Hot chocolate with Eileen 😘

hi hi guys
this is allie. guess what?
Eileen has the same coffee maker as us. she told us that on Monday during our session.
she said she likes to drink hot chocolate and she uses the tasimo drinks maker to make it. we got some hot chocolate yesterday in the mail, and i’m gonna email Eileen and ask her if we can have hot chocolate together during our next session.
she can make a mug and we can make a mug and we can both drink them during our session, it’ll be like sitting with her and drinking it together.
I know if I ask her she’ll say she’d love to do it.
I gotta thank our friend sarah for coming up with the idea, its a great idea!
why didn’t I think of it!
its another way of connecting! plus every time we drink hot chocolate then we’ll think of Eileen.
im going to go email her now about it!
allie age 9