotten nasty emails from people viewing your blog?

I plan on staying home tomorrow. I’ll have my pa in the morning from 9 AM until 1 PM. I plan on doing housework. I’ll probably go to my parents tomorrow and stay there until Sunday. I was meant to be going to Dublin on Saturday for an advocacy meeting but I decided not to go. It would be a very long day and I’d have to get up super early to get the early train. I can still become a member of the advocacy network that’s being set up without going to the actual meeting. Its run by the national council for the blind here in Ireland.

So what are your plans for the weekend?
carol anne