Starting my day

the house is so warm
feel like I am melting
go outside
play fetch with nitro
cool down
before coming in again
drink some water
feeling refreshed
time to take meds
and start my day
waiting for my PA
one hour to go
before she arrives
then its all systems go
as we tackle the housework
before my fun weekend starts


I really am not sure

I’m really not sure whats going on with my PA Amanda. Last I heard she was going to be out for a while, out sick apparently. However it seems rather odd. When I called her she never picked up. She never called me back. She never answered any of my whats ap messages. So I don’t know if its a permanent thing that she wont be actually coming back, or if she will, in a couple weeks. I could ring the office and see if I can find out, but I’d rather talk to her myself if that’s possible. I guess it isn’t though not for now at least.
I’m glad I have a relief PA in the meantime. I do like her and we get along well. She’s a lot older than Amanda, but she’s nice, and she does a good job of cleaning the house for me which I am glad about.
I just wish I knew what was going on with Amanda, I really don’t want to lose her. I guess only time will tell though whether she actually does come back to work or not remains to be seen. Fingers crossed she will!

Happy Friday hallo to all!

Hallo guys!
I hope you are having a nice morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are in the world!
Its morning here now, almost 6 AM to be exact. I woke up early, I woke up at like 3 AM. Been up since, am showered, and ready to face the day now!
My PA is coming at 9 AM. I still have a relief PA. I still dont know what is going on with my regular PA amanda, I havent heard from her. Who knows if she’s even going to come back to work! Anyway Frances, the relief PA will be here at 9!
We’re going to go to the bank so I can do a bank transfer to pay for my new phone! I am going to get a taxi there and back. I would walk there, but Frances has to walk to my house, as she doesnt drive, so I am not sure she’d want to take another walk with me, so I will just take a taxi instead.
The weather here is beautiful today. Its dry and it looks like its going to be sunny too which I am glad about. Sun always makes me feel happy and it also makes me feel good!
When we get home from the bank I need frances to do some housework for me. She’s here until 11:30. Then I am going to go to my moms for the weekend. I am working today too in the afternoon. I will probably go in to work at around 2 PM.
This weekend mom and me are going to have a day out on Saturday. We were thinking we might go to Cobh, its a town close to where I live, its a 30 minute train ride away. We’re hoping that we can go there and enjoy lunch, and have a walk around and just enjoy each others company.
My sister goes on holidays tomorrow, she’ll be gone for 2 weeks, she’s off to the canary islands, I hope she’ll have fun but I am sure she will!
Well have a great day everyone!


The morning from hell

yesterday I had the morning from hell. My PA amanda never showed up. Its totally unlike her to do that. Apparently she’s out sick still, but the office didnt know that.

I’d been trying to reach her unsuccessfully. So at 9:30 I rang the office. I had grocery shopping to do, so I needed someone to come over.

They did find someone for me, her name was katie, I didnt know her, had never met her, but I had no choice, she had to do it if I wanted my shopping done.

Anyway it turned out she was nice, I liked her. And I did get everything that I needed to do done.

It was stressful though. Very stressful. And it totally wiped me out.

In the end after katie left, I took a haldol and went to bed. I was too upset and stressed to go into work.


Good morning, good morning!

Hey everyone
Good morning and happy tuesday!
I hope your all having a lovely start to your day, or if it is night time where you are then I hope you had a very nice day!
I am wide awake. I woke up at 3 AM. I couldnt go back to sleep, so I have been watching tv and listening to the radio. And drinking diet coke.
My relief PA gets here at 9 AM. Its her last day working with me today. And I will be so glad to have my other PA back!
I missed her! Its funny how you get used to working with one particular person, isnt it?
Anyway not much on the agenda today, except to get my assignment for college done and handed in! I need to just sit down for a few hours and tackle it. I never got to it at the weekend, so I need to do it today as it is due in on friday!
Heres hoping! I am not in the mood but I know once I sit down to do it the words will just flow. At least I hope they will. Its journal style entries, so once I can gather my thoughts to write, that will be good.
I am meant to be going volunteering too today. I am not sure if I will go in yet though. If I can get the college work done this morning, then I will go in!
Anyway do let me know in the comments what is on your agenda today!
Have a nice tuesday all!


Gone to work early

I’m in the office right now. I had to go in early. My supervisor rang, she’s short staffed so she asked me if I could come in as soon as I was free.
I had my PA here from 9 AM until 11:30. However I let her go a bit early, so that I would be able to go in to work that little bit earlier. I got a taxi in because my supervisor was on her own in the office. She wasn’t able to leave the office. So she told me to get a taxi in and put it on their account.
We’re very busy. I just took a small break to write this post.
My PA cleaned my house, she did a fine job on it. She did a lot of things. Including changing my bed, mopping my floors, vacumeing, washing dishes, etc.
I am happy I got all that done. She turned out to be a really good relief PA.
Now I’d better get back to work. I am feeling tired, since I didn’t sleep good last night. I am going to have a cup of tea to wake me up. I would drink coffee, but I think I’ve had more than enough caffine today already.

Morning ramble

well i dont have to go in to work. i have the day off. there is some training on and so my supervisor told me not to come in. thats fine with me. it means i can go to my parents earlier than I planned. mom and my sister are out right now, and my sister said she’d pick me and nitro up. saves me getting a taxi. i had to wait in for my meds to be delivered, but the guy from the pharmacy just brought them. so now i’m ready to go when they are ready. which should be within the hour. its a beautiful sunny day here. i had my PA here this morning, the relief PA. things are going fine with her. she’s nice. we went out so I could get my money out of the ATM. then we came home and did house work. now the house is spick and span again. feels good to have a clean house. not much else going on here this morning. just relaxing before mom gets here.