#JusJoJan-1st January – Speech!

And here it is my speech about my failure to start my goal of exercising on Jan. 1st! I wanted to, I really did. Maybe if I hadn’t drank on new years eve, I would’ve been in a better place this morning, as it is, I just couldn’t face going out for a walk.
Tomorrow is another day, right? Right!
I did say I wouldn’t start exercising until the 3rd, when I’d be home in my own house and could use my treadmill and go at my own pace.
So can I be granted some leeway?
Lol maybe, maybe not. I still feel bad for not starting on the 1st yanno, new year and all?
But in other news, I will be eating healthily today. That was one of my other main goals. We’re having a yummy chicken curry for dinner, its going to be full of veggies, yummy!
And I did fulfill another goal, I saved some money, and I am so pleased about that.

#JusJoJan prompt the 1st – “Speech”