A little ramble

had a really productive morning with my pa.

we went to the gym. I did 20 mins on the treadmill and 15 on the bike. I felt great after it. I think exercising really did me good.

Afterwords we had to go to the store to pick up a few things. I got stuff for lunch, and a few other small things I needed. Then we went to the ATM so I could get my money out for the week.

After that we got a taxi home. We had walked to the gym and then I did the exercise so I wasnt feeling up to walking back home. The taxi driver who picked us up, I knew him. He was very chatty and friendly.

Once we got home my PA cleaned my house for me. She changed my bed, vacumed the floors, did dishes, mopped the floors etc. That took about an hour. By the time all that was done it was almost time for her to leave.

Now that she’s gone I am unsure of what I will do for the afternoon. I dont have anything planned. I think I’ll just relax. The guy who fitted my house alarm is supposed to come later today. He has to fit new batteries in all of the sensors around my house. He didnt give me a time that he’d arrive, he just said when he has a chance he’ll call.

So I guess I’ll go make a coffee. Nitro is relaxing too. He was pretty hyped up all morning. So he’s having a bit of a rest now. He’s so funny, always so hyper when my Pa comes. He just loves her. He loves to stick his nose in her face and get cuddles and rubs from her.

Ok well off to make that cup of coffee, before I am distracted, my friend just sent me some messages on fb, I started replying to him and now I am just totally distracted.

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A busy Friday

So I am having a busy friday. My Pa was here this morning. She managed to get to me without any issues. The weather wasnt actually that bad, not as bad as the forecasters made it out to be. We didnt have snow. Or ice. We just had a cold wind, and some rain. But it was mostly dry this morning, very frosty though and freezing cold, temps got only up to 1 degrees c. Its dry though and I am glad about that. Amanda was late getting to me, but that was because she took a cab, and the cab didnt come on time. I didnt mind though as she’s never late. We went to get my money out of the ATM for the week, I also needed to buy a new cordless phone, my landline phone was broken for months. I was going to just replace the rechargeable batteries, but then I figured the phone was old, so I’d just replace the whole thing. We went to one store, but the lady who dealt with us was very rude. She wouldnt even help me when I asked her if they sold cordless phones and if she could show me one. She literally said to me that they are in a glass cabinet at the back of the store, literally she just pointed and was like, we have them but right now they’re out of stock. Needless to say I didnt stay in that store. We went to another one and I got a cheap phone, for 25 euro. And now its plugged in and charging, I have to charge it for 16 hours the instructions said before I can use it. I went to the grocery store too, as I needed a few things. I got a new dog bed for Nitro. He hasnt gotten into it yet though. He does that, the last time I got him a new bed he didnt go into it either for ages. Eventually he will but he needs to sniff at it first and put his mark on it. I went to the butchers too. I got some shredded chili chicken, and some chicken curry, and some garlic potatos. I had left chicken wings out to thaw, and I will have the garlic potatos with them later this evening. They smelled so good when I was cooking them, I cooked the potatos already so then all I have to do is heat them up later tonight. I am not going volunteering this afternoon. I decided I need a bit of a break from it. I need to recharge a little after all the recent client losses. So I took today off. My supervisor was ok with me doing that. When my pa and I came back to my house after being out, my PA cleaned my house for me. So now its spick and span again. I am going to just relax this afternoon I think. No plans really. Its just as well as we arent really doing that well emotionally right now. Some insiders are feeling unsettled and a little overwhelmed. I’m sure they’ll write later, but right now I am trying to stay grounded, I am trying to stay calm and just relax.

Early morning…

6 am here. I woke up at 5. Had gone to bed yesterday very early. Glad I did I slept good.
Am still at mom and dads house, going home later on this morning, my sisters going to drop me off. Weathers supposed to get really bad again tonight.
We’re meant to get more snow…dont know that my PA will be able to get to me tomorrow morning…or that I’ll be able to go volunteering if the weather stays bad and if it snows…
We’ll see I guess. No plans for today though…
Hope everyone has a good day…

5:30 AM ramble

OmG guys. I am so edgy. Not feeling good at all. Its flashback central around here.
I woke up at around 4. I couldn’t go back to sleep so got up. I had only lay down at 1. I slept very fitfully. Dreatm a lot. Bad dreams too. Sucks.
Its cold so I put on my heating. I will just chill out until 9 AM now. My PA will be coming then. If it stays dry outside I am definitely going to the gym. We can walk there. I need the exercise badly.
I made a nice cup of flavoured coffee. I know that wont do anything for my weight loss but right now I don’t care. I just needed some comfort. I feel agitated. I also feel emotional, very very emotional.
Hoping it passes soon. I’m not up for feeling bad all day.

A quiet day

I had a very quiet day at home. After the drama with the neighbour earlier, I didnt hear anything else aboutit so I assume everythings ok, and the police are now investigating.
I was exhausted by four pm, so I went to bed, to read. Of course I fell asleep. I didnt wake up until 8:30 PM. I will probably be up a while now, since I woke up so late.
I decided to cook. I made yummy sweet potato fries and some chicken, and I’ve just eaten it. It was delicious.
My plan for tomorrow is to go to the gym. My PA will be here at 9 AM. My plan is go to the gym, and then go get my weekly money out of the ATM.
Of course I am also volunteering tomorrow afternoon. And then I have college on saturday all day. We’re doing the second wrap training. I’m going to mom and dads for the weekend too.
Well thats about it from here. Hope all of you had a good thursday.

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Morning ramble

I’m having a very productive morning. My PA amanda is here. We went to get my money out of the ATM, and while we were at the local shopping mall, we went to the butchers, and I got a nice stir fry, with steak in it. I will have that today for dinner. I also bought garlic potatos. I love garlic potatos. Amanda cooked the stir fry for me, and all I need to do now is heat it up later on when I want to eat it. I never got to the gym. My motivation to exercise just isnt there. I am going to push myself though to do a 1 mile walk later today, I have a 1 mile walk on my phone, which takes 20 minutes to do. I will try really hard to do that walk every day this weekend. I have to try harder. I am being far too lax about exercising. And I know thats not good for me. I know I need to be trying. I am wasting my gym embership, but I will get back there too soon. I’ll start with the walk on my phone first, and build up to going back to the gym. I am not going to go volunteering today. I dont feel in the mood. I still feel very impacted by the recent death of one of my clients. I need to try to text Eileen later on today and see if we can do a phone check in. I know I spoke to dr. barry on Wednesday about it, but I just feel I need to also talk to Eileen. I know if she is able to she’ll give me a phone check in. She knows I wouldnt ask unless it was urgent. And I feel this is urgent. I cant stop thinking about the client. I keep replaying the conversation my supervisor had with me over in my head. It freaks me out to know that she lay on the floor all night, possibly alive for some of th e time. I just feel that I cant help anyone today. I dont feel in the right mind frame to help anyone right now. I feel I Just need a break from it today. My plan is to have an afternoon where I do self care things, and chill out. Just sit at home, watch tv, read, etc. Mom is coming over tomorrow, and I am planning on going to my friend Normas house on sunday if she’s free. So I do have a few things planned for this weekend. I hope your all having a nice start to your friday.

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Long tiring day

its been a long tiring day. i ended up napping for most of the afternoon. i didnt even get to the gym. i feel so bad about that. but i was just too tired to go. i didnt go volunteering either. i wasnt in a good headspace today. so i canceled it. brenda didnt mind. she said it was ok for me not to come in. so this morning my pa came. we wrote some christmas cards, and i mailed those. we cleaned the house. had food. and went and got my money out of the ATM. I payed my mom back, I owed her some money since she did a few things for me when I didnt have the money to. after my pa went home i went to mom and dads. i didnt get up to much for the afternoon. it was a duvet day. i went to bed. napped on and off. tried reading but it wasnt happening either. i did text a couple of friends for a while. i heard from my friend denise that she also got a place on the mental health in the community course. so thats good. at least I’ll know someone now. We’ve planned to meet up next week on the day it starts. I feel a lot better now that I have a friend to meet up with on the morning. I had a nice dinner of steak that I’d asked mom to buy for me. I hadnt had steak in ages. It was delicious. I really enjoyed it. My parents dog is sick. He had some sorta stomach bug. He’s been feeling off all day. Poor guy. He’s 12 now so an old dog. I hope he’s going to be ok. This evening we watched the toy show. Its a show that comes on our tv each year where they talk about toys and talk to kids and kids demonstrate the toys. I love it. So do our littles. Of course now they want every toy they saw on the show. lol. Its 1 AM now so bed time. I need to try to sleep as tomorrow we’re going christmas shopping with mom and our sister. Then after that we’ll go for lunch. And then we’re going to glow, a christmas themed market and winter wonderland. It should be fun. I’m excited about going. So I’ll say good night and talk to you tomorrow.
Night, all!

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