Got home!

Well I am home finally. Got home about an hour ago.

Hosting lunch today was easy. Nothing came up. We had a quiet time of it which I am glad about.

I had booked my taxi to pick me up at 2:15. I had to stand out in the rain for a few minutes so me and nitro ended up getting soaked. We’re home now though and drying off.

I am glad I went in to the basement club today. I feel much more at ease now that I’ve met the new coordinator. She’s friendly, and seems to want to get things done and get to know the members.

Plan on kicking back and relaxing for the rest of today. Just gotta see to nitro, feed him, etc then I gotta make my own dinner. After that I can do whatever I fancy.

Hope your all having a fab day!

Changes, changes

I’m at the basement club this morning. I am not very happy. I found out that at the members meeting this week they have decided well staff did, that the name of the basement club should be changed to cork shine. Shine is the organisations name but we’ve always been known as the basement club, the reason the centre was called the basement club at the beginning of its creation was because it was in the basement of a building. But anyway. Members were not asked if they wanted the name changed. It was the decision of head office in dublin. I think thats awful. WE should be asked, and it should be voted on, like all of our decisions are voted on by members.. I am not sure it will be though. Thats sad to me. Sad how many changes there are going on here right now. The new coordinator has started. I met her this morning. She seems to be nice. She did say that over the next couple of weeks she is going to try to sit down with everyone individually and get to know us. I do think that is good. I would like to do that. And if she offers me a slot I will take it. I will be staying here for a few hours. Its 10:30 now and I am going to be here until at least 2 as I am hosting lunch today with my friend denise. Right now staff are in a meeting. There seems to be a ton of staff meetings, something that never happened much in the past. So yeah. A few members are here, but the weather is bad so I dont think that many will come in today.
carol anne

The documentary I recently took part in at the basement club is finally here!

hi guys
well here it is, finally. Our documentary that we recently took part in. The first organisation profiled in the documentary is link, an organisation for lesbians, then there is us at the basement club, and then the cork youth health service.
Please enjoy this and any feedback you can give me is appreciated.

The art workshop was a bust

so the art workshop i went to was kind of a bust. i was not really able to participate. probably because the guy giving the workshop did not know i’d be coming, he did not know i was blind. he had chosen an activity that involved drawing each others faces. he did allow me to work with clay. but i kinda felt left out because the rest of the group were working on portraits and they printed their images at the end of the workshop. he kept apologising to me about the fact that i was unable to take part. so at least there was that. i did find out some good information about the centre, though. i asked a lot of questions. i was the only one asking questions. we were only there for an hour, and i couldnt stay for coffee afterwords because I was running to my volunteer position. still though I am glad I went. I still think it was worth going. At least now I know about the centre and I know about the courses they offer.

Increasing my hours

I just had supervision with Emily at the basement club. I have been volunteering for two hours each Tuesday morning, doing reception and typing up letters making posters typing up emails etc. I decided today that I feel stable enough to increase my hours. So now from tomorrow on I’ll start doing an hour every Friday morning. During this hour I will work on creating a newsletter for the basement club. My hope is that I’ll be able to do 2 newsletters per month, but for this month I’ll just do one. My focus this month is on education and training. Since most groups and college courses start in September there will be a lot of info to put into the newsletter. I am looking forward to getting started on this project. Researching is something I love to do. I think I’ll really enjoy creating this newsletter.