I really am not sure

I’m really not sure whats going on with my PA Amanda. Last I heard she was going to be out for a while, out sick apparently. However it seems rather odd. When I called her she never picked up. She never called me back. She never answered any of my whats ap messages. So I don’t know if its a permanent thing that she wont be actually coming back, or if she will, in a couple weeks. I could ring the office and see if I can find out, but I’d rather talk to her myself if that’s possible. I guess it isn’t though not for now at least.
I’m glad I have a relief PA in the meantime. I do like her and we get along well. She’s a lot older than Amanda, but she’s nice, and she does a good job of cleaning the house for me which I am glad about.
I just wish I knew what was going on with Amanda, I really don’t want to lose her. I guess only time will tell though whether she actually does come back to work or not remains to be seen. Fingers crossed she will!