A lot got done this morning!

My PA Frances just left! She got a lot done around the house today! In two hours, she did loads! I am very pleased!
We got the vacuming done, mopped the floors, did dishes, did some dusting, she also went to the store for me to pick up a few things!
I was only up about 10 minutes when she arrived! I just couldnt get out of bed today! I was exhausted! I had to get up in the middle of the night to let Nitro out, and I woke at 6 this morning, but couldnt face getting up so went back to sleep again!
Now I’m heading off to work, waiting to be picked up and will work for about 3 or 4 hours!
Looking forward to my shift, as I didnt go in yesterday. However I will work on Thursday this week, to fill in for some people who are out sick!
I’m taking Friday afternoon off, as I have to go get my nails done!
I’ll be on again later so will catch up with you all then!
Adios for a while!

I slept like a log!

I was so wrecked last night after coming home from Killarney!
I went back to moms, had a cup of tea, and then mom came with me to my house, to help me put away stuff, I had some food, and other bits and pieces to carry, as well as the dog, my laptop etc.
She stayed about an hour. But then when we rang a taxi for her we were waiting another hour for it to come. I was so tired, I just wanted to lie down!
The taxi finally came and mom left!
After that, I curled up in bed! That was around 7 PM! I slept until 9:30 then I woke, called mom and let nitro out, and then went right back to bed and straight to sleep! I didn’t wake until 6:30 this morning!
I feel amazing now! I feel refreshed and ready to face today!
I’m waiting for my PA frances to come at 9 AM. We’ll go to the store, I need to buy my fruit for the week and water for the week also.
I have work later on this afternoon, and then my weekly weigh in tonight.
So it is going to be a busy day!

Never new it was so hard to get my prescription

So my PA Frances said she’d pick up my prescription for me. Kind of her, as it was not part of her job, she was doing it on her own time.
So on Tuesday morning, when I went to get my flu shot, we handed it in to my GP. The receptionist took it, and told me it would be ready for pick up on thursday.
Thursday came, my PA went to pick it up, and was told, sorry we dont have it. Are you sure you dropped it off? To which she said yes, she dropped it off, I know because I was with her when she did it.
After much looking, it was found, but the receptionist then said, Oh, well, come back tomorrow, it will be ready then!
So my PA asked, are you sure it will be ready if I come back tomorrow? And the receptionist got snotty and said, I hope so!
And would you believe it, when Frances went down there today, it still wasnt ready! She had to wait for it, and she was late to work because of their carelessness!
I felt so bad that she was late to work and all because of doing a kind thing for me!
Anyway, in the end, I got my meds! Thank god!
Never knew it would be such a fiasco though to get them!

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Yesterday I found out that my old PA amanda isnt coming back to work! I dont know why. I dont know what happened. And I dont think I will ever know.
My current PA Frances was made permanent! I am so glad! I like her, we get along, she’s very nice.
We have a great working relationship!
If Amanda had come back, I wasnt going to continue to work with her, I’d already asked for that to happen!
It feels nice to have the security of a permanent PA again!
I’ve had to change PAS a lot over the last number of years! I hope this time I wont have to for a long time!


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Too good to be true

So it was too good to be true. My sleep isn’t good again. It was too good to last. The fact I got good sleep for just one night. Tonight was bad again. At least I stuck to my plan and I went to bed early. I was in bed by 10 PM.

I did sleep for about 3 hours. I suppose its better than nothing. I woke up just after 2 AM.

I’m staying up now. No point is going back to bed again. I feel surprisingly alert for only having gotten 3 hours of sleep.

I am going to make a coffee. I have a busy day ahead. My PA frances comes at 9, we’ll do housework, then I’ll go to my parents when she leaves at 11:30. I also am working this afternoon on friendly call.

I’ll be at my parents house until Sunday afternoon.

I hope everyone enjoys their Friday and the weekend!

I had a decent nights sleep

I made myself go to bed relatively early. I watched a documentary on tv after the 9 O’clock news. That was over by 10:30 and once it ended I went straight to bed. I didnt think I’d sleep but I surprised myself, I fell asleep almost straight away. I did wake a few times on and off, but overall I slept well. I only woke at around 4 AM. I decided then to get up. So now I am up but I feel a lot better than I did yesterday, the sleep must have did me good. I made a coffee and am drinking it now. It tastes like heaven. I am listening to the radio also. I heard an interview with the author Louise O’neill who wrote the book, asking for it. That was a good book, its about a girl who was raped, its fiction but its an irish author, and a great read. My PA frances will be here at 9 AM. I need to to to the pharmacy to drop off my prescription, and I also have to hand it into the doctors as the pharmacy can only dispense one week worth of it, after that you have to get the rest of it from your GP. I’ll be starting the clonadine tonight. Well I hope I will, I hope the pharmacy will have it in stock.

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Woke up feeling crappy today

I woke up with a terrible headache this morning. My head felt like someone was hammering a hammer off of it.

I didnt go in to college. I couldnt face it. I knew I couldnt concentrate on anything with such a bad headache. I took two paracetamol and went back to bed.

I didnt get up until mom came over at 1 o’clock. Mom only came over for an hour. She wanted to cut my grass while the weather was good. I got up and had a cup of tea, my headache was gone by then.

I am feeling much better now. My PA Nuala who normally does wednesday evenings texted me to say she’s ill so she wont be coming tonight. Its too late to get cover. But thats ok, I didnt have much for her to do anyway.

I’m going to just chill for the afternoon. I might watch some tv, read and listen to some music while I catch up on my email.

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