My goals on this wednesday are
take a shower
care for nitro
See dr. barry
Go to lunch with my colleagues from friendly call
Finish my current book
Eat healthy and make good food choices

If I can achieve all of them I’ll be thrilled!

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Daily gratitude

Todays gratitude list is below. So much to be grateful for again today.

1 My furry friend, Nitro.

2 My PA who came this morning and took me to the gym!

3 A hot shower!

4 Naps!

5 That my headache is gone!

6 A warm house!

7 Good food to eat!

8 A hot cup of tea!

9 Friends!

10 Support from my mom!

11 My good mood!

12 Journaling!

13 That I was able to afford a taxi this morning so I didnt get wet walking in the rain!

14 My phone!

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Question of the day

So today, my question to you is this…

What has benefited you most in your healing journey?

For me, it is a few things. Writing is one. Having this blog, somewhere to share, has helped me so so much. I love my blog. I love all of you my blog buddies. Your all amazing and you’ve been so kind to me. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

Having a therapist has also helped us greatly. Its hard work but so worth it. Processing memories, doing EMDR is hard. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have gotten so much out of therapy.

Music, reading, hot tea, essential oils, my dog, all also help me.

So what helps you and has benefited you in your healing?

No volunteering today

So I didnt go volunteering this afternoon.

I had a headache. So decided to stay home and rest. I napped for 2 hours. The nap did me the power of good.

I feel so much better now that I napped. I felt bad for canceling at the last minute, but I really couldnt help it. My supervisor understood.

Sometimes you just need to rest up when you dont feel good.

I’m never out so it was really a one off for me to not go.

carol anne

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Good Tuesday morning

Happy Tuesday everyone. How are you all?

I’m off to the gym in a few minutes, looking forward to my workout.

I actually slept good, didn’t think I would but I did when I finally fell asleep around 3 AM.

I slept until around seven, so got four hours of uninterrupted sleep which I badly needed.

Just waiting for my PA to come no, she’s going to the gym with me. We have two hours but I’ll probably only stay in the gym for an hour.

Weighed myself this morning and seem to be down a few pounds, I’m down around 4 lb I think in total, so very pleased, as I won’t be weighing in this week I decided to weigh myself at home on my own skills.

I think on my eating of healthy food and my good habits are paying off finally, I am delighted.

5 skills I’m good at!

I have many skills and talents. I decided to write down a few of them. Just to remind myself that I am actually good at some things!

Singing-I love to sing. And I can actually hold a tune! I was in stage school as a kid and in my teens too. I participated in a lot of shows. I enjoy music, and I take voice lessons now and absolutely love it.

Writing-I think I am an ok writer. I’ve had this blog for years. 3 years. I had another blog before this one for 3 years also. I enjoy documenting my story. It helps me feel heard.

Listening-I feel I am a good listener. I like to listen to others. I feel I do a good job when it comes to hearing what others have to say.

Conversating-I love talking. I can hold a conversation. I am a very social person. I am outgoing and not shy unless I really dont know you. If I dont know you I may be shy at first. But once I get going I can talk for ireland, they say we have the gift of the gab in ireland, I definitely do lol.

Joking around-I love to joke around. One of the thingsI absolutely love about myself is my sense of humour. People are always telling me how funny I am. I actually love jokes and joking. We all need to laugh, because, laughter makes us feel good!

So there you have it, 5 things I am good at! 5 skills I think I have.

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