gratitude list November 28th 2020 #t to t

I am linking up this week with #TToT).
For the first time!
I am grateful for so many things recently. I need to try to do my gratitude list once a week at least from now on. I used to be better about it but am going to try hard to make it a regular feature of my blog!

1. Cooler weather…I love the autumnal weather, I like it when it gets cooler in autumn, it feels so refreshing.
2. My dog! Where would I be without sweet Nitro! He is such a loyal companion and so loving.
3. Books! I love having loads of books to read! I never run out! I am always buying new books in the hopes I’ll get around to reading them and normally I do eventually get to them!
4. Friends! My friends mean the world to me. I have lots of good friends, and one best friend, whose so supportive and I’d be lost without her. However all of my friends, both online and offline are really great.
5. Nature…its lovely to be able to be out in nature during these last few weeks. I love feeling the leaves crunch under my feet, listening to the birds, and feeling the cool autumn air on my skin.
6. My therapist and psychiatrist. Lately my mental health hasnt been great, it has taken a bit of a nose dive. I’ve had the support of my psychiatrist and therapist during my hard time, which I am so thankful for. An increase in my meds has helped, someone to just listen to me vent, also really helpful.
7. My PA Frances! I have a PA who comes in 3 times a week to help me clean, help me do grocery shopping, etc as I am blind. She is a really lovely lady and we get along really well. She is fantastic at her job.
8. Blogging! I love my blog. And all of my blogging buddies. Everyone on wordpress is so supportive and very friendly. Its a wonderful community.
9. My mom…My mom is awesome. She always does her best for me. She is my number 1 cheerleader. She is very supportive and I love her to pieces.
10. My sister. My sister Laura also does a lot for me, and I am so thankful to her. She drives me places, she helps me around the house, she’s a great friend and I can talk to her about anything.

What are you thankful for?