Its so unfair. I want a mom

its allie. im so sad.
i realy wanta mom. i want eileen. or dr. barry.
i dont care if i cant have them. i want them. i want a nice mom. a good mom. a mom who will see me. a mom who will love me. a mom who cares.
dr. barry and eileen, they care. they love me. they’ve said it to me.
so i know its true.
ive been cryin a lot tonight.
its so unfair that i have no mom to love me.
i want hugs and kisses, to talk, to be heard.
to be seen, to be me. to be ffree.
i want to live with dr. barry. or eileen. they are my two safe people. i love both of them.
im just so sad. so so sad.
life is so unfair.
allie age 9