My friends test for coronavirus was negative

My friend Norma got her covid19 test results back. They were negative.
To say i am happy is an understatement. I am so relieved.
I am relieved for both of us. I hadnt told my parents that I was around her, but I did tell them she was being tested. I didnt want to worry them unnecessarily.
I kinda knew it wasnt coronavirus that she had, but you just can never be sure. But when she got tested, the ambulance guy said he didnt think she had it, so that was positive.
So drama over, lol. Life can resume as normal. And I can go visit her again now.
So glad I didnt have to be tested. I was so nervous about that.
But it worked out in the end…yay.

a quiet start to my Monday

Its 6 Am, Good morning everyone!
I slept ok, I guess.
I woke at around 4:45, ended up getting up then. Knew I wouldnt go back to sleep again. I had woken up around 12:30, and ended up eating something, as I felt hungry, good thing I did, as I was able to get back to sleep once I ate.
Its a lovely morning out there, the weather is beautiful, sun is shining. I let Nitro out, and when he came in he got a little bit sick on the rug, so I ended up cleaning dog vomit, not a nice way to start my morning off.
I should go make my second cup of coffee, I have therapy at 10, and I am all geared up for it, its going to be a hard session, i know.

#blogging insights #30

Has your blog turned out more or less as you expected or totally different?

My blog started off as a place to write about the process of goig through psychotherapy. I am, and always will be a mental health blogger, that is my nitch, but I have branched out more now, now I write and post my poems, quotes, recipes, etc.

Although my first love is always going to be blogging about mmental illness, y past, and my healing journey healing from dissociative identity disorder and complex ptsd.

Blogging about other things is just the icing on the cake, people seem to enjoy what I write, and for that I am very thankful and I thank all of you for continuing to read my posts.

morning post

surprisingly, i slept well last night. i didnt think i would. so when i did, it was a huge surprise.

I woke up at 6:30. My mom was also awake and she was getting up so I got up with her.

Its just gone 7:30 now.

Its a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining. Its so nice to see it.

I fed Nitro and let him out and spent some time chatting to my mom and stuff.

No plans for today really, other than maybe going to my aunts house this evening, if the weather stays good.

There is a game of bingo being played outside, with all the neighbours, so mom and me and my aunt thought we’d go and play. mom can play for me.

we’ll maintain strict social distancing while we’re there. but it’ll be fun. nice to get out and have a bit of a laugh.

the prizes are small but you do win some money if you win.

If it stays sunny I might take Nitro for a walk later on this morning.

Other than that though i have no palans today. I’ll just relax, and chill out.

a helping hand

So I am meant to be off work this week. But my supervisor called me this afternoon in a bit of a panic, one of the other volunteers was having trouble with her p hone. She had nobody to do the calls that that volunteer was doing. So she asked me if I’d step in. I was free, I wasnt doing anything at the time. So of course I said I would do it. So I ended up working in the afternoon for about 2 hours making calls. It was a pleasure to do it for her. I wouldnt see her struggling to find somoene to do the calls, if I can oblige I will. The calls were easy, all of the clients were ok, It was great talking to them all. There was this one client, she asked me if I was knew. I said no, that I’ve been working for friendly call for the past 2.5 years. She then said to me how she finds it so hard to talk to people who she doesnt know. I could appreciate that. Because, I also find it hard to talk and open up to people I dont know, well especially in real life. So I did my best to put her at ease. She told me she was 73 and I told her that she didnt even sound her age. That made her laugh and she told me I made her day. But it was so true. There was no way I’d have guessed she was 73 years old. So I think we clicked after that. I enjoyed working today and there is a chance I may have to work tomorrow also.. Not sure yet but my supervisor said she’d call me in the morning if she needs me to work.

Up and about

I am up and about again. Its just gone 4 AM.
I couldnt sleep. I only went to bed at 1 AM. I only slept for 2.5 hours.
Its very frustrating. I wish I was able to settle for longer. I didnt even nap yesterday afternoon, in fact I stayed awake all day and evening, I’d been up since 6 AM yesterday morning.
I made a coffee and put the radio on.
I had better go take my morning meds. Or is it too early? I dont know. I suppose it isnt.
I’ve been struggling to remember my meds. That could be part of the problem.
At least my internet works. Thank god.

I am so wiped out

I feel so wiped guys. So, so exhausted.
I woke twice during the night, after going to bed at around 10:30. I woke at 1:45, got up but only lasted for 30 minutes, I just couldnt keep my eyes opened. I had something to drink and then went right back to bed. Fell into a deep sleep, but the damn phone woke me up, I forgot to silence it.
I was having weird dreams, not scary or bad, but just kinda weird. I cant even remember them now though.
I woke again at 4 AM but I thought no I’m not getting up. Nitro had been on the bed with me and he had jumped off, I think thats what woke me up. I turned over and decided to try to go back to sleep, and I did, until 6 AM!
I finally decided to wake up, and get in the shower. I feel a little better now although if I am honest I could’ve slept longer. I dont know why I am so wiped out. I think its down to not getting much sleep lately, I think it has all finally caught up with me.
I dont have much on the agenda today, my PA gets here at 9, and she’ll be here until 11:30. After that I dont really have anything else on. I am not working this week. Not having a lot to do means I am bored, means I am restless, means I am sleeping more by day when I really dont want to do that as it messes up my sleep by night.
I am determined to try to catch up on blogs today and on reading a few more chapters of my book.