Who is your hero?
My gramma.
What is their superpower?
Her determination and kind heart.
Where was your first kiss?
My first kiss was while me and my partner were in her house, we were going out, and we were heading towards the back door when she suddendly threw her arms around me and kissed me.
When was the first time you fell in love?
I was 16, it was more of a crush than true love though.
How did you know it was love?
Well like I said it was more of a crush I was the one crushing!
Why is love important?
because it makes people feel special, and have warm fuzzies inside.
*Journal prompt: Write about your first love.
I’m not going to share this on here, I prefer to do it in private.

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A day of positives

I decided I will write out a few positives and focus on them today. So here goes.

I am alive. I am happy to be alive.

I have parents who love me

My dog loves me

I am going on vacation tomorrow

I am healthy

What are your positives?

Song of the day. Supermarket flowers Ed sheeran

Ok, since ed sheeran is playing in cork this weekend I decided to pick one of his songs for my song of the day.
I love this one song. Its a tribute to his mom.
Its so beautiful. Tell me what you think of it?

Update on nitro

just got back from the vet with nitro.

she checked him over, but she’s still not happy with him. She said the area where the abscess was is still a little bit swollen, so she gave him another five days of antibiotics.

she said when she went in to drain the abscess it was around the size of a plumb. And now the swellings coming down, and it is about the size of the little stone that is in the middle of a plumb.

he was meant to get his yearly vaccinations today but she said she’d leave it go for another two weeks until he finishes the second course of antibiotics.

other than that she said he seemed to be doing well. and he is. it looks like i’ll be giving him the tablets myself, since i went back to my own house after seeing her and I’m staying here for a few days until the weekend at least. All along my mom was helping me to give him his pills.

i’ll just put them in between some meat and put the pill in his mouth and keep his mouth closed until he swallows it. hopefully he’ll cooperate and there wont be too many issues with him taking them.

anyways. im glad he’s otherwise ok. it was almost 30 euro for 10 tablets, can you believe that? thats about 3 euro per tablet…not cheap! but I didnt mind paying that much. I’d do anything for him to make sure he’s ok and well and happy.

Back to the vet for Nitro tomorrow!

so nitro has to go back to the vet tomorrow for his check up to see how well he is healing. I hope he is healing well. it looks like he is though. my parents said the area where the abscess was looks much better, you can see where they made the slit to drain it, he hasnt been licking the area too much so that is good. he’s eating and drinking so thats a positive. he’s taken all of his meds, with only one time where he spat out his tablet and that was because he saw his food bowl and wanted the food. i’m happy with his progress and i hope the vet will be too. its great to have him finally back to himself again.

This Is Exactly Why Your Life Has Been Falling Apart Lately

A powerful post from Anita over at discovering your happiness!

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