Dr. barry and new meds

I just saw dr. barry. We had a good appointment. I will be starting a new med. I am starting clonidine.

Dr. barry said that clonidine is being used in the US for ptsd, sleep, anxiety, ADHD in children, and other uses also. She said its not really used here, its an off license med. But it is available. So she’s going to try me on it. She’s starting me with the lowest dose, which is 0.1 mg. We’re going to try that for 2 weeks. Then when I see her in 2 weeks she’ll re-evaluate. And if all goes well she’ll increase it.

We talked about my anxiety, and I asked her if we could reintroduce lyrica again, but she said she’d prefer to just introduce one med at a time. She said its not good practice to introduce a few meds at the same time. She asked me if I’d prefer to deal with my anxiety now, and deal with the ptsd symptoms and sleep issues later. I said no. The PTSD symptoms are hard to deal with and I want some relief from them.

Then she had another look and she said that clonidine is used to treat anxiety also, in some cases. So it may help me with that too. She told me to watch out for dizziness, a drop in my blood pressure, and dry mouth. Those are the main side effects that I am to watch out for. She gave me a script for 2 weeks worth of the med. I am nervous about starting it. I hope it will go well. I cant actually start it until Friday night, since I wont have the med until then. In a way that’s good, it means I’ll be at my parents for the weekend when I start it, that way if my blood pressure does drop I am not on my own. I’m just happy to have found a med to take that looks like its a good option. Its really good news.