Poetry. Puppydog eyes

You sit
Waiting for me
to drop you some carrots
And I do
Only because your so cute
I cant resist
Your such a cute beggar
You give me those puppydog eyes
And my heart melts
No walk for you today
You don’t care though
Your happy to just lie underneath the table
And lick my toes
Happy because
I’ve given you breakfast
And of course
The carrots I was cutting up
To make my vegetable soup
Love you my cute boy
Woof woof!

The pooches are sooo damn cute!

I cant believe what just happened. Nitro and my dads dog biggie, whose a bullstaff, were licking yogurt out of the same carton! It was sooo cute! I wish I’d gotten a picture!
Biggie, whose supposed to be a vicious breed, and my fluffy monsterdoodle, nitro!
It was priceless! I’m just so sad I couldnt capture it on camera!
That would’ve been such a cute picture or video to have!
Two big sweet babies! Two gentle giants!
It was so incredible to watch them!

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Some self care

This evening I’ve been doing some things to help with my self care.

I took a nice long, hot bubble bath. It was so nice! I really enjoyed it. I sat for a long time in the water just relaxing in it.

I read a book for a while. I got a new book today the new maggie hartley book. However there is a problem with my preorder audible had some problem with it. They’re working on fixing it for me so I can start reading my new book! In the meantime I am reading another book, confessions of a gp, it is a book written by a UK doctor about his practice, its really good!

I made a nice cup of tea and now I am drinking it! As Emily says, tea makes everything better! She’s so spot on about that!

So thats what I’ve done for self care today! Have you done anything or are you going to do anything for yourself today?
Let me know!

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