Long tiring day

its been a long tiring day. i ended up napping for most of the afternoon. i didnt even get to the gym. i feel so bad about that. but i was just too tired to go. i didnt go volunteering either. i wasnt in a good headspace today. so i canceled it. brenda didnt mind. she said it was ok for me not to come in. so this morning my pa came. we wrote some christmas cards, and i mailed those. we cleaned the house. had food. and went and got my money out of the ATM. I payed my mom back, I owed her some money since she did a few things for me when I didnt have the money to. after my pa went home i went to mom and dads. i didnt get up to much for the afternoon. it was a duvet day. i went to bed. napped on and off. tried reading but it wasnt happening either. i did text a couple of friends for a while. i heard from my friend denise that she also got a place on the mental health in the community course. so thats good. at least I’ll know someone now. We’ve planned to meet up next week on the day it starts. I feel a lot better now that I have a friend to meet up with on the morning. I had a nice dinner of steak that I’d asked mom to buy for me. I hadnt had steak in ages. It was delicious. I really enjoyed it. My parents dog is sick. He had some sorta stomach bug. He’s been feeling off all day. Poor guy. He’s 12 now so an old dog. I hope he’s going to be ok. This evening we watched the toy show. Its a show that comes on our tv each year where they talk about toys and talk to kids and kids demonstrate the toys. I love it. So do our littles. Of course now they want every toy they saw on the show. lol. Its 1 AM now so bed time. I need to try to sleep as tomorrow we’re going christmas shopping with mom and our sister. Then after that we’ll go for lunch. And then we’re going to glow, a christmas themed market and winter wonderland. It should be fun. I’m excited about going. So I’ll say good night and talk to you tomorrow.
Night, all!

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Friday shinanigans!

thank god its finally friday! i am very busy though. my pa was here this morning. we did housework, lots of it. then she took me to the gym. i hadnt been to the gym in a week. i am out of practice. i was exhausted after walking on the treadmill for 20 mins and doing the bike for 10. i need more regular exercise so i will try to go more. I will go again tomorrow. it was a good workout. after my workout i went to get my money out of the ATM. then we went across to a shopping centre to get food. there were crowds everywhere. you know with it being black friday. the crowds were unbelievable!
we managed to get a taxi home pretty easily which i was surprised about. we got home around mid day. ate our food. and then i let my pa go home early. there wasnt anything else she needed to do for me.
i got picked up at around 2 Pm and I have been volunteering doing my friendly call shift. It was a good shift. We were really busy again. We’re short staffed so I had a lot of extra calls to do. I’m actually still in the office now as I write this. I’m waiting for my supervisor to finish up her calls. Then she’s going to give me a ride to moms house.
The weather here is crap. Its been pouring down with rain all day. I was soaked this morning. I think this rain is going to last the whole weekend. If the weather forecast is anything to go by it will. I have to go out tomorrow so I hope it wont be too wet. I dont fancy getting soaked.
I love that its the weekend now though. I love my weekends. I love when friday rolls around.

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Damn it anyway!

My PA has been here all morning. Normally she doesnt have a car with her but today she had her dads car. Outside my house there’s a parking space, its mine, anyone whose visiting me can park there. I left my PA go a little early, and she just facebooked me to say that she’d recieved a parking fine of 150 euro! For parking in the space outside my house, that is my space, I might add. Damn it! I told her not to pay it. I told her to ring them up and see what they will say. She did and she just needs to get a picture of my disabled parking permit. But my god! Who would have reported her for parking there? Someone in my estate must have! Someone had to have done it! I live in a housing estate so its not like the people who clamp cars would even be in there! I am so angry! So so angry! Thank god its easily sorted though! Otherwise her dad would have had to pay 150 euro! No way I said there’s no way she’s paying it!
God what a nightmare! some people, they are malicious!

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Stuffed myself stupid ha ha

c So I totally just made a pig out of myself. My pa is here. We had her car so we went to get my money out of the ATM. We decided to go get some food too while we were out. Im meant to be being good, you know, cuz of my diet and all. But I bought a roll, a bread roll, with turkey, cheese, chili sauce in it. I also got a bag of crisps, and some sausage rolls. I ended up letting Nitro have a sausage roll. For anyone who doesnt know what sausage rolls are they are sausage with pastry puffed pastry over them. They are really good, but oh so fattening. So then we came back to my house and we’ve just eaten. And now I am stuffed. I am definitely going to try to be good now for the rest of this week. What I ate now I think its probably a massive amount of slimming world syns. But oh well. Sometimes you just gotta live too, right?

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Well tomorrow I was meant to go to the gym. But the weathers supposed to be awful. So I doubt I will go.

My PA will be here at 9 AM. I think I’ll have her just do some housework. My house needs a good cleaning.

I was going to opt to get a taxi down to the gym, but well, if I did, I’d be worried we wouldn’t get one home again. If the weather was really bad in the morning, there’s a possibility we may not even be able to get one to take us there either.

I do need to get my money out of the ATM. But I guess that can wait until Saturday morning. Hoping the weather will have picked up by then.

My PA’S boss is coming out to us tomorrow too. She wants to do an evaluation with me, to see how I am liking my service, if I am happy with it, how I am getting along with my new PA etc. I’m not in the least bit worried about that. Everythings going along just fine. I am very happy with how things are going.

So the plan is, get my house spick and span. Have breakfast. And not sure at this point what else we’ll do. Probably just sit and chat. I do hope the four hours will fly by though.

Im also going back volunteering tomorrow. I’m feeling ok mood wise for now at least. I don’t want to miss another day of volunteering asI enjoy it very much. So I will go tomorrow afternoon and do my shift on friendly call as I normally do on Friday afternoons.

Busy friday!

I’ve had a busy morning. I met my PA at the gym. Then I did an hours workout. I went on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then I went on the bike. It was a really good workout. I feel great after it!
After the gym we went to the store. I bought a sandwich for my lunch. Then we went to the bank as I needed money out of the ATM. Then we got a taxi back to my house.
My PA did a little housework for me. She mopped the floor and vacumed. Then I let her go as there was nothing else to be done. I let her go an hour early.
I’m now volunteering and doing my friendly call shift. My supervisor picked me up. She dropped me off with y application form for my college course. Then we went to the office and I did my calls.
I had a good number of calls to do. I got them all done though. Everyone was good today which made me feel good. Im glad people are doing well.
I’ll be going to my parents in a little while. I’m not going to do much today. Except have dinner, we’re having burgers. Then I plan on relaxing for the evening.

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A busy Morning with my PA!

had a great morning. amanda came at 9. we had lots to do so we were very busy for the entire morning. i had a taxi booked for 9:20 to take us to my gp’s surgery to have my bloods taken. The taxi came bang on time. So we were actually early. Amanda asked me if I wanted to go in on my own to get the blood drawn or if I wanted to have her in there with me. I let her come in with me. It wasnt a big deal. I was happy for her to come in with me. The blood draw was uneventful. The nurse was actually able to find a vein! I was shocked! She did use a butterfly needle though to draw the blood. But it went well. She took four bottles of blood from me. She said I had to come back in two weeks for my diabetic review. She said at my review I’d get the blood results then. She gave me a urine sample bottle but I didnt have to give a sample today, she said to wait until I come back in in two weeks. I will also be having an ECG then too. So after coming out from seeing the nurse, and getting an apt for 2 weeks, we walked to a local restaurant. I had to eat something as i was starving. I had been fasting to get the bloods taken so I needed to eat. We went to a nice little restaurant and I had a sandwich. It was really good. I had ham and cheese with some mayo on it. We sat and chatted for a while, then we walked over to the gym which was very nearby. I had a really good workout at the gym. I did the treadmill, the bike and I lifted weights. The weights were very hard I didnt realise how hard they’d be. I was exhausted after doing them. I did 3 reps of 12 reps each. On five different machines. It was intense. After my workout we came back to my house. And I got amanda to do some housework. She mopped, vaccumed, did dishes, changed my bed, and a few other bits and pieces. She flew around I was shocked she got it all done in an hour! I couldnt believe she got it all done in such a short amount of time! I had an hour to spare after she left. I rang a friend and we chatted for a while. then I got picked up and I am now volunteering. I’ve finished all of my calls though. I’m just sitting here for a few minutes now relaxing waiting for my ride back to my moms house. The volunteering was amazing. Everyone I chatted to on friendly call was in a great mood. Its nice that they were all feeling so good. Some of them were saying how bubbly I am and how I am always in a good mood. Im not but when I am here I do try to be. I try to be upbeat and positive. They have no idea that I struggle so much as I cant let on that I struggle. It makes me feel good to help people. It makes my day that I can help the clients and if talking to them helps them to feel better then I am happy to do it. I’m looking forward to going back to mom and dads tonight though for the weekend. I am hungry now and mom is making a chicken curry with rice and nan bread. Yummy. I cant wait. I told her to put some chick peas in it and she is also putting peppers, mixed veggies and carrots and onion in the curry. I am planning on resting for the evening. Not doing much of anything except maybe reading and being online on the internet. I’ll be going to the gym again tomorrow, mom is going to take me. So thats about it for now. Its been a busy few hours but I like it that way, I like when I am busy.
carol anne

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