fill in PA

So this morning I had a fill in PA for frances, as she’s on holidays for a week. The ladys name was regina, and she’s from lithuania.
She was very nice. We got along very well. She’s a very chatty person. And very very friendly as well.
We went to slimming world so I could weigh in, that was easy, we took a taxi there, and back, I actually got the taxi to wait while I got weighed, as I knew we’d only be 5 minutes.
When we got back to my house, we had a cup of coffee. Then she got busy doing housework. I had to tell her what I needed her to do, but once I gave her instructions she got right to it.
She vacumed the floors, mopped them, did dishes, put out my recycling and rubbish, and changed my bed and put the bedcovers on to wash.
She was super efficient!
I really liked how she did the housework. She really gave the floors a good going over.
I asked her if she’d do cover again for me in august, since frances is going to take another weeks holidays in august, and she said that wouldnt be a problem, that she’d be happy to do it for me.
Her husband picked her up at 11:30. Before that we had half an hour to spare since she got everything done so quickly, so we chatted and it was cool getting to know her better. She has two grown up kids, her son is 22 and her daughter is 18.
She also told me about all of her animals, she has a dog and a cat. Nitro loved her and she loved him and was petting him and talking to him.
So it was a good experience. I was very happy with her work ethic and with how she and I got along.