Mom got sick

So mom got ill with a bug. We think it was from a sandwich we ate last night. We bought sandwiches at the store, and brought them back to our room, they were chicken and stuffing sandwiches, and we think mom got food poisoned from hers.
She’s been up all morning with stomach cramps, and diarrhea. She is coming around a little now. I feel so sorry for her.
I just hope she’s going to be ok. My two aunts are on their way to spend the day with us. So hopefully mom will be ok and be able to enjoy the time we spend with them. We just had breakfast. We only had cerial and toast, well I had cerial, mom only managed a slice of dry toast.
Its really awful that she is sick on our trip. She normally wouldnt eat sandwiches bought from a store, I dont know why she decided to last night.
We are still going to try to have a nice day despite her being ill. She will hopefully come around as the day goes on.


Food log 18th April

Yesterday I had another good day. I ate well, made good food choices. I will list what I ate below. I hope these food logs are not boring to anyone. They are really helping me stay accountible. So I will keep them up for now.

Breakfast yesterday was a bowl of wheetabix, and some fruit.

Mid morning snack was a slimming world bar, some fruit.

Lunch was a ham sandwich and a mug of tea.

Dinner was chicken curry and rice.

Evening snack was some fruit cut up.

Drinks throughout the day were couple mugs of tea, coffee and 2 litres of water.

Was happy with how the day panned out.


Panick over!

Well guys, I am rethinking things. I may actually be able to stay in college after all. I panicked earlier, when I saw that F on my grades. I couldnt cope with it. But my friend denise emailed me, she said she got an F too. And she said she knows 8 others who also got f’s. So something is clearly up. Something is a miss.
I feel if I can sort it out thenI may stay in the course after all. Despite my symptoms, and despite what is going on, I do like the course, I enjoy it, I enjoy learning.
Denise has emailed brenda our coordinator. So have I. I also sent an email apologising for my earlier one I sent her.
I hope this works out. I am glad I wasnt the only one who got an F.


Sad because I had to quit college

I am so sad tonight. I had to quit college. I failed an assignment. I couldnt believe I got an F on it. I was heartbroken. I decided the pressure was too much. I cant keep everything going. I have way too much going on right now, what with symptoms flaring, and ptsd stuff coming up. Also I dont think I am cut out for college. I’m feeling pretty disheartened, but it was for the best. I think and feel I did the right thing.
We were almost done for the term anyway. I stuck it out as long as I could. But with all that is going on I couldnt keep it up. I feel like such a failure.
I feel like I constantly start things but dont finish them. This course was meant to help me out with extra training to help with my volunteering, but then, part of me says, well, I am already the expert, I have mental illness, I dont need training in it.
I guess its ok. I had to do what I had to do.
Just feel bad about it. I just emailed my coordinator to tell her of my plans.
I hope she’ll be ok with it.