Friday goals

Hi everyone. My goals for friday are pretty much similar to yesterdays. I am hoping to go to the basement club, for the day. I need to socialise with others, I fear if I dont my mood will just keep slipping, and it wont be good. I plan on eating 3 healthy meals. Plan on taking a shower, and also plan on exercising. Need to clean my house when my pa comes in the evening which is going to take a couple of hours I think. Then Plan on going to my parents for the weekend, until sunday afternoon at least. I hope to stick reading in there somewhere and watching some tv as well.
carol anne

Friday evening ramble

so our pa has just left. she was here from 5:30 and its now just gone 8 PM. She helped me cook dinner. I had a delicious spag bol, yum! She also cleaned my whole house top to bottom. Mopping all the floors, vacumed and fixed up my bed. We opened all of the doors and windows because the sun was shining. It felt so good letting fresh air in! 😀 I feel awesome now. I’m really excited for my vacation to come. I cant wait. 🙂 It wont come quick enough. I think I’m going to bring my digital recorder so that I can record some stuff, I like to record things, make memories in that way. 🙂 I hope the weather is going to stay dry so we can go to the beach a few days. 🙂 It looks like it will though its supposed to stay dry all weekend we are supposed to get upwards of 19 or 20 degrees c. 😀 yay so happy about that! my friend Norma is coming over tomorrow afternoon and we are going to hang out. She wants me to put a book on to her phone so she can read it when she’s in respite next week. So I will do that for her. Other than that no plans for tomorrow. I plan on staying up late tonight. 😀 I love weekends because I can stay up late as I have nothing to do the next day! 😀 so god knows what time I’ll go to bed! Probably 3 or 4 AM! I hope your all having a good friday! 😀 take care everyone!
carol anne

PA came and we made spaghetti bolones

so my pa just left. she was here for four hours. she helped me go grocery shopping. i didnt have to get much this week.
i got a lot of fresh fruit. i got a pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, kiwis and mandarines. i also got some yogurt to put ove r my fruit. i’m going to make a fresh fruit salad tomorrow and put yogurt over it.
i also got the ingredients to make spaghetti bolognes. my pa helped me cook it. it was delicious! very tasty!
i can tell you one thing though, fruit is not cheap. the pineapple for example was 3 euro. i thought that was very expensive!
i need to buy some new kitchen equipment. i need a good knife for chopping, and a good bread knife. i also need a big saucepan as i dont have one. i also need a few other things. my friend in america sent me a couple kitchen items, like measuring spoons for the blind, and a talking measuring jug, and some spatulas and a can opener.
i let my pa go half an hour early. we were finished doing everything we needed to do. and she was tired. so i said she could go ahead and leave.
Well thats it for now. Thanks for reading, everyone!

carol anne

Goals update 9-4-18

so i know i didnt write a goals post today. but i did have some goals and i achieved all of them. so what were they you may be asking. well here goes.

goals for monday…

take meds, done
eat 3 healthy meals, done
go to therapy, done
exercise, this one i didnt do due to the weather
read my book, done and i’m almost done with it!
nap, done
play with nitro, done
have my yearly evaluation with my co-ordinator of my pa service, done

Soooo yeah, I’m calling it a productive monday!

A bit of an update

hi everyone
so yesterday I was so tired all day. I went to bed in the afternoon, and slept for hours. Didnt wake up until gone 8 pm last night, ate dinner, and then went right back to bed again. Slept all night until 7 AM this morning. We slept with our new bunny rabbit, misha, that emilia got us, the kids love him.
Woke up this morning, showered, and went to see dr. barry. Which was amazing. Had a great apt with her as i always do.
got home about an hour ago. Made some tea. About to have lunch soon. Have slimming world tonight. Am hoping to be down 1.5 pounds. If I am I’ll be down a stone, or 14 pounds for my US readers.
No plans for the afternoon other than to just relax and enjoy my free time. Might read for a while after lunch.

Happy friday!

its friday. thankfully. I am excited. I love fridays because its almost the weekend. And I love my weekends.
I woke up feeling great. I woke at 6 AM. i jumped out of bed.
I slept great last night. I did wake up a few times when my phone woke me up but I was able to go back to sleep again.
My mom is coming over later today. She said she’d come over for an hour while my sisters at work. My sisters going to drop her over to my house.
I also have my PA coming today, well this evening.
I need to go grocery shopping. I am going to make cherizo and sweet potato soup tonight.
I am looking forward to making it. It sounds so delicious. I hope it will be. Its a slimming world recipe out of the new comfort collection slimming world recipe book that my slimming world consultant gave me as a gift.
Then tonight I’ll go to my parents for easter weekend. And I plan on having a very enjoyable easter weekend. We are all going to my sisters partners family on easter Sunday for dinner. That will be nice. I think they are cooking turkey and ham. Yummy.

bad diet day

well today I am struggling to eat well. I am not being healthy. I have to eat whats in the fridge and most of what is in the fridge is not healthy. its been there since before I started my weight loss programme. I haven’t gone grocery shopping lately, and in this bad weather we’re having all the grocery stores are closed.
so all I have are frozen foods, very very unhealthy. but I really have no other option.
I did have baked beans though which is healthy enough but I also had fries well they were oven baked fries andi had some chicken wings.
I will need to do extra exercise to work it off.
I just hope next week when I get weighed that I wont be up. if I am i’ll be so disappointed.
my pa called me. she said she wouldn’t be coming to me this evening. I had guessed that she wouldn’t be. the roads are impassible. no one is meant to drive on them.
one more day of eating unhealthy food…I hope.