That takes patience!

I went to my parents for dinner. And while I was there mom asked me to set up her phone for her. I gave her my IPhone 10, because she only had the IPhone 7, and soon that phone is going to no longer work!
We tried setting it up at her house, but she wanted to transfer all of her data over to the new phone, and we found out that you need wifi to do it, she doesnt have wifi, she only uses data on her phone.
So she decided she’d come over to my house and we could do it there. Well I had to walk her through what to do. I use voice over as you know, and neither of her phones had it set up because well, she doesnt need it!
So I patiently told her what to do! I admit I did lose my patience once or twice. Its hard to tell a sighted person what they need to be doing!
She isnt the greatest with technology, so it took more than one try to set up the phone.
But eventually we got there!
I was proud of myself for helping her to set it up, and even prouder of her for following my instructions to the letter!
It does take a helluva lot of patience though, and, patience isnt my strong point!