Sunny Saturday

It was so hot in my bedroom last night. I am in the attic, upstairs. It gets super hot up here. I could hardly sleep. I did sleep some, but It was only very light sleep. I didn’t go to bed until midnight, but I was up again at 5 AM. I had weird dreams. I can barely remember now what it was that I was dreaming, but all I know is, they were weird dreams. I decided to get up when I heard mom in the kitchen making tea. The sun was already coming up at 5 AM. It is going to get up to 23 degrees C today and I am loving it. I had a very healthy breakfast. I had some wheetabix and banana, and a fruit salad. Mom has gone grocery shopping with my sister. It is just me and Charlie in the house now, as my dad has also gone out. I havent even gotten dressed yet. I’m not sure I will. I want to just relax today. Not do much of anything. Mom is making beef stew for dinner. I think it is too hot for stew. But I’ll eat it. I asked mom to get me more tropical fruit bowls when she went grocery shopping. I love having them as a snack at night. I’m going to read later on but I don’t know what I want to read yet. I have plenty of books to choose from though. I’ll definitely find something that I want to read. I hope everyone has or is having a lovely Saturday.
Stay well, and stay safe,