Application for more PA hours

So the public health nurse came out to me yesterday, and she helped me to apply for more PA hours. We went through everything together, and she filled out all of the forms that she needed to fill. She went through all of my history also before filling them out, as she had never met me before. We decided to use my did as the primary disability, since I struggle more with that, and my other mental illnesses, than I do with my blindness. Of course, we did also include my blindness, and we also put down my other health issues, like epilepsy, diabetes and asthma.

We talked about what I wanted to use the extra hours for if I get them, and I told her I’d use them for doing housework, socialising and going to appointments, etc. So she decided to ask for 3 extra hours for me per week. I already get 7 hours so 3 extra would be great and if I got those I’d be very happy.

So we’ll see what happens. She was going back to the office to speak to her manager, and see what she would say. It will be up to her whether the forms need to go in or whether they can just call the agency who delivers my pa services, and talk to them directly without actually putting in the application at all.

She said they’d be in touch with me once they know more. I hope thats soon. I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a while, though.

Maintained, and did a workout!

so i maintained at weigh in. i was disappointed about it, but you cant lose all of the time. at least I’m making healthier choices, as someone commented to me!

I came home from slimming world, ate a bowl of homemade vegetable soup and then I did a 20 minute work out on the treadmill. And now I am feeling great!

I am now waiting for my public health nurse to call. She phoned me, and said she’s on her way. She’s going to help me apply for the extra PA hours. I hope the appointment goes well. I’ll keep you all posted.

Fingers crossed I need some good juju so send some my way!

Extra help

So I rang my public health nurse today. I left a message on her phone asking her to call me back. I need to speak to her urgently about getting some extra help around my house. My mom was helping me outa lot, but now,she’s just not able to do what she used to do so I need the extra support.

I’ll have a fight on my hands, I know that. Its not easy to get extra help. The services that help disabled people are already stretched to the limit. But I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t need it badly. The fact is, I do need it urgently.

I’m hoping she’ll ring me tomorrow morning. I’m sure she’ll need to come out and do an assessment of my needs. That will probably be the first step.

Its so hard to get help nowadays. It shouldn’t be, but there you go. It is what it is. As it is, I have 7 hours a week of PA service, I used to only have six hours, I fought for an extra hour, but that took months to get.

I just hope this isn’t going to take months. I need the help now, not months down the line.

Friday morning thoughts

Its Friday! Another weekend is coming! Yay!
I am feeling amazing this morning! I went to bed early last night and I slept great!
I woke up at 5 AM and I hopped out of bed!
I’ve had two cups of coffee already and its not 7 AM yet!
My PA is coming at 9 this morning. We’re just going to do housework I think. I was meant to go get my nails done and my eyebrows waxed but I just didnt have enough money to do it this week so I rescheduled my apt for 2 weeks time!
I work later on this afternoon also. I am looking forward to going into work. We lost a client over christmas, I dont think I mentioned it to you all. I didnt know the client very well, but I had spoken to her once or twice. She died at home and it was sad but it was what she wanted.
After work I will go to my parents house for the weekend. Mom is making chicken curry for dinner, yum! I love her chicken curry! I will certainly enjoy that.
I think I’ll go visit my friend Norma this weekend. I will probably go tomorrow. Mom and my sis are taking Lauren shopping for her confirmation dress, and I dont want to go with them because they’ll be spending hours going in and out of shops trying on dresses and its just not my cup of tea not when I am not the one oing the trying on!
Well guys, have a great Friday!

A nice day!

I’ve had an ok day. I rested a lot. I did visit my friend norma. That was fun. But I was so tired, that when I got home I just made some dinner and then climbed into bed for the afternoon with my book. I feel much better now. Its 9 PM now. I will probably not sleep much now because of sleeping for so long today, but thats ok. I have an early start tomorrow. I need to get up early and shower, and then my PA frances comes at 9. We have to go grocery shopping, and then go pick up Nitro’s dog food. Also the pharmacy are delivering my meds tomorrow. Thank god as I was almost out of clonadine! And fenergan! I didnt have any fenergan and I think tomorrow night I will take one, just to see if I can get my sleep schedule back on track. I can only take fenergan when I’ve nothing going on the next day, as it knocks me out! And makes me really groggy when I wake up. My plan for the new year is to be much better about taking meds. More regular. I seem to forget to take them so much of the time. I need to become better at that. I’ll be staying home this weekend. I’m not going to my parents. I am also working tomorrow afternoon. My supervisor rang me today and asked me if I can come in as she’s short staffed. I am not sure now what I will do, maybe read some more, or find something to watch on tv.

Gift giving

Yesterday my PA Frances and I exchanged christmas gifts. We were very excited about doing it. My PA got me a lovely top, a dressy top to wear. Its mustard color and its a lovely fit on me. She also got me a gift set with shower gels, body lotion and body butter in it. She also got Nitro a tin of doggy treats. I made her up a hamper with a load of shower products in it, chocolates, and some alcohol and I gave her a card with a lottery ticket in it. She loved what I got her. She said I was really thoughtful and that I’d put a lot of effort into the gift. It was a nice morning. She’s off now until January 7th. She was supposed to work with me on the 3rd, but I’ll still be at my parents house then so I told her to leave it until the 7th. She thanked me and said she appreciated that I’d do that. We wished each other a merry christmas as she was leaving, but we’ll be talking to each other online, as she’s friends with me on facebook.

I got a little sleep, finally!

so i got about 3 hours of sleep. I am so tired this morning. I did not wanna get up! I tore myself out of bed at around 8 AM. I have to leave at 9:15, I’m going to the beauticians to have my nails soaked off and get my lip and eyebrows waxed. I’m meeting my Pa down there. Then once we’re done we’ll come back to my house and she’ll do some housework. I am glad I got a little sleep, but it certainly wasnt enough. I work today so somehow I’m going to have to stay functional. I did wake up feeling good though, tired, but good. So thats something at least.