One liner wednesday, love yourself!

Love your body! Love your self! Love yourself unconditionally! When you do, thats when true healing can begin!]


Healing words of the day!

Conquering any difficulty always gives one a secret joy, for it means pushing back a boundary-line and adding to one’s liberty.
Henri-Frédéric Amiel

I definitely think if we conquer our difficulties, and face our fears, life will become much nicer.
Plus the sense of achievement we will feel will be awesome too!
Go out and live your life, face your fears, and conquer them!


#weekend writing challenge from Sammy cox!

Sammy cox is the host of the weekend writing challenge, where a word is given and you have to come up with a piece of writing which encorporates that word!
Sammy writes:


The challenge is simple: each week you will be given an exact number of words you can use to write a poem or piece of prose. You can use any format or style you like; go wherever your inspiration takes you. The only rules are these:

  • your poem / prose must contain this weeks word. The word does not have to count towards the exact word count total it can be in the title, or the first letters of the lines of a poem can spell it out you can be as creative as you want as long as its there somewhere.
  • the length of your poem / prose must match the number of words stated in this weeks challenge. No more. No less.

This weekends word is song!


sing me a song

make my heart dance

sing me a tune

make me swoon

make me forget

my worries and troubles

as I dance and sing

To your magnificent tune

Sing me a song

A song of hope and joy

A song that will start my day off right!


One liner weds, live laugh love

Live, laugh, love. Be bold, be courageous, be brave, be beautiful. Never let anyone tell you that your worthless, or that you cant, you can! You can and you will! You can achieve anything! Always remember that! Dream big, dream, always dream!



Today I am so grateful to those who have shown me kindness! I feel blessed to have so many wonderful people around me, all willing to show me love and kindness, it feels so good!

Today I thank the following people, for showing me that there are good people in the world!

My CPN sarah for checking in with me!
my mom for knowing when I needed help and making sure I got it.
my dad for giving me medicine to help my cramping stomach
My dog who isn’t technically a person but he’s a breathing living thing who shows me love every day!
My wp family, for always supporting me through everything!
My email buddies

Thanks again everyone, where would I be without you all! Probably really screwed! Lol.

Today, I

Today I Release toxic thoughts and emotions, unhealthy environments, unfruitful relationships, thoughts of revenge and unforgiveness, thoughts of envy and strife, negative words I spoke to others, negative words I have spoken about myself. I let it go today, right now, and I live a life filled with love, peace, and freedom.
Joice Mandigma


No work today

I didn’t go in to work today. I decided I needed to take a day off. I just couldn’t deal with anyone or anything, I didn’t have it in me to face listening to other people problems, so I called in and I took a day off. And I feel all the better for it!

My supervisor was very understanding. She asked me if I would be able to come in next week, I said I would. She’s off next week, so she said she’d send me my lists today so that I’d know who to call when I go in on Tuesday.

So I’ve been pretty much relaxing all afternoon. I’m at my mom and dads house for the weekend. My mom went to the beach with my sister, but I didn’t go with them. Mom and me are going to go out tomorrow, we’ll go visit my grammas grave, and then go for a long walk around a local lake.

I’m glad I took the day off. Sometimes you just gotta be good to yourself. You have to put yourself first. If I am not ok, what use will I be to anyone else?